Dogs Found Skinned Along Larimer County Roads

BERTHOUD, Colo. (CBS4) – Investigators in Larimer County want to find the person responsible for a disturbing case of animal cruelty.

Two dogs were found mutilated outside of Berthoud last week.

The dogs were discovered just a few miles apart. They were so badly abused that veterinarians can’t even tell what breed they were.

The first discovery came after an anonymous call on Wednesday. Police found the dog on the side of County Road 4. Police said the dog was skinned and beheaded, and the tail also removed.

Then on Saturday, a second gruesome discovery made along County Road 16 – an almost identical case.

Right now investigators said they have no leads and they said they are not sure if the cases are linked to the dozens of reported missing pets that have come in over the past few days.

“We just get so many animals that come into Larimer Humane Society that are stray every year and at this point we don’t even know the specific breed of the animals,” said Humane Society spokeswoman Marcie Willms.

Authorities say the perpetrators could face felony charges.

Investigators said they are performing necropsies on the two dogs to determine if they were killed by human hands.

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  • Ted

    Maybe the same woman who gave the guy who stabbed Diamond a free pass can give him one too

    • changomango

      Those darn Korean restauranteurs are at it again!

    • lindak

      Put this POS away before he works his way to humans..

      • RockyMtnGal

        Sounds similar Jeffrey Dahmer, who put a dead dog’s head on a stick, and being obsessed with dead animals. Said he liked to hear the clicking of the bones in a bucket This is how it starts, then they progress to humans.

      • Bubba

        could be suicide

      • Annamaria McCoy

        No, I’ve worked satanic cases before, they are only interested in the blood and the organs.

      • Carl David Black

        It sounds like Satanic ritual abuse or something similar.

      • Hawkdriver1961

        My thoughts exactly! “People” who do this to animals are usually only warming up for the big kills…Humans. Find this sicko and put him/her away for a long, long time…

      • Paul

        Maybe this person already has done this to humans. Serial killers often start this way.

  • ask

    sisck sick SOB’s out there!

    • glashole

      In most of the world dogs are food. This is sad, if it were someones pet who truly cared, but loose dogs, and mean dogs get whaat they get. If you love your dog then keep it in your home, on a run or in a fenced yard, if it is loose, coyote bait or Aisian chow. See Darwin

      • MorganGray

        Notice the line which says “a vet could not even determine the breed”?
        1: These *might* be coyotes – as has been observed elsewhere.
        2: That said, if they *are* domestic dogs, then the psychopath who did this should be brought to justice.
        3: I find it ironic how people are all up in arms over a couple of dogs, when we just yawn, or roll our eyes at reports of how every year thousands of babies are ripped to pieces in their mother’s womb.

      • TheCapitolKing

        What’s the deal glashole, you’ve never known of someone whose dog got loose and ran away? Also, define a “Mean” dog? I’ve known aggressive dogs before, most of them naturally territorial, defensive, and sometimes offensively protective, but most who define a canine as “Mean” simply don’t know jack about canine behavior. No dog deserves this treatment, and hell, I don’t know a single wild animal that I would leave in that manner even if I hunted it down myself.

    • Criiterhater

      Oh come on, their just worthless critters!

      • scottinva

        And by your inane comment, you’re lower than a “critter.”

      • obozosux

        Judging from your moniker and your comment, perhaps you are the monster who did this. If you’re not, your attitude depicts a troubled individual. Seek help before you act on your impulses.

      • Ruthie

        You need to realize this kind of heinous behavior usually indicates a budding psychopath. Lets hope they catch the guy before he starts torturing and skinning humans.

      • bob

        well maybe who ever it is will pay you a visit and be the first human :O)

      • bewbs

        i think his name is bob. creepy.

  • jltules

    Anyone see Vick lately?

  • Goonall

    Their just animals, leave the poor guy be!

    • james

      Only a sick psychopath is capable of that s@@@. And they normally have no problem hurting humans also. Anyone thinking this is okay needs a mental health evaluation and put away from other for awhile.

      • Jamie

        oh come on, it ain’t no worse than what they would do to us

    • bob

      hope your the second one then :O)

  • Zerkon

    Probably somebody who needs a fur coat. He should have sold the meat to a Chinese restaurant too. Two more dogs I won’t have to get ride of!

  • I have fleas

    The dogs had fleas and I’m sure the poor guy needs a fur coat!

  • betonme

    Just animals? They are living creatures, Goonall. Those poor dogs could feel pain and fear. You need to leave the 3rd world country you came from behind and try to develop yourself into a human being.

  • Cb1 Receptor

    Coyote hunters…

    • gus

      Yup, really dumb reporting and police work.

    • Occam's Razor

      These are coyotes. Someone just got lazy about getting rid of the waste after they skinned them.

    • Bewbs

      agreed. probably just coyotes

  • Maud St James

    When they find that abysmal sicko, I hope they do to him exactly what he did to those poor animals. He can’t suffer enough for what he did.

    • obozosux

      My sentiments exactly!

  • Alex

    Maybe the dogs were humanely euthanized before the mutilation.

  • george

    Funny, most of you people don’t know a TROLL when you see one!!!

    But better catch this creep, people will likely be next.

  • Gibbs Bentley

    George Carlin knew how to deal with people like this …

    “OK something a little more sophisticated, you dip a guy in brown gravy and lock him in a small room with a wolverine who’s high on angel dust.”

  • Nomad

    It’s common knowledge that pigs are as smart or smarter than dogs, yet I see plenty of pork at the supermarket. I never see people horrified at the meat counter. Why does this even make the news? Without knowing how the dogs were killed, or even the breed, how is this animal cruelty? Most likely, they were coyotes and the trapper caped them out. Slow news day in Denver…

  • Yup

    Colorado. Figures.

    • Mike

      I guarantee Colorado is a better state than where you are from. Please do tell where it is that you reside. Maybe broke, and over rated California, or is it some red neck/hillbilly state in the south.

      Where ever it is, I would put my money on Colorado any day.

      • Yup

        Colorado is Kali East. Failure. You morons don’t have a clue as to your identity! You dunces in Denver are the most immoral roaches East of Kali and west of the Mississippi!

        Mental illness abounds in you wanna-be Kalis! So stick it….

  • Yikes

    Got to love Denver CBS quality reporting that an investigation will be done to determine if these animals were done in by humans or not.

    I’m sure PETA will require a few roadside memorials for the poor animals.

    IN all seriousness however, this kind of behavior usually is a prelude to escalating acts of sickness. It’s going to be hard to find the perp or perps, though.

  • James

    Who cares, just some stupid dogs!

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      Maybe we’ll find you skinned on the side of the road one day, and we can say, “Who cares, just some stupid James!”.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    Clearly this was the result of global warming. These poor dogs were so hot they tore their own skin off to stay cool. Only very high taxes can save the animals from extinction.

    • Not yours

      Clever guy, you should run for president~!

  • Bob

    Dog the other white meat!

  • Bob

    Dog hide makes a good coat!

  • Alex

    Oh those poor fleas!

  • Hugh S

    Are they sure that they are not coyotes that were being skinned for the pelt? Maybe not a better situation, but not exactly the same situation.

  • Dave

    Punishment identical to the crime for the perps.

  • pete

    Wow. police tape off the crime scene, bring in csi to gather evidence (prints, hair, dna, etc.). Start massive investigation. Somebody slaughtered 2 dogs! OMG! Call the National freaking Guard! (What an “effed” up culture. can’t be long now. couple of freaking dogs. who gives a mouse’s behind?)

    • Rufusthedog

      Why do I have a feeling you wouldn’t be missed?

    • Summer McDowell

      a society should be judged by how well they treat their animals. shame.

  • Dawn

    Muslims hate dogs check with the local mosque

  • JC

    Perhaps someone is desperate for meat and these just went bad….

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