Reckless Driving Caught On Camera By Denver-Area Cyclist

EVERGREEN, Colo. (CBS4) – A Jefferson County woman could face jail time after she and her adult son were charged in a road rage incident caught on camera by the alleged victim, a bicycle rider.

paul gallas Reckless Driving Caught On Camera By Denver Area Cyclist

Cyclist Paul Gallas talks with CBS4's Paul Day. (credit: CBS)

“I was angry,” explains Paul Gallas, the Denver area cyclist.

He was riding west on Highway 74 from Morrison to Evergreen last winter claiming to be as far to the right as possible.

Gallas was operating two video cameras mounted on his bike. One camera recorded a forward view. The second camera recorded a rear view.

What you see first is several passing cars giving Gallas a wide clearance. Then a gray car appears and brushes close to the cyclist.

“It was within a foot or so,” claims Gallas.

Words are shouted at the cyclist by a front seat passenger who’s seen leaning out the window.

CBS4 tracked down the man who freely admits to being the passenger in the gray car.

“Just messing around, having fun,” says Erick Witaschek.

Witaschek and his mother Cheryl were charged by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office following the incident.

Gallas shared his video with law enforcement.

After reviewing the pictures, he realized he’d recorded a readable license plate.

Erick, the adult son, faces a charge of disorderly conduct. But his mother has been charged with a more serious charge of reckless driving.

If convicted she could face a maximum penalty of $300 fine and or 90 days in jail, plus 8 points on her Colorado driver’s license, according to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office.

“I know I’m going to request a jury trial because I never intended putting any fear in this man,” says Cheryl Witaschek.

erick witaschek Reckless Driving Caught On Camera By Denver Area Cyclist

An image from Paul Gallas' camera that apparently shows Erick Witaschek (credit: CBS)

Gallas tells a different story. He claims his video documents an unprovoked road rage incident directed at him.

“The driver decided to squeeze me as close as possible and intimidate me with her vehicle, while the passenger shouted some obscenity at me.”

CBS4 asked Erick about the apparent profanity he appears to be shouting at the cyclist in the video.

“I haven’t seen the video, I don’t remember exactly what I said,” he responds.

If you listen closely to the video you can hear the cyclist shout out “Gotcha on camera!” right after the incident.

So was Gallas rolling video in a deliberate attempt to catch somebody being a jerk?

“Absolutely not,” he tells CBS4.

Instead, he says he was simply making a training video which could be played back on a monitor for someone riding a stationary bike.

But this recorded confrontation shows footage collected for one purpose can quickly become incriminating evidence.

erick witaschek and cheryl witaschek Reckless Driving Caught On Camera By Denver Area Cyclist

Erick Witaschek and Cheryl Witaschek talk with CBS4's Paul Day. (credit: CBS)

“Letting people know they may be caught on video might just change the way people behave on the road,” says Gallas.

The car driver insists she did nothing wrong.

“Do I have to get a car cam to defend myself?” she asks.

But convincing the jury — after they’ve been shown the video — may be an uphill battle.

Web Extra

David Newcomer, Executive Director of Team Evergreen Bicycle Club, talks more about the friction between cyclists and vehicle drivers on Colorado roads in an interview with Paul Day below.

  • Gary

    Ok. Then we drivers need to have a way to protect ourselves from the arrogant and militant cyclists that REFUSE to share the road! It is time for cylcists to carry liability insurance, have an operators license and to have the bicycle licensed by the state. It would even create more revenue!
    We already spend a fortune giving cyclists everything they want at the expense of the taxpayers and motorists. It is time to even things up

    • AwesomeCyclist

      [Citation needed]

      As a cyclist I pay for the roads that you use, and for repairs done by your heavy vehicles. How exactly do you subsidize me?

    • Driver AND Cyclist

      People should have to get running shoes registered and get plates on them. I’m tired of all these runners thinking they rule the sidewalk! They’re so reckless when they run! They could easily bump into me! The sidewalk belongs to WALKERS which is why it’s called a sideWALK. If runners were meant to be on sidewalks it would be called a sidewalkorrun. REQUIRE REGISTRATION FOR RUNNING SHOES AND TAX RUNNERS.

      Seriously though, what a short-sighted comment. Everyone pays taxes, including bicyclists. Insurance? Do you really think a road bike is capable of causing that much damage? Requiring bicycle licenses and enforcing laws related to them would be a huge waste of time and money. It would bring in money, but it would cost way more to enforce it, and police would be spending too much time chasing cyclists without plates instead of preventing more serious crimes.

      • Phil

        Let me tell you about the 200lb cyclist riding around Denver with no brakes on his bike to save weight who also doesn’t stop for intersections. Well one day he was flying through a red light while my brother was driving through. He smashed into the side of my brothers car. He broke both side windows, severely dented and scratched both doors. Dented the roof and scratched it as well. The cyclist spent a couple months in the hospital I believe but my brothers car was also totaled. It was an older car yea but it was a great car and it is gone now. So what exactly is your argument? That 200lbs is not dangerous? Imagine if he hit a motorcyclist they both wind up laying in the road hoping cars behind them can stop.

    • Ryan

      Liability insurance for what? Are you worried that a 200-lb. cyclist is going to take you out and kill you in your two-ton car? And you know, the reason driver’s licenses are required is because of the damage that can be done with an improperly operated automobile in traffic, and the death that can result of it. That hardly applies to bicycles, which can’t really hurt anybody, and we all learn to ride when we’re 5 years old.

      And what’s this fortune you speak of? Bicycle facilities in this state are still very little. And those taxes you speak of? We pay ’em, too. Fuel taxes only go towards interstates and federal highways, you know, but not at all towards state and county highways, surface streets, etc. Those roads are paid for from the general fund, largely funded by property and sales taxes, which we all pay. Besides that, most of us cyclists are also motorists, so we do pay the fuel taxes, too. Grow up.

      • Phil

        Let me tell you about the 200lb cyclist riding around Denver with no brakes on his bike to save weight who also doesn’t stop for intersections. Well one day he was flying through a red light while my brother was driving through. He smashed into the side of my brothers car. He broke both side windows, severely dented and scratched both doors. Dented the roof and scratched it as well. The cyclist spent a couple months in the hospital I believe but my brothers car was also totaled. It was an older car yea but it was a great car and it is gone now. So what exactly is your argument? That 200lbs is not dangerous? Imagine if he hit a motorcyclist they both wind up laying in the road hoping cars behind them can stop.

      • WagTheDog

        $hit happens, Phil. If you want to live in a free society, you must accept the dangers. If you want total protection, I suggest you try Cuba – they don’t allow much of anything besides walking.

    • Kal

      We pay part of those taxes dumbs%^&. In fact, if you look at the mean income of cyclists vs. non-cyclist, we pay more than most fat a##@## like you.

    • Steve

      We ride with as much courtesy as possible without risking life and limb; just because you are driving a vehicle that has the capability to accelerate many-fold faster than a bicycle does not give you the right to own the road. As stated below — we pay taxes, too. It’s our right to use the road. If it’s a two-lane road, most cyclists will get out of your way ASAP. If it’s multi-lane, get your big vehicle into a different lane.

      Believe me, we don’t want to be near you. Anywhere near you, in fact. You should look up pictures of cyclists that have crashed as a direct result of cars, maybe you’ll have some sympathy then.

      • Dan W

        You need to change we to “I” because there are several cyclist who are total jerks when they ride. I have been behind 5+ cyclist taking up the lane making me go 20 on a 55 mph road for over 2+ miles. Just yesterday I stopped at a red light and a cyclist came up next to me and hit his brakes and tried to balance on his bike and just about scratched my entire front end up. I see cyclist everyday run red lights , stops signs , even if I am next in line to go through the stop sign. I believe there should be designated roads that cyclist are allowed to go on. As a cyclist myself I use common sense when choosing my routes and never go on a 2 lane hwy with no room for passage. the cyclist in this video had space to his right and could have scooted over a bit, I think he was trying to make something happen. The car passed with plenty of space. As far as someone yelling out the window, it is no different than a person in a club or on the street yelling at someone else. This whole article is a joke.

    • MR3

      Refuse to share the road? GO AROUND THEM. Problem solved. Are you on a heart transplant team or helping to land the space shuttle that you’re in such a hurry to get somewhere? Seriously, get over yourself.

    • Travis

      You do have a way to protect yourself – it’s called brakes and a steering wheel. Bicycles aren’t motor-vehicles and don’t carry the same environmental upkeep and maintenance that motor-vehicles require. What liability would a cyclist incur in the event that they strike a motor vehicle moving at a higher speed than they?

      This is an absurd comment and one that requires you reflect on your place in society. Just because you have the privilege of being licensed to drive a motor vehicle, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to being ignorant.

    • P.Kelley

      I fully agree with this comment!!!

      • David

        We pay taxes to and have as much right to be on the road as you.

      • SR

        David, cyclists pay the same taxes as everyone else, but they don’t pay licensing tax or auto tax or any other tax that goes directly towards upkeep of the roads we’re riding on. I agree that bikes should be licensed and tagged. I think we’d have far less cycle-morons ticking people off for the rest of us cyclists. An added bonus would be that it would be easier to identify stolen bikes.

      • ImaHippyBurning

        You do not have the right to not allow cars or trucks to have the right of way. As far as I am concerned you get in my way and refuse to move, then you can kiss your sissy little spandex covered arse goodbye!

      • steamboat

        Gary – I agree !

        David – no one is disputing your right to travel the roads. I would say the vast majority of drivers give a wide birth to bikes. This appears to be an unfortunate exception, although I love the way the main stream media depicts this as big news, and ignores the countless time it goes the other way. That said, I live in Steamboat Springs, which claims to be a “bike friendly” town. I see bicyclers riding two, three, and four abreast all the time on our narrow county roads. From my experience, the majority of the time the bicyclers aren’t “sharing” the road and obeying traffic laws (i.e. running stop signs, red lights, failing to signal, etc.). The fact is that roads were originally designed for motor vehicles (i.e. transport for business and by citizens to and from work and to obtain other necessities), not for recreation. That is the obvious priority, so get used to it.

    • Jon

      The Witaschek’s should be convicted to the full extent of the law as their blatant behavior is inexcusable. Additionally the Witaschek’s should take ownership and responsibility to their actions, apologize for their behavior and man up to the State of Colorado’s ruling in their case. Public roads are a privilege for both bicyclists and motor vehicles, and thus everyone is responsible for acting safely.
      Obviously the taxpayers pay more for motor vehicles then bicycles on any road while the bicyclists pay the largest price.

    • Glenn D.

      Protect? Protect you from what? Besides, many bicyclist own cars, and pay for insurance and taxes already. I do, two cars, one house and two bicycles. I pay my share of taxes. I just ask you not to kill me on the road.

      • Tommy Crist

        BS I pay 60 bucks a year to COLO and UTAH to ride my ATV. You clowns pay NOTHING. and you get the best trails.

      • Jake Jones

        Hmm According to Tommy you shouldn’t be allowed to walk on sidewalks if you don’t pay for them either. So If im in Boulder and I live in Lakewood, I don’t actually contribute anything to the upkeep of the Boulder sidewalks so i should pay a fee to use them.
        For a minute Tommy you had me thinking all ATV riders were imbeciles. Say it isnt so…

    • Me

      I think I am going to get two cameras mounted (and dismounted) on my bike. They are so cheap nowadays. This way, if something happens, there’s the proof. If nothing happens, video erased and ready for next ride. What a great idea!

    • jeff

      totaly correct

    • Trainwreck

      Couldn’t agree more, live in Albany NY see too many bicyclists that are just as careless as drivers…it goes both ways.

      • Michael

        I accidentally hit ‘report comment when clicking on reply’. My comment is, if a bicyclist is careless or breaking a law, then ticket them. But usually, they break fewer laws than when they drive their cars. Everyone speeds; occasionally speeds through a yellow instead of slowing down to stop; rolls a red… a bicyclist is declared a law breaker when they take command of a lane – but really, many drivers don’t understand that a cyclist is supposed to take control of a lane in certain situations… intersections, lane changing, conditions too narrow for a car to occupy with the bicycle… and because of a motorist’s lack of patience, is then declared a hazard to the road. It only takes a few seconds out of your day… please just tolerate that someone is improving their fitness and not being a burden on the medicare system.

    • ND Girl

      So you are saying what this driver did is okay because it was a cyclist? Very stupid comment!

    • billdsd

      Bicyclists are taxpayers.

      Sharing the road means that everyone gets to use it. It does not mean that they have to stay out of your way because you think that you’re entitled to not have to change lanes.

    • Pat Terry

      3000 lbs of car will kill a person. would you take the same attitude if it was your family on a bike? Would you be so upset about them running a stop sign or two that you would chance killing them? Maybe the inconvenience of having to turn the wheel a little to the left and let off the accelerator is too much, your right just kill the sons a bit##es.

    • Jason

      lol militant cyclists ha ha ha ha.. oh my good one! you get shot at a lot by these ppl do you? charging at you on their bicycle head long…lol like mad max out there…lol

  • P. Kelley

    I think that the State of Colorado is in the wrong, it is Illegal for a Motor Vehicle to cross a Double yellow line!. Clearly this road was NOT meant for Bicycles either!. I am an avid Bicyclist in Summit County, I fallow the rules of the road, IE: Stop signs, Stop lights, etc: The State of Colorado has given Bicyclists to much room to roam. I would like to be on this jury.. I would favor the defendant!!!!!!!.

    • Cycling Roberto

      Incorrect. A motor vehicle in most states is allowed to pass a slower moving human powered vehicle by crossing the center line if there is no oncoming traffic. In fact many states are adopting a 3 foot law that requires motorists to pass AT LEAST 3 feet from a cyclist. As long as cycling is not prohibited by law on a roadway, legally you must wait until you can safely pass giving ample clearance to the cyclist. Buzzing a cyclist with you son hanging out the window swearing is going to be a tough case to sell.

    • Keith

      Colorado law does allow you to cross a yellow line in order to pass a cyclist.

      • Jamie Wright

        Doubt he is really that concerned with the facts. Most of the comments here are of the ‘cyclists have caused me mild irratation on the road, so they got what was coming!’ variery.

      • Val

        I don’t believe it’s “mild” irritation. My child was taken to the hospital by ambulance and I was trying to meet them when they arrived at the emergency room. I was fully prepared to obey all traffic laws, even though I was under duress as it was unknown if my child would live or die. Five miles spent behind a bicyclist doing 15 MPH was NOT fair and NOT minor irritation. If I had missed my child’s last breath because of this bicyclists passive-aggressive behavior would that be minor?

        Bicyclists need to be licensed and the bicycles tagged so we can identify them to the police when these infractions occur.

      • billdsd

        Val, there is no way that you were stuck behind a cyclist for 5 miles. It’s simply not possible. You are a liar.

      • steamboat

        billdsd: You are a troll. Go back to watching Sponge Bob.

    • Val

      I have had bicyclists in front of me in the middle of the lane doing around 15 mph for miles. I can’t pass them because the roadway is too winding, and they refuse to move over. The minimum speed limit is 10 mph less than the posted maximum speed on most roadways in the US. I believe tickets should be given to all those breaking that rule. So if there is a speed limit of 40MPH, ANY moving vehicle should maintain at least 40MPH if they drive on the road. Otherwise, get off on the shoulder! No wonder motorists are frustrated. Try driving 15 MPH for 5 miles in a 50 MPH zone when you have an appointment. Bicyclists can be so rude!

      • AwesomeCyclist

        @Val: What are you referencing? There is no minimum speed limit unless otherwise posted. A bicyclist going 15 MPH is not breaking the law, and has nothing to do with your personal issues. If you are in a situation where you cannot safely or legally drive, you should not be driving.

        You say “if there is a speed limit of 40MPH, ANY moving vehicle should maintain at least 40 MPH”…. that 40 is a MAXIMUM speed limit. Any vehicle should be below 40 MPH, not above.

      • Mike

        @Val – Do you really want us to believe that you would drive for 5 miles behind someone instead of blasting past them in a few seconds? What in the world was going in the opposing lane that you couldn’t pass this man reasonably? Was there a 5 mile traffic jam? Was it rush hour? Could you not yell out the window that you needed to get to the hospital? Excuse me for my skepticism, but I think you have to be embellishing, or, you really don’t know how to drive very well and don’t have any confidence in your skills. If your son were in real jeopardy, I think you would have gotten around him. In any case, I hope your son came to no real harm.

      • Kay

        Sorry, but you’re totally wrong when you claim “The minimum speed limit is 10 mph less than the posted maximum speed on most roadways in the US”. That simply isn’t true.

        Now, in most jurisdictions, there are laws prohibiting speeds so low they’re dangerous or impede the normal and reasonable flow of traffic…but it’s certainly not your ’10 mph less than the posted maximum speed’ claim. In addition, if such a law applies to a particular road, the “too low” speed is based solely on the type of road and the land use.

      • billdsd

        You are a lying again. Unless there is a posted minimum speed limit, there is not automatic minimum speed limit. There is no way you were stuck behind a bicyclist for 5 miles. It would never happen.

  • jim

    i see bike riders disobey traffic laws all the time run red lights blow stop signs hold up traffic. dressing like lance armstrong does not make you immune from traffic laws

    • corvettekaren

      not only what you listed, but aren’t tey suposed to ride single file also? when was the last time anyone has seen that? in golden where we live, there is a bike path for the riders- do you think they would use that?? no way !! they ride 4 to 6 wide, hold up the traffic, and for miles you are stuck behind them. they turn around and see that the cars are backed up behind them- but do they move over- no way!!! i have seen them turn around and see the cars and talk between themselves and laugh!! they run the stop signs, run the red lights– and guess wat, it isn’t their fault!! it is the fault of the cars on the roads that have to slam on their brakes so they don’t hit the idiots riding the bikes that don’t pay attention to the laws of the road. just last weekend i saw a rider riding down the middle of the lane, and talkng on a cell phone. another looked like they were texting on the phone, weaving all over the lane.
      we need to get plates on the bikes- so the cars can report their actions.
      if you are going to ride on the roads, then abide by the laws that the cars have to follow on the road. if you think you don’t have to- then get off of the road.
      my opinion of the camera- he did it for the purpose of catching someone whom he thinks came to close to him. i want to be called for jury duty on that one!! i would deffintly go with the people in the car.

      • Goodgulf

        Not generally. There are only 2 states in the US that have a law requiring riders to ride single file. Not sure what particular state you live in, but chances are good it isn’t one of them.

      • MBL

        Here’s the thing – you are right about group rides that should have more consideration. If they really are behaving in that manner, place a call to the police. They aren’t going anywhere very fast, the police should get there in time to observe this type of behavior. Or, if it is an often as you suggest, then the police could easily set up a sting. But, I think it probably doesn’t happen as often as you say. As for the texting cyclist – stupid guy. Stop and text, just like a driver should. And your comment on the camera… who cares why it was there? If it is to catch someone like these people, then that’s fine. If they are breaking a personal safety law, then they get what they deserve.. I will say, I think the lady didn’t drive within a foot…. maybe two feet? Still too close. There were no cars coming, and she could have easily moved over another few feet. She should be fined, not jailed though.

      • elSid

        Corvette drivers can always be counted on the obey the speed limit.

    • billdsd

      Can you explain to me why most motorists exceed the posted maximum speed limit almost every chance they get? Can you explain to me why most motorists roll stop signs when there is no cross traffic? Can you explain to me why motorists think they can break all sorts of laws all the time?

      Bicyclists are no worse than motorists about obeying the rules of the road. The main difference is that they’re a lot less likely to kill or seriously injure someone else than a motorist.

      • johnson

        billdsd, Bryan, Flynn:

        So the fact that some motor vehicles don’y obey the rules of the road, is justification for bicyclists to disobey also ?!? Go back to watching Sponge Bob while the adults talk.

    • Bryan

      jim, I see cars disobey traffic laws all the time, run red lights, blow stop signs, and hold up traffic. An occasional bicycle doing the same is no worse than the many cars that do that.

      • captain pickles

        Bryan, Flynn….. I see Dead People (i.e. stupid cyclists).

    • Flynn McMahon

      I see motor vehicles disobey traffic laws all the time.

  • B Dameron

    all most all people who ride bikes think THEY have no rules. stop at any red light or stop sign and watch. very few will stop or stop at a light just long enought for one car and then go while the light is still red . they ride in the middle of the lane and won’t give the passing cars any room to go around. try driving down from evergreen to morrison on a weekend . we spent millons on bike paths and shut down roads for them and still they want more . and when one gets hurt its the automobiles fault. not theirs for not falling the rules of the road

    • AwesomeCyclist

      Did you watch the video? Which rule of the road was the cyclist breaking?

      You may want to research “confirmation bias”

      • steamboat

        I watched the video. The grey car gave plenty of space. The “one foot” the cyclist says is BS. At worst he’s being vendictive because of the passenger yelling at him. That may have been inappropriate, but is it really a crime ? Maybe in Nazi Germany. The cyclist is guilty of arrogance in riding on a road not designed for safe bicycling. He put himself and other in danger, which as far as I’m concerned should be treated as a crime. The majoity of people posting here seem to agree.

    • Steve

      [citation needed]

    • Flynn McMahon

      Where did you get the statistics? Could it be possible that it is the automobile’s fault if a cyclist gets hurt or maybe you have some more made up statistics that show that it’s never the fault of the automobile?

  • Jacpb McBuds

    Dressing like Lance Armstrong does not make you immune from traffic laws it does make it easier for the ambulance to find your body.

  • k

    bottom line… bike and 1 person=around 200lbs 1 car= 2 tons or more. What don’t they understand? Do they have a death wish? There are bike LANES not bike LINES. Stay in the lanes. And if there are bike paths USE THEM !!! I consistantly see bikers in trafic with brand new bike paths/sidewlks right next to the roads where they are risking theire lives.In the words of my mom “you can ride your bike just be carefull AND WATCH OUT FOR CARS” I guess it is just another case where common sense is not an everyday reality!!

    • AwesomeCyclist

      Riding on the sidewalk is illegal, and the police actively ticket for this.

    • Goodgulf

      Cyclist lifespans are, on average 2 years longer than non-cyclists. Out of around 40,000 auto deaths in the US each year only around 600-700 are cyclists, almost all of them are auto drivers and passengers. Driving a car is actually statistically less safe than riding a bike per mile. You are incorrect in your assortment of where the actual danger lies.

      • johnny

        So that means cyclists on average spend an extra *2 years* causing the rest of us to waste countless amounts of fuel and time so they can enjoy their hobby?

      • johnson

        Hey genius – You aren’t comparing apples to apples. What are percentage of cyclists versus motorists ? Now go back to watching Sponge Bob.

      • Dan W

        in order to get accurate data for your claim you would need to use a %. IE cycle deaths/cycle riders >=<driver deaths/motor vehicle drivers. Other wise the numbers are just that numbers, nothing more and carry no weight in regards to evidence of fact.

  • Sue

    OK Share the road.

    How about share the taxes, share the licenses fees, share the insurance.

    When will bikers have to register their bikes and have licenses plates on their bikes so drivers can report them for breaking the law. If the city really wants to increase it’s revenue they need to enforce the law when it comes to bikers. Running red lights, stop signs, e legal lane change and cutting off drivers.

    Think about it when it the media going to do a story from the drivers point of view. .

    • AwesomeCyclist


      I agree! Right now the taxes are disporportionately levied against cyclists and pedestrians! Let’s let everyone pay their own share and raise taxes on cars (automotive taxes do not currently pay for roads, only highways and interstates). Alternatively, we could just force cars to stay on highways and interstates so they stop hogging the roads the rest of us pay for.

      I’m a bit unclear on the insurance bit though…. How threatened do you feel by my 22 lb. road bike?

    • Driver AND Cyclist

      People should have to get running shoes registered and get plates on them. I’m tired of all these runners thinking they rule the sidewalk! They’re so reckless when they run! They could easily bump into me! The sidewalk belongs to WALKERS which is why it’s called a sideWALK. If runners were meant to be on sidewalks it would be called a sidewalkorrun. REQUIRE REGISTRATION FOR RUNNING SHOES AND TAX RUNNERS.

      Seriously though, what a short-sighted comment. Everyone pays taxes, including bicyclists. Insurance? Do you really think a road bike is capable of causing that much damage? Reckless bicycling is a problem, I agree, but most cyclists actually value their lives and don’t put others in danger. Requiring bicycle licenses and enforcing laws related to them would be a huge waste of time and money. It would bring in money, but it would cost way more to enforce it, and police would be spending too much time chasing cyclists without plates instead of preventing more serious crimes.

    • Jodie

      Most bikers own cars. Watch out for bikers they way you would pedestrians. Bikers are a very small part of the traffic on the road and easily avoided. So you lose a few minutes here and there because you had to slow dwn. big deal.

      • Steve

        A cyclist is not a pedestrian. Legally speaking, a bicycle is considered a vehicle. Yes, *gasp*, that means you have to let cyclists take their turn at stop signs, too!

        I don’t understand the rage coming from these commenters — 45 minutes? Really? That’s a bit extreme. Maybe you shouldn’t be driving a vehicle if it takes you 45 minutes to move around a guy on a bike that takes up less than 3 ft.

        Nice username, btw. Very fitting.

      • Trainwreck

        Jodie you’re a fool, it is a big deal, people leaving for their commute shouldn’t have to add an extra 45min because some peice of work like you can’t let the cars pass, get on the sidewalk, if you’re a pedestrian THAT IS WHERE YOU BELONG.

    • billdsd

      Bicyclists do share the taxes.

      What would be the point of insurance? Motorists have to pay insurance because multi-ton vehicles travelling at high speed tend to do a lot of serious damage to whatever they hit. Bicyclists can’t do anything remotely close to the same level of damage.

      How about motorists start obeying the law? That would take a miracle.

  • Zach

    It seems people have confused the issue here. The issue is safety, not money. Just like Americans!…only concerned with who pays more for whatever they are riding in. Ridiculous. If any of you were halfway intelligent you’d see that it would not be fair to tax bicyclists as it leaves no carbon footprint. I agree that any vehicle with wheels ought to follow the same traffic rules as the next (motor or not), however the issue here is safety and a larger/heavier vehicle should always yield to a smaller/lighter one…whether (bicyclists) are following the rules or not. They will be ticketed if caught; I have seen it downtown more than occasionally. The larger issue, though, is respect. This world is not any one person’s and no one person’s destination is more important or urgent than the next. We have to share what we have and live together and that includes the roads we use. Peace.

    • Val

      Why do you correlate taxes with carbon footprint? I would say taxes from bicycles would go to create and maintain the bike paths and bike lanes. Why should automobile drivers pay for bike lanes? They don’t use them.

      The larger issue isn’t respect, it’s the law. Unwritten minimum speed limit on US roadways is 10 MPH under the posted maximum. If you are in a lane, adhere to that law.

      • Val

        @Zach: Exactly! Pay for it if you use it! I do not use bike paths. Bicyclists do. Let the bicyclists pay for the bike paths. Very simple and follows your own logic.

        Automobile drivers pay for the roadways for motorized vehicles. Automobile drivers pay for the majority of emergency services. Automobile drivers pay for more than just what they use already, let bicyclists foot the bill for their own hobby/mode of transport.

      • Kay

        Now you’re just making things up. “Unwritten minimum speed limit” indeed.

        Minimum speed limits are actually pretty uncommon. You usually only see them on freeways…where they *are* posted.

      • Zach

        why wouldn’t i correlate taxes with carbon footprint? oh yeah- ’cause i’m not republican. it’s like taxing alcohol and tabacco: use it if you want, but there’s surcharge. be green, and you’ll find and incentive. and to answer your dumb question…automobile taxes should go to create and maintain bike paths and get more people off the road…duh…to reduce the carbon footprint and, theoretically, to reduce our dependence in foreign oil (or any oil for that matter).

      • billdsd

        Bicyclists pay plenty. The fact is that the roads are heavily subsidized by general fund taxes that everyone pays. Motor vehicles are the most heavily subsidized form of transportation in the U.S.

    • jeff

      carbon footprint thats totaly bs if your using the road, you should pay for it like all the other drivers

    • Denise

      I’m with you! These commenters are what is wrong with America today! The driver was acting stupid and because it was a bike rider she was doing it to it is okay!

    • Flynn McMahon

      So if I am driving my very sick child to the hospital my trip is the same as someone driving to the 7-11 for cigarettes? Interesting how lefties are so interested in following the “rules’ when it comes to this issue. However, I do agree that following rules/laws and showing respect probably would sort some of this out. Peas, Zach and may you live long and prosper in a sustainable universe!

  • JonnyJ

    When the Bicyclist learn to respect the vehicles then we will respect them.

    Drive 52 between Hudson and I 25 there is no room for a bike but they still ride it, just stupidity on the bicyclist part.

    • Flynn McMahon

      Go JonnyJ Go burn that rubber!

  • Evelyn

    I see tons of bikes on the road in question and its way toooo narrow for cars and bikes, plus traffic gets backed up as many people will not pass a bike as you have no room to do so safely. You can easily come around a curve trying to avoid the traffic come down hill and hit a biker. I often see them on this road even riding bikes side by side. I won’t let my son ride on the public road in Evergreen as the speeds of cars are 45 and 55 on many of the main highways. Plus the Upper Bear Creek road is too narrow for both to share the road. Its time to think of safety as an issue. As a biker I would not take the risk to be on a road that is so dangerous. But it sounds like the above issue was a direct attack on the biker. I think both cars and bikes have a responsibility.

    • Flynn McMahon

      Many cyclists are foolish. Many car drivers are foolish.

  • corvettekaren

    one road you will not see someone on a bike- is clear creek canyon !!
    it is illegal for a bike to be on the road. it is dangerous for a car, let alone some idiot on a bike.
    a couple of weeks ago some idiot on a bike thought he could ride on 6 thru the tunnels 1,2. and 3 without getting getting caught and to his suprise he got a ticket !! the road is marked that bike are illegal on the roads and in the tunnels. maybe his excuse was that he couldn’t read.
    when i was a kid, you had to register your bike with the fire dept. everyone who rides a bike should have to pay a fee, and have a required plate on their bike. so when they run the stop sign or red light and cause an accident or nearly cause one,then they will be the responsible party. once they are held responsible for their actions, maybe they will change the way they ride. or at least wishful thinking. my husband rides a bike, on the bike paths provided. and even he gets mad at the idiots who think they need to ride 4 and 5 across blocking traffic, run the red lights, run the stop signs. see this on hertidge road every single day. yet there is a bike path for them to use.
    what were to happen if the cars were to drive on the nice wide bike paths that were made for the bikes? we would deffintly get a ticket- so why not ticket them for being on the road when there is a bike path?? then the state and or counties wouldn’t have to worry about a budget anymore- there would be plenty of revenue coming in.

    • zach

      so maybe folks in wheelchairs should have to register that vehicle, get a plate, and pay fees, because it’s probable they’re gonna hit a pedestrian on the sidewalk…and we all know people on foot RULE the sidewalk. COME ON. just because you drive a car, does not mean the road is YOURS. i don’t understand why it is so hard to slow it the hell down for a FRICKING second, to save a life, and yield! what is so impossible about that??? american selfishness at its finest.

      • Val

        Yes, they should be registered. Have you ever been to Arizona or Florida when an elderly person gets in their “hover-round” and travels to the local all you can eat buffet at the strip mall? They travel right down the lane of traffic, waving to honking cars like they are on a Sunday drive.

      • Flynn McMahon

        You’re right Zach; no other country in the world has ever experienced selfish personal habits. Peas and may you always have a small carbon footprint.

      • steamboat


        Face it – the roads were originally designed for motor vehicle transport – for work, business, and necessary citizen travel to work, stores, etc. Recreational bike use is obviously a lower priority. So yes – the roads are OURS because they were designed for US. Many roads are not deisgned to accomodate cyclists, but they arrogantly still go there. That is the problem here.

  • HPR

    Gary, I’m not sure what you’re protecting yourself from. When a 4000 lb. car and a 170 pound cyclist tangle the cyclist always loses. And I’m not sure what fortune is spent on cyclists using public roads that already exist as general transportation arteries. This is an issue of public safety. Cyclists are subject to the same rules as motor vehicles. If they break the rules then they should be ticketed…just as the driver of the vehicle was. The truth will come out in court, and if the Witaschek’s are found guilty they’ll be punished.

    • elSid

      It’s not a public safety issue as long as everyone (including cyclists) obey the rules.

      If there is oncoming traffic, there may not be room for motorists to provide the required-by-law three feet of space. In this case, motorists must wait until they can pass.

      • jeff

        you ride on a narrow road and something bad happens to you then it is YOUR fault and your stupidity is the only thing you have to blame for it

    • Val

      Minimum speed when not posted is 10 MPH less than maximum speed. Do bicyclists sharing our roadways adhere to that law?

      • Kay

        NO SUCH LAW. It’s just wishful thinking on your part.

      • billdsd

        No such law. You’re a liar. In fact, there have been attempts to write tickets for minimum speed law violations against bicyclists in a few states and they always get overturned by the courts because bicyclists have a right to use the road to travel and they cannot be required to travel at a speed higher than they can reasonably maintain.

        Get over it. Moving over to pass a bicyclist safely is easy. You need to let go of your delusions of entitlement.

  • Quint Palmer

    Just like I expected before I even saw their picture- the driver and her son look like typical hillbilly white trash. I hope she gets penalized as much as possible. And once again, people like her never think they’ve done anything wrong.

  • Mark

    I do not condone the actions of the driver and her passanger, Cyclist have to obey the same traffic law as a car or truck.
    As a professional truck driver I,ve seen many Cyclist breaking Traffic laws.

    • elSid

      I have seen many (V)ehicle breaking (T)raffic laws.

    • billdsd

      I see hundreds of motorists breaking laws every single time I go out on the road.

    • Bryan

      There are many times more cars that break traffic laws than bicycles that break traffic laws. Where’s the vitriol for all these cars?

      • Fella

        Bryan: Pure genius. Gee… more cars breaking traffic laws. That wouldn’t be because there’s a few orders of magnitude more of them on the roads… would it.

        elSid & billdsd: LOL – I’ve told you a million times not to exagerate ! I’ve seen thousands of cyclists breaking laws from my living room couch. Hey – Aren’t you fellas missing Sponge Bob ?

  • Shannon

    I was cussed at by a cyclist with my windows down and my kids in the back seat. I don’t want to hurt anyone, so I make sure to move over a complete lane whenever possible. But it was a 2 lane road and the cyclist had a line backing up of at least 8 cars. Another time I watched a cyclist blast through a stop sign on a down hill with a big grin on her face.

    When do the laws apply to cyclists? It’s a tough question to answer just by watching their actions.

    The actions of these two people were wrong. But, there’s an underlying frustration with cyclists that isn’t being addressed.

  • JimmyJames

    When bicyclist start obeying the laws of the road, they will get the respect of other drivers.

    of course no one wants to hurt a rider but to flaunt your ability to control the flow of traffic will quickly have other drivers losing their cool. Remember that a bicycle rider is superior to a mere mortal who is not exercising and saving the planet from global warming!! Your better than thou attitude should probably stay in check when riding…..

  • idfma

    I would like to see the whole incident start to finish–rather than edited for impact to make the mother and son look bad. The boy shouldn’t have yelled out the window–not sure prosecution is called for, but he should have kept his trap shut. As to the car–in the only footage provided in the story, I didn’t see where she was any closer than the other cars–I watched it twice, and it seemed like she had moved to the left to avoid the cyclist, just like the SUV that was in front of her.

    I think the cyclist is upset someone yelled at him, and now he’s over-reacting.

    • Vindictive

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Tyler

    I have been reading these comments since yesterday and I have to say that I was trying to be open & fair to both sides because we really do have to share the road safely, but I keep reading comment after comment where Team Cyclists are referring to people as fat, chubby, obese, etc…What the heck? Not every person that drives a vehicle is overweight and even if they were, you only make their argument stronger by acting like the arrogant jerks that the other side is accusing you of being. Can’t you be respectful at all? Are you not capable of making your arguments without insulting someone in a way that does not relate at all the the problem at hand? If you call them road hogs, or aggressive line crossing jerks, that’s one thing, but to continually refer to them as being fat just shows a level of disdain for others that you deem less worthy than you. So I’ve chosen Team Motorist because I’d rather haul my “fat butt” across town in my vehicle with a smile on my face & kind words for others than to ever be lumped into a group of people so rude & self-righteous.

    • Bryan

      Tyler, you seem to be conveniently overlooking all the bitterness and vitriol coming from “Team Motorist”. Why is that? And why would you pick a “team” based on that rather than the facts of their actions?

      • Z



  • Biocat

    I think it’s time for vehicle drivers to get their own video cameras because there is plenty of evidence, as described by many people commenting here, that a lot of bicyclists are jerks, thinking the roads were made just for them. And I agree that bicycles should have license plates, just like cars, so that we can identify them when they act like idiots. I had a bicyclist break the passenger side mirror off of my car because apparently he didn’t think I gave him enough room even though he had a four foot wide bike path yet he was riding in the traffic lane and I had already moved over half way into the next lane. When I called the police to report him my only description was; male in his 20’s or 30’s, dressed in spandex and riding an expensive looking bicycle! They know they all look alike and can’t be identified and they flaunt their errogant behavior because they know they can get away with it and not be identified. Vehicle drivers are fed up with this behavior. And I’m tired of seeing my tax dollars being used to pay for dozens of police officers to stand guard at every intersection for several miles while these elitist bike riders conduct their road racing events every other month in Boulder where i live.

  • JC

    The video clearly shows that there was no room for a bicyclist to be on that road without causing cars to be in danger-clearly there was a double yellow line. Why should we put our selves as drivers in danger to avoid a cyclist who doesn’t have respect or maybe just doesn’t have enough common sense to figure out that he himself put many lives including his in danger. I think these cyclist’s should start using there brains more than their mouth! Who Do you think you are anyway-more important than anyone else? I don’t think so.

    • elSid

      How is the cyclist in the video putting lives in danger? Please be specific.

      • billdsd

        It’s the classic “pretend to be the victim” propaganda technique. Motorists are not endangered by bicyclists. Getting around a bicyclist is not difficult or dangerous.

      • Kile

        By being on that narrow road he is a hazard. He shouldn’t be riding there. PERIOD.

  • AnyBodyButObama 2012

    Bicyclists are a danger to traffic in many areas. They have lost their instinct of self preservation because they think the laws can save their life when there isn’t enough room on the road. I have come around a corner several times, at the speed limit, and had to swerve or slam on the brakes because of a cyclist. The day will come when I have the option of creaming a bicycle or slamming head-on into an oncoming vehicle. Motorists may also be involved in a rear end collision when slamming on their brakes to avoid a bicycle that thinks the law makes them impervious to injury or death. They (cyclists) do not pay any attention to the danger of multi ton vehicles traveling at the speed limit and do not have the maneuverability or ability to just stop dead on a dime. They still ride abreast of each other in the lanes of traffic. The law is faulty and gives them a false sense of security, many times at the risk of a cyclists life. It would be like giving fixed wing aircraft the right-of-way over a hot air balloon, which the FAA is smart enough to realize would be a backward rule.
    Do I care what anybody else thinks? Not really, maybe you’re the next cyclist to die because of your arrogance!

    • elSid

      You cared enough to share your rambling, nonsensical babble.

      You only have to choose between running down cyclists or crashing head-on into oncoming traffic if you don’t wait until it is safe to pass.

      • jeff

        elsid you are just the type of jerk bike rider that everyone here is talking about, I hope you get run over, and have to use a handicap van

      • billdsd

        Jeff, what do you do when you’re stuck behind an 18 wheeler going slow? Do you pretend that he’s not supposed to be in the road? BTW, he’ll be a lot harder to pass than a bicyclist. You only get angry because you’re so completely delusional about the bicyclist’s right to be in the road.

      • johnson

        billsdsd & elSid:

        Recess is over. Time to go back to Romper Room.

    • bob

      If you are driving around a corner at a speed where you can’t stop in time for an obstacle in the road then you shouldn’t be driving at that speed. Simple. It’s a speed LIMIT, not a speed TARGET and you need to adjust your speed according to the road conditions. What if it was a car stopped in the road, or a deer, or a child. Would you stop then? Of course you would. But a cyclist – nah, their life doesn’t matter, just cream them. People like you shouldn’t be allowed behing a wheel.

  • Kevin

    Bicyclists shold obey all rules of the road – totally agree. There are cyclists who don’t and they make a bad name for the rest of us who try to be safe and not create a hazard. When a car comes up behind a cyclist, drives close to the cyclist and shouts at the cyclist – that endangers the cyclist. Its scary when it happens because the cyclist knows that if the driver decides (or accidentally) hits the cyclist, the cyclist is probably dead or severely injured. This is an issue of courtesy and respect and both the cyclist and the driver have a responsibility. I’ve had many brushes with cars who come too close. Please, please, understand that most cyclists are not out to create a hazard for cars, we want to be respectful and share the road with cars. We just don’t want to end up in the hospital or worse.

  • MTD

    As a cycist, I agree that we (cyclists), should obey the rules of the road.
    Do you people who post here know the up to date Colorado laws for cyclist? Do you know that you are to allow a three foot passing distance between you and a cyclist? It’s the law, do you break it? As far as a license, etc.- if you require a license for cyclist, then that ten year old kid going to school has to have one too. So… there goes your argument. the fact is that most cycist are better educate, have higher incomes and pay more taxes. These are figures proven out nationwide. So the argument about taxes is mute. If you want to pose taxes on cyclists, then again, that ten year old or the mother who totes a trailer to school should pay more taxes? How about a jogger who runs on the street…. taxes? If it’s an issue of inconvenience, I would like to see more taxes on drivers waiting in traffic for a Rockies, Nuggets or Broncos game. That’s a huge inconvenience for me. This, not to mention all of the various colleges, universities and highschool games. Really inconvenient for me. So, let’s just tax the hell out of everybody until we all just stay home and do nothing. The problem is that most who don’t like cyclists and harass them, do just that. Nothing. Colorado is a state that is well known for outdoor activity. I don’t like skiing, but if that’s your thing…. O.K. I don’t like the traffic on I70, but I understand it’s a bunch of people enjoying life. Let me enjoy mine.

    • rogabone

      You are obviously NOT one of the highly educated ones as the word is spelled moot and not mute…..too funny to pass up on that one!

      • steamboat

        LOL – Very impressive addition to addressing the substance of MTD’s comments. BTW – You missed mentioning a couple of typos too. Hey – aren’t you missing Sponge Bob ?

    • Val

      Argument against taxes is mute? Like it can’t speak? Oh! Wait! You mean “moot” and in a “moot point”. Gotcha.

      You cannot “enjoy” your life when you break the law and put others lives at risk.

  • kara

    Granted, this was not the most dramatic thing that has ever happened to this rider.
    He also had objects thrown at him, had a friend pulled off his bike and beaten, had a friend intentionally hit by a car and killed because “he was driving on a rode that was obviously not meant for bikes”. True story.
    I wish those could have been caught on camera.
    Cyclists break the rules of the road. And its real easy to catch them when they do. But it sucks to be violated by an aggressive action when you’re climbing a hill, and not be able to do a damn thing about it.
    This is one very small attempt to have some consequence to unprovoked meanness that could easily result in injury or death.

  • DenverVet

    I really dont see anything that bad on the video, sorry, not buying this one. Roads were made for cars without bikes in mind. There are plenty of trails and other places they can ride their bikes, they make me nervous when I drive. Can’t predict what they will do. People should not however antagonize bikers, thats just wrong. I think this guys camera thing was not such a good example of what can happen while riding a bike. Does he realized he is risking his life for NO REASON while riding on the same surface as a car? Probably not. Sometimes you just have to use common sense.

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