Man Ignores Police Warnings, Speeds To Hospital To Be With Wife

GRAND COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A man from Texas is in trouble in Grand County for speeding to the hospital.

Last Wednesday Floyd Price, 39, called 911. He said his wife was in a snowmobiling accident near Grand Lake and was being flown to Denver. Price then told dispatchers he was going to race down to be with her.

Police said Price ignored the warning from dispatchers and drove up to 90 mph with four children in the car. Police tried to stop Price, but there was too much traffic.

Officers finally arrested Price on Berthoud Pass for investigation of eluding, reckless driving and obstructing police.

chase map Man Ignores Police Warnings, Speeds To Hospital To Be With Wife

(credit: CBS)

  • kirktc

    Why wasn’t a police escort offered for him and his children when he called in for help, obviously she was in a serious or critical condition to be airlifted her to a hospital??? Sounds pretty heartless to me to fine him with several charges, but hey I still believe the uniform stands for protect and serve……

  • just saying

    Pig’s Only here to ticket and harass.

  • Count Yob


    He didn’t wait for or request a police escort. Instead, he took off like a madman endangering himself, his children and innocent motorists.

  • TheCleverElephant

    I wish these officers would use a little discretion. Even if they felt like they had to punish him, they should have just given him a speeding ticket. There’s no need to arrest him and charge him with multiple criminal offenses.

    I would bet the farm that these same officers would turn on their lights and sirens and travel 90mph (or more) if their spouse was airlifted after an accident.

    Empathy is lost on some.

  • Anthony

    When my dad was hit by a car which he later died in a coma 3 years after the accident, I did the same thing as this fellow. I drove at a high rate of speed and in and out of traffic. It’s easy for some of you to criticize this man for what he did but until you’re in that situation you will never know. If it was one of your kids, loved ones what would you do?

    • Dexter

      “If it was one of your kids, loved ones what would you do?” Do you mean if he killed or injured them while racing to the hospital?

  • J M

    alot of the speed limits are 80 now , in some places. i think it really comes down to (Authorities) which proper name is (Servant) just want to be in control.

  • Alcuin

    hater po behaving as uncivilized bullies and marks as per usual.
    Everyone knows that the ‘recklessness’ of the driver was exaggerated..
    90mph? Who cares check the other lane peeps are breaking 100.
    This reminds me of that Houston Texans running back waylaid by pigs
    en route to a hospital emergency. Held at gunpoint by fascists, Moats missed the passing of his mother in law. This is how violence would happen in ancient times- try to stop me on my horse and not have swords drawn. Not advocating bucking off but woe to the wicked Po that would immiserate the righteous human in their time of crisis.
    MORAL: Further evidence of why you can’t trust the police FTP!

    • pj

      Wasn’t Houston. Was Plano, a Dallas suburb. Cop is now elsewhere.

  • Vukk

    Jury trial, innocent as they would all do it themselves.
    Lawsuit, City/state lose a lot of money.

  • jake riley

    When my mother called me and said she had just been hit by a truck and was waiting for the paramedics to arrive you bet your sweet ass I rode my motorcycle the 5 miles to where she told me she was and I probably doing 140. If family or friend or someone you love is in trouble, you can’t think straight. It happens.

  • Linda

    Police are a holes. Everyone knows they are freaks that like the contol and the snactioned violence…

  • JGlenn

    Cops drive like that to get to a donut shop before it closes. This guy didn’t hurt anyone, so I say fine him and be done with it.

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