Riders Take Horses Into Steamboat Springs Safeway

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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A couple of people went on a crazy ride in Steamboat Springs over the weekend. The three people took their horses to several bars, a Starbucks and a grocery store.

All three galloped into a Safeway grocery at about 10:30 p.m. on Sunday. The riders scared shoppers and clerks.

The Steamboat Pilot reported that police used a stun gun and arrested Michael Joseph Miller because he allegedly ignored police orders.

According to the Steamboat Pilot, the ride began more than 10 hours earlier atop Emerald Mountain.

“I had a great ride right up until the very end,” Miller, 44, told the Steamboat Pilot an hour and a half after he was released on a $750 bond from the Routt County Jail.

Miller faces charges including suspicion of harassment, disorderly conduct, obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest. Police said Miller was involved in a fight at a pub around 9:30 p.m.

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Kenneth Recker and Roxanne Lange, of Clark, were the other riders, but they were not arrested. According to the Steamboat Pilot the three had visited several bars before going to Starbucks and Safeway for a snack.

“I came out and saw three huge horses standing in front of our Starbucks counter, and one of the riders was trying to buy a bag of chips,” Jackson told the Pilot. “These were three huge horses, not small horses. I looked at the riders and I told them ‘You have got to go. This violates every policy we have.’ ”

It’s not clear yet on what inspired them to take their horses through town.

  • Rick O'Shea

    Some western states still have quirky laws on the books. According to the charges, it might be worth it to investigate.

    • Sgt. Schultz

      This is the Colorado version of Occupy Starbucks, and a retort to Occupy Walmart from yesterday.

      was one of those horses Thunder the Broncos mascot, btw?

    • Jennifer w.

      “It’s not clear yet on what inspired them to take their horses through town.” Really? You don’t think maybe they had a little too much to drink? Also- they didn’t steal anything? And Police had to taser them- why? I’d like to think for the sake of a good story. And this, friends, is a mighty good one. I’d like to thank these gentlemen riders for a really good laugh.

      • Katie

        Good grief! We used to take horses through the McD’s drive through when they still had the pneumatic hoses…we actually taught our horses to stomp on them to ring the bell. Chris Ladoux rode his horse through a frat house at ENMU…up the front steps, in the front door, through the house, out the back door and down the steps…IT WAS FUNNY! Instead of using personal judgement, Americans have quit using their brains and blindly follow laws. These three are hilarious but the clerk who called the horses ‘huge’ needs to get out more. It’s not like these guys were on Clydesdales.

      • Ann McArthur

        the police tasered them because one of the blokes hit someone with his fist.

    • Pancho

      Looks as though we still have a few American Boys up there in Colorado!
      Semper fi !
      Pancho en Arizona

      • Ancient Pollyanna

        My horse is named Pancho (!) and I always wanted to ride him through Viva Fresh Mexican Restaurant in Burbank because it had been done before, according to the bartenders, so the dream remains.

  • Spanky

    Cleanup on aisle 3!

    • Capt. Ron

      Those people are racists against horses…the horses were here before the corporations. In Colorado, horses have priority over Starbucks or Safeway…go Broncos!

      • Roger M.

        It’s Bronco-Mania again!

        If the Broncos can beat the Patriots Sunday, there will be a lot more horses shopping at Starbucks in person, for Christmas gift cards, for all the horse haters out there!!

    • Jennifer W.


    • Marty

      Recently hundreds of people on bikes thought it would be “fun” to ride through a department store in a mall on Black Friday. Quick acting security were able to block out most of the riders but a few got in. When they saw that they were mostly alone they got off their bikes and walked them out of the store. Had all the riders been successful getting in customers and employees would have been caught in the middle of the chaos and a lot of damage would have happened in the store. This is the second time the bike flash mob has tried to ride through the department store. Back in the 70’s some guy would streak across a baseball field and most people would laugh, but more and more people don’t give a damn who or what they damage all for the glory of a prank.
      Think about an America where people are trampling the rights and safety of others. Think about it happening in your work place, or a store your family is shopping in. I think the guys were selfish jerks.

      • swissik

        You are the sourpuss of the week. Frankly I’d rather have horses in the store than bicyclists. The latter are a rude lot believing they are so superior to us ordinary folk. In San Francisco they cause havoc every last Friday of the month, thereby trampling all over the rights of workers, shoppers, tourists etc. by preventing them to go about their business.

      • Bob

        Definitely boring.

      • ahizzy

        Yeah, boring.

      • GNS

        YOu need to get a life! these guys and horses didn’t hurt anyone or damage any property. Take you tight tush to any one of the numerous countries where you can’t fart without getting in trouble.

      • FTW

        Well you’re boring.

  • Jim

    “It’s not clear yet on what inspired them to take their horses through town”

    Because they’re mad as hell, and they’re not going to take it anymore!

    • ccc

      You sure that’s a horse? Looks like Chelsea Clinton.

      • RJ

        Why the long face?

      • the avenger

        naw……looks like an ass……………lol

  • ManOnPoint

    They just finished watching “Blazing Saddles” and confused Clevon Little the Sheriff with Obama!!!

  • Steve Wagenr

    They were probably protesting environmental regulations against CO2 releases from horse manure.

  • Ernie Zippreplat

    They will have to pony up the money for the damages after all that horsing around!

  • hung like a

    A horse walked into a Safeway and the cashier said “So, why the long face?”

  • Nomad

    You can lead a horse to Safeway, but you can’t make him shop!

  • Paula Bryant Siepieranski

    I wish I could shop on horseback

  • Liberal Donkey

    A shame the police used a stun gun. They should have fired real bullets from a real gun. Silly Colorado fruits.

  • James

    They had colds and were a little horse…

    I think they have the right idea. We need to go back to horses and buggies…a gentler time in many ways.

  • Patrick Lee

    Where is the common sense? These types of idiots are why there are so many laws on the books. Just because there isn’t a law against doing something does not always mean it a good idea. These horse riders think they are so hip or maverick but the reality is they are only showing that they need government to legislate to them because they can’t act responsibly or maturely. Grow up!

    • Katie

      Democrat, right? Card carrying member of the Socialist Democrats of America? Tired of thinking for yourself and want the Nanny State to take care of you?

      These guys pulled and stunt and if any damage was caused then they should pay for them. But for this you want the government to write more laws and legislate everything? You really should move to the E.U. and stop trying to turn the U.S. into the E.U., Russia or China. You would feel safer there because they believe like you do.

    • blahblahblah

      Hip? Seriously? I doubt these guys were trying to be “hip.”

      Sounds more like a few drunk hayseeds to me, trying to do something goofy and stir up some trouble in the process.

      Harmless trouble. Nobody was hurt, one of them got what was coming, everything is fine, I don’t think we need to go overboard on these guys.

    • vern

      Oh get a life. I think your jealous

    • tim

      Ok, Mr. Lee, this is the reason that we have laws? Really? Because if we didn’t we would all be over run by wildmen on horseback trying to buy chips at the local store? I would rather have to step around the random crazy on horse looking for chips than have another BS law trying to stop the once in a million occurence that didn’t need to be stopped to begin with. HOnestly, assume there isn’t a law on the book about horses and starbucks…has it really been a problem till now…do you really think we’re gonna have to put the brakes on a rash of horses at the local coffee shop? Maybe we should just take it as it comes and ask the horse to leave one by one instead of call an emergency legistlative session.

      • Bub

        No, really, we need to legislate against this just incase some Starbucks customer is alergic to horses. They could go in to Anaphylactic shock. It could be like giving out peanuts on airplanes all over again. Ahhhhhchooooooo!

      • Vernon Dozier

        ““I had a great ride right up until the very end,” Miller, 44, told the Steamboat Pilot an hour and a half after he was released on a $750 bond from the Routt County Jail.”

        God bless you Michael Joseph Miller, Kenneth Recker and Roxanne Lange. Nobody was frightened, there is just a war going on with anything that looks out of place according to any given police officer. The average citizen? We welcome this kind of tomfoolery. I woulda’ smiled and continued on my way.

      • Hold Yer Horses

        You guys should read the police blotter in the Steamboat paper. People in this town call the cops for every little thing. It would be even more hilarious if it wasn’t also a little sad. Ninnies!

    • LTCB

      Sure scrooge, I hope you got coal in your stocking too. I don’t advocate stupid stunts but, this gets done all the time in the movies and nobody says they’re being a bad example. Just because of all the promiscuity in the movies, that doesn’t mean real people would do that too would it? i blame Hollywood.
      But, bottom line is, that this was good for more than a few good laughs.

    • Justin Time

      Actually, you’re spot on Mr Lee. Our freedoms exist because we have, with great success, governed ourselves. When you abuse a freedom, you can bet that it wont be long until that freedom no longer exists. Even 200 years ago you wouldn’t ride your horse into the general store.

      Not only will they ban horses from going in stores, but they’ll ban them from being on city streets or in town altogether, etc … I like horses and I like the freedom to ride. I sure would hate to see cities start making ordinances that effect what people have been doing for hundreds of years simply because a few careless and thoughtless individuals took it a step too far.

      • GNS

        200 years ago the horse wouldn’t fit into the average general store. BTW this kind of stuff did use to happen and they usually got shoed out with a broom. I can remember some guy riding his horse into the drugstore and right up to the soda fountain. LOL This guy was always pulling one kind of stunt or other and it didn’t mean the whole town fallowed suit or made a bunch of dumb laws.
        This kind of stuff isn’t why we have so many stupid over reaching laws. Its people like you and Lee that have no sense of humor and can’t think of other ways to handle goofy or dumb stunts like this. Why don’t you two go someplace where martial law is already in effect and you need permission just to paint your house.

  • WillieJohn

    I hope the police tased the living sht out of him, AH.
    –yo a child, a horse may as well be a motor vehicle
    –and horse are easily spooked in unfamilair human habitats
    –I hope the judge gives him the max

    • Katie

      Wish my horses were as well behaved as these three! Those horsemen must be really good and work with their horses a lot or the horses wouldn’t have even entered the building, stood quietly while the rider made his purchase, etc.

      Wish people like you would actually think before you speak / write about something you know diddly.

    • porchhound

      You are a fool WillieJohn. Your mama dropped you on your head more than once reaching for her crack pipe and you know NOTHING about horses. ALL horses don’t get “spooked in unfamiliar human habitats”. Try to comment on things you actually know something about.

  • Mr. Ed

    Just some harmless horsing around. Nothing wrong with a little horseplay. Innocent little prank. Shoppers were scared? Why? Were they demo riders? Just some freaking horses! Willl-burrrrrr

    • Mr. Ed

      That should say “demon riders.” Right, Willl-buurrrrr?

  • UYeahU

    Bartender: “Wow, we don’t get many horses in this bar!”
    Horse: “At these prices I’m not surprised!”

  • We are Equine State

    A little bit of horsing around, never any harm in that.

    Wait, unless Sandusky was involved. Someone better check and see that he hasn’t fled PA for CO.

  • Carlos

    If they were in L.A. the cops would have killed them.

    • Slippy

      And if they were in Arizona, the fast-food restaurants would have had free beef for a few months!

  • Linda Kate

    Well, it IS Colorado and horses were there LONG before Starbucks…and those paints are beautiful. If one of them was mine, I’d want everyone to see him too. Shopping by horseback….totally cool. People scared of horses living in Colorado…totally insane. IMO.

    • Hold Yer Horses

      Yeah, well, it’s a resort town. The hand wringers move in from places like Cali and try their hardest to ruin it. The commentary in the video from the folks that are saying “this is totally not sanitary” is a great example. At least we aren’t as bad as Aspen. Yet.

  • UpintheOaks

    Galloping in? Scared the customers and the cashiers? I saw none of that, can’t the “reporters” use their own eyes? This Steamboat Springs! Any town with the word “Springs” in it has to be used to horses and this was just a prank. I’m from Shingle Springs – horses are everywhere and if someone came into our Safeway on a horse it would draw a crowd, but nobody would be scared, especially with such nice horses and such good riders.

  • A Jones

    Whoa! Some of you have missed the mane point -Should the judge rein them in and throw the book at them? Neigh, I should hope not. They were just out to have BIT of fun. It would behoove you to get a sense of humor. Has a Gallop poll been taken? They were just out to stirrup some laughs.

    • AdrienneM

      HAY- I def-WHINNY-ately agree. GALLOP poll? How about a STRAW poll?

    • MorganGray

      OTOH… A Jones… great job.

    • thanks for the laugh

      A+ :)

    • sofa

      Tazed for what?
      Physically assaulted and kidnapped, for what?

      • MorganGray

        Lessee… I think the charge was resisting arrest.
        And, sofa, that is the technical term; “arrest”, not kidnapping. Climb down off your leftist, cop-hating soap-box.
        These boobs might have been thinking they were having some harmless fun – granted. They may have been intoxicated. There is no law against stupid, and all those things.
        But… there is a reason only service animals are allowed inside most stores which sell food and restaurants – public health.
        Or maybe you wouldn’t mind if a big pile of horse manure ended up in the vegetable bin, or on the floor at Starbucks. Maybe you’d think it was funny that the employees would have to clean up the mess, and that Safeway had to throw out the food that was contaminated.
        The riders were nitwits. Period. They acted like a couple of addled school kids. One resisted arrest, and they got whacked for it.
        End of story.

  • Tim_CA

    “It’s not clear yet on what inspired them to take their horses through town.”

    Um….what part of the line “three people took their horses to several bars” did you not understand?

  • kishke

    The cops are taser happy.

  • Boob

    This is what rich people do..disregard law and order…
    For another example see Lindsay in hawaii and her shoot at the PB Mansion,
    only lost 10,000…..could have made my Christmas …
    Where’s my Hay????
    hey hey hey…. hey hey hey….
    Coooco ochoo Mrs. Robinson…..

    • Hold Yer Horses

      Dude, your name is pretty apt. These guys were local ranchers, not fancy rich people. But by all means, denigrate rich people (aka the ones who could give you a job and help you move outta your mama’s basement).

  • rsjoberg

    The Starbucks guy should have asked, “Are the horses paying or will it be seperate tabs?”

  • flynny

    I think the whole thing was pretty cool. Nice calm horses at that. Well trained anyway. I’m Glad Obama was not working the meat counter at Safeway, he would have wanted someone else to slaughter them. Since obama is too much of a wimp to get is fingernails dirty.

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