By Danielle Chavira

DENVER (CBS4) – A judge sentenced a now-18-year-old woman to 48 hours of community service after being convicted of reckless driving during a protest in May of 2020 in Denver. Jennifer Watson was found guilty in July.

(credit: CBS)

Watson, 17 at the time, was driving near the State Capitol building as protesters marched in all lanes of Broadway. She hit a protester with her care while heading north on Broadway and dragged him.

She said she feared for her safety.

(credit: CBS)

Video showed one person standing in front of her car and refusing to move. Another person jumped on her hood briefly. Watson tried to get away before she hit the man. He spoke with CBS4 saying he was concerned about his sister who was protesting with him so he tried to stand in the way of the SUV.

Danielle Chavira