AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Organizers of last Saturday’s protest for Justice for Elijah McClain say they want to see further action taken against a driver who drove through protesters.

(credit: CBS)

“Aurora is on fire, on Saturday we experienced a traumatic event where a rouge vehicle tried to take my life and the lives of people in my community. It has to stop,” said Shanika Carter. “Today we say enough is enough. We call out those individuals who seek to cause harm on people who are expressing their First Amendment right. People who have the right to say Black lives matter.”

On Monday night, the Aurora City Council met with Aurora police to discuss what happened. Including damage done to the courthouse at the Aurora Municipal Center that night.

(credit: Aurora Police)

Police are hoping to talk to eyewitnesses of the incident with the Jeep on Interstate 225 or even collect video as evidence. Investigators will be looking at what led up to the situation and the intent behind it. On Monday, Aurora Deputy Chief Harry Glidden said the driver felt threatened.

“He felt like he was being threatened and he thought he was going to be attacked and he thought needed to escape and that’s what he did,” Glidden said. “That is the only story we have at the moment is his. If someone else has information we are asking people to give that information.”

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The driver of a car that tried to stop the jeep disagrees.

“I immediately contacted Aurora PD and that was the first thing I asked, was he arrested for fleeing the scene, was he under arrest for attempted vehicular manslaughter,” said Sebastian Sassi.

“Our lives matter and we should be able to stage a protest without fear,” said Carter.

Jeff Todd

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  1. Bill white says:

    you need a permit protest I am sure Aurora would not issue one that would shut down a major road….lock the protesters up…

  2. Bill White says:

    run them down like the animals they are…TRUMP 20/20

  3. Joe Bloe says:

    Aurora….the original Chicongo….wouldn’t expect any less of out them.

  4. Catie says:

    People should not be on the interstate for any reason! Why isn’t that included in this story? I say enough is enough. True that that the laws are not being followed equitable. I would have been in fear for my life should I have encountered a mob like group illegally on the interstate!

  5. Jack Clancy says:

    Get off the highway!!!

    Bring in FEDs if Aurora won’t do their job. That’s a federal interstate. My state and federal taxes paid for i t!


  6. Steven Lundgrin says:

    Since when does anyone have a First Amendment right to unilaterally shut down major thoroughfares and interstate highways, regardless of the reason?

    What if someone has an emergency and their only route to Medical Center of Aurora or Children’s Hospital is via I-225 or a major thoroughfare these protesters took upon themselves to block?

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