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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – The board of Douglas County Commissioners announced just after midnight Saturday that some businesses can open effective immediately. Those include restaurants, gyms, churches, and Park Meadows Mall.

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Brian Bigelow and his wife own two Cuba Cuba restaurants in Douglas County and had to scramble to get their restaurants ready and open.

“We got an alarm at 9:30 this morning telling us restaurants are open,” he said. “We were going to spend the day with our family, but we had to change plans.”

Molly and Gus Velez gave up their family day, too. They own The Chicken Shack in Parker and when they got the news of the overnight decision also they got right to work.

“We’ve waited a long time,” said Molly. She says she and Gus have been putting in long hours trying to stay afloat.

“We have four kids and we are working seven days a week 6 A.M. until midnight sometimes,” she said.

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Both small business owners say being closed to diners has had a financial impact despite being able to sell take out and to go meals. Now they hope being able to serve some dine in patrons will help close the gap and let them get back to life as usual.

“We’ve been patient. We’ve rolled with all the punches,” said Molly. “From a business standpoint we’re ready and just from a personal I’m ready to go out and start going to restaurants and just get back to life normal again,” said Brian.

Customers who came out for a meal Saturday seemed to be ready as well.

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“I am just smiling from ear to ear. It feels great,” said Cuba Cuba customers Greg and Becky while enjoying mojitos on the restaurant patio.

“Just to be able to have some normalcy is wonderful,” said David Riskey who was enjoying a beer on Parry’s Pizza’s Patio in Highlands Ranch.

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