By Rick Sallinger

DENVER (CBS4) – At age 34, Caitlin Jacobsen’s life has suddenly changed. The restaurant manager from Boulder left a Rockies game three weeks ago on a electric scooter when her handlebars caught a fence and she went head first onto the ground.

(credit: CBS)

Her brother Jack and other family members have been by her side.

“Her diagnosis was traumatic brain injury. It’s very serious. Half of her body is not moving. She can’t walk talk or eat on her own,” he told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger.

At Denver Health Medical Center she has emerged from a medically induced coma.

(credit: CBS)

Earlier this year CBS4 reported the same thing happened to Minnesota businessman Henry Bromelkamp. He also suffered a traumatic brain injury while riding an electric scooter in Denver. His condition lately is not improving.

Henry Bromelkamp (credit: CBS)

Denver Paramedic Captain Julie Arellano advises people who ride the scooters to use helmets.

“If you crash, you want your head to be safe and not have serious injuries,” she said.

The scooters don’t come with protective headgear.

Sallinger went up to one woman about to start riding an electric scooter.

“Are you going to ride without a helmet?” he asked.
“Yes,” she replied.
“Do you realize it could be dangerous?” he said.
“We were just talking about it because it’s convenient, but yes, very dangerous,” she said.

Just ask Jacobsen’s family. Her brother Jack put it this way:

(credit: CBS)

“I understand the environmental impact how they can help, but what cost is human life?”

Jack Jacobsen plans to address the Boulder City Council in August and ask them to extend their moratorium on allowing electronic scooters.

Rick Sallinger


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