DENVER (CBS4) – There are reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in Denver and other cities are planning to round up undocumented immigrants this weekend. Some people in Denver have sought sanctuary in churches to avoid being detained by ICE.

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It has other undocumented immigrants on edge. Among them, a woman who told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger to call her Ginny. Her husband has already been deported to Mexico. She remains in the U.S. with her children, concerned she could also end up in a detention center.

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“I don’t want to hide not time to hide or be in shadows,” she said.

With the prospect of ICE raids coming soon she urges immigrants to be educated and know their rights.

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“I have children but because of them we have to demonstrate we have to be brave.”

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She had her cell ready to use with numbers programmed in for help should she be approached.

The New York Times reports the raids will happen Sunday and take place over a couple days. In anticipation of the raids, Denver city officials and immigrant rights groups are sharing information about the law with people facing deportation orders.

Organizations like Servicios de la Raza clients are advising clients what to do.

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“If you are in your home keep your door locked until the official gives you proof they have an arrest warrant signed by a judge,” said victims’ advocate Jenny Santos.

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At the City and County building, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock joined with leaders of his administration to say they will not cooperate with ICE.

“Our immigrants are very important to us neighbors friends coworkers,” he told reporters at a news conference.

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Denver Public Schools sent out a district-wide robocall and email, notifying parents of President Trump’s statement on immigration enforcement.

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The email states, “We want to remind our families of resources related to immigration rights that are available on our Safe and Welcoming School District webpage. Denver Public Schools is committed to ensuring that all of our families know their rights and that our schools are safe and welcoming places for all students, including for our immigrant students.”

According to a district spokesperson, Denver Public schools was assured by ICE authorities that agents will not target students in the classroom.

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ICE had originally planned to arrest and deport families in 10 cities in late June, according to a senior immigration official. In addition to Denver, the raids were expected in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, New York and San Francisco. Operations are now expected to begin in all of those cities on Sunday except for New Orleans, which is currently being impacted by tropical storm Barry.

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CBS4 contacted ICE for comment, but did not receive a response on Friday. The organization is reportedly focusing on those who have received final deportation orders, but refused to leave.

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