DENVER (CBS4)– Gov. Jared Polis released a statement on Pres. Donald Trump’s plan to launch a series of raids across the country, including Denver. Last month, Pres. Trump planned ICE raids for Denver and 10 other cities in the U.S. before he delayed the action.

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

“If true, these reports are of great concern and another failure of leadership by the Trump administration. Instead of working with Congress to find a real, comprehensive solution to our broken immigration system, the President is unfortunately focused on creating uncertainty and fear. These actions make our communities less safe and increase distrust of law enforcement. Colorado celebrates our immigrant communities, and we will not allow the public safety of Coloradans to be held hostage by the Trump administration,” said Polis in a statement.

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The anticipated sweep in June was expected to be similar to operations that authorities have regularly done since 2003. They often produce hundreds of arrests. The president delayed the scheduled June sweep for a couple of weeks.

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  1. Glenn Rogers says:

    The idiot dems and reporters are never going to understand illegal is illegal and a crime.But i guess when you change the news to the inquire that’s what you get.that’s all it is any more.and they need them to vote that’s why they put the ballots in english and spanish no other languages

  2. Democrat 2020 Platform & Goals:

    -Open Borders.
    -Sanctuary Cities.
    -Decriminalize illegal entry into our country.
    -Defund & terminate Border Patrol & ICE.
    -Same sex marriages.
    -Disarming Americans.
    -Voting rights for illegal aliens.
    -Pack the courts with radical liberal judges (Like the 9th circuit)
    -Increase refugee’s from the third world.
    -Illegal aliens allowed to hold public office.
    -Free Abortions for all (Taxpayer funded)
    -The green new deal.
    -End of Electoral College
    -Free Medicare care for all including non citizens (taxpayer funded)
    -Raise Minimum Wage (expect massive reduction in full time jobs & loss of health benefits)
    -Have adolescents vote.
    -!00% free college for all, including non citizens. (tax payer funded)
    -Reparations for every race “harmed” by the white man.
    -Convicts, Terrorists voting.
    -Susie & Bobby using the same restrooms.
    -Late term abortions up to 9 months..
    -Pay check for every person in the US even if they choose not to work.

    Sources: Straight from the Democrat’s mouths. View their speeches on you tube.

  3. Codswallop Hogwash says:

    What part of ILLEGAL does Polis not understand? There is only on LEGAL way to deal with this, and that is send the ILLEGALS back to where they came from. Only the Dumocrats could see it any other way. Maybe it is time to impeach Polis.

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