(CBS4) – The Broncos have have traded the tenth pick in this year’s NFL Draft to take the Pittsburgh Steelers first rounder, a 20th pick. In return, they also get the 52nd pick in the second round and a third round selection in 2020.

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The Broncos now have the following selections in this year’s draft.

First Round: Pick No. 20
Second Round: Picks No. 41 & 52 (from Pittsburgh)
Third Round: Pick No. 8
Fourth Round: Pick No. 23 (from Houston)
Fifth Round: Pick No. 10
Fifth Round: Pick No. 18 (from Minnesota)
Sixth Round: Pick No. 9
Seventh Round: Pick No. 23 (from Houston)

The second and third rounds of the draft take place on Friday night. The final rounds take place on Saturday.

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The draft is taking place in downtown Nashville.