DENVER (CBS4) – With all the political ads airing, it’s easy to confuse super PAC ads with those paid for by the candidates themselves.

And it’s even more confusing when CBS4 political reporter Shaun Boyd keeps showing up in the ads.

It’s something Shaun and CBS4 have no control over. A new ad highlights how the truth is being distorted.

Shaun gives it a Reality Check.

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Boyd’s sources for this Reality Check are as follows:

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  1. I agree that it is necessary to distinguish between an ad from a Super Pac and one from the candidate because the Super Pacs or the most outrageous, but right after saying that it was a Super Pac you – as an aside – say that “Coffman piled on with several tweets”. Well – which is it? The Super Pac distorted the facts alone? Or Coffman was applauding them on? Also – I just watched an add that was “approved by Coffman” and it portrays Crow as an evil lawyer who defends the worse of the worse. Really?? Waiting for you to fact check this one.

  2. Clifford Tompkins says:

    I can appreciate your concern that your reporting was used in the ad attacking Mike Coffman. Perhaps your anger comes from the fact that they used your actual words. Your rebuttal however, painted a picture of Mike Coffmann that started with… “who cares about his voting record..” WHAT??? I am still processing that comment. WHO CARES ABOUT HIS VOTING RECORD?? WHAT? I am in Coffman’s district and he has been slow to react to any misstep by Trump, only issuing the appropriate statements when the cover was in place by others. (check out his comments on the separation of kids… a talk out of both sides of your mouth moment) From a perspective of a voter in his district, he is carrying the water for Mr. Trump, with out question and apologetically. So I ask you, was this a fact check, an endorsement, You make the call!

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