DENVER (CBS4) – Police are asking for the public’s help tracking down a large group of violent teenagers.

They say 10 to 15 young people — described as black or Hispanic and both male and female — attacked four white men on the 16th Street Mall at about 10:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Denver police say the men were standing on the mall near Arapahoe when they were approached by the group. After a conversation, the group turned violent and they attacked the men.

CRIME BULLETIN: View The Document From Denver Police

Two of the four victims left the scene before they could be questioned. The Denver Post reported that two of the victims suffered minor injuries.

“It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

Authorities say the attacks could have been gang related or racially motivated.

“We’re not going to dismiss anything in this case because we don’t know,” Jackson told CBS4.

In 2009 a similar series of attacks took place near downtown, on the 16th Street Mall and in surrounding areas. The victims were usually white or Hispanic and the suspects were black. Surveillance video captured one of the attacks on camera.

Many of those arrested in connection with the assaults were known to have ties with street gangs. Police said some or all of those attacks may have a kind of gang initation.

Police will confirm that in this weekend’s case the victims were not robbed, which narrows down the list of motives somewhat.

Police are asking anyone who has more information about the attacks, including the two victims who walked off, to come forward. They also want to interview anyone who witnessed the attack.

There is a $2,000 Crimestoppers reward for information that helps solve the case.


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Comments (785)
  1. Steve says:

    I’m sure it isn’t a hate crime because only White people are capable of racism…

    1. Rob says:

      Ain’t that the truth!!!! I’m getting a little sick of it. Even in the old days they would never fight you one on one. They need to sneak from behind you and always with backup!

      1. Warren says:

        And that’s a fact!

      2. Keith Martin says:

        Thats the great thing about concealed carry. It allows an attitude adjustment for wayward youths.

      3. Bosco says:

        Amen! Mr CZ-75B will back them off.

      4. Mark says:

        Fact, spicks and blacks always run in packs

      5. Otta Bee says:

        Nothing to worry about. The Arabs have their Spring. It appears there is a NEGRO Spring here in the US. Goes like this: Negro sees white man. Springs on him. Way to solve? Carry a firearm. See springing Negro? Shoot springing Negro.

      6. Rusty Shackelford says:

        What is really weird is that their have not been of CCW carriers open fire. If the indivuals that are being targeted it just must be a the (badguys lucky day in NOT chosing a CCW carrier. Out of these attack on White folks their has not been one instance where someone had pulled their CCW. That would put a thought in to these thugz heads that it may not be the smartest idea. But also I wonder how many of those attacked are CCW carriers and if they are just afraid to pull the trigger because they fail to understand the law when outside thier home.

      7. If You See Something, Say Something says:

      8. Silvio says:

        Hey guy i recent these comments. With comments like this you guys are no better then those low calss thugs. i’m hispanic and i dispise any kind of behavior like this and to be honest there are white poeple too that do the same. please just leave race out of it because the bottom line it’s the thugish low level metality that youth are showing now a days.

      9. Tim Crowley says:

        They? Who’s they?

      10. jjmoon says:

        Yep–When they are in a pack, they will attack

      11. JCFitz says:

        Attention: Silvio
        You are deceiving yourself, therefore, you come across without credibility. All of the gangs in urban areas are comprised of either blacks or hispanics. There is something defective in the communities that fosters amoung its youths a pack mentality, lack of respect for the law, and racism. Perhaps the problems we see on only those “cultures” have something to do with the progressives who have run urban communities for the last 75 ears. What do you think?

      12. Rick O'Shea says:

        I bet concealed carry requests increase?

      13. Craig L says:


        Being a minority myself I understand how you want to defend your people. But facts are facts, and the fact is that these lawless gangs are far far more often black or Latino than they are white. When you factor in the % of population the different races represent I wouldn’t be surprised to find that black & Latinos are 10 time more likely to be involved than whites.

        That’s an unpleasant reality that those minorities must deal with.

        Probably one of the predominant causes is the number of black & Latinos who are born into one parent homes. Most of the mothers are probably well meaning, but these days the odds are stacked against them. Youngsters need male role models, they need a family structure. If kids don’t have them in their home they look for them elsewhere, in gangs, or just the toughest guy on the block.

        Illegitimate kids (about 70% of Latino & black babies) are a serious, critical problem. One that influential blacks (like our President) are afraid to address. Until we turn that trend around these type of incidents will increase in number and severity.

        Especially in difficult economic times lower income communities are going to suffer from more stress and pressure – this does not bode well for kid at the fringe of society.

      14. Silvio says:

        Attention JCFitz:

        I am not deceiving myself. Yes i do admit there are more stories and there are more gangs of blacks and hispanics, but all i was coming across is that for us that are reading this and seeing these issues come across is to not fuel the fire of racism but to encourage prosperity. The problem with most of today’s society is that lack of involvement and interest. There are many police programs out there for the communities to be involved and express concerns to the authorities but few people attend or even simple pick up a phone and call there local police to express concerns. But coming here to a website with an article written about so called crimes is not necessary especially writing racism remakes that were writing above. We will never address the issues in today society when cowards come to a website and call names to a race in general. So I would appreciate people that are supposedly of higher class and better well mannered then the individuals in the article reframe from such remarks when individuals like myself that are of that ethnicity come to a website and express concerns so these crime can stop. Fuel to the fire man fuel to the fire.

      15. You says:

        You all need to realize Denver county its illegal to conceal a weapon, CCW or not. Conceal carry is illegal here. So all the “just pack heat” comments are ignorant.

      16. Renfield says:

        Open carry is prohibited in Denver (and only Denver), but concealed carry is indeed legal in Denver city and county (with a permit).

      17. You says:

        For those that will blast me:

        Colorado was once one of our “Gold Star” open carry states. However, Denver filed and won a suit challenging the states excellent preemption law. Consequently, both open carry and unlicensed open car carry in Denver are prohibited. There are reports that other localities are planning to follow suit. Currently, outside of Denver, car carry is unrestricted and localities are almost completely preempted in enforcing firearms restrictions, and must post specific facilities which are off limits to open carry.

      18. BLACKS ARE ANIMALS says:

        I know kinds of crimes both Blacks and Hispanics commit.

        Hispanics are far from saints and do join gangs, but Hispanics aren’t the “flashmob” types, those are 100% BLACK.

        Based on my experience living on the East and West coasts, there are plenty (but not all of them) who are capable in living in a civilized Western society.

        The BLACKS on the other hand, for the most part, are incapable of living in Western Society without reverting back to their primitive instincts.

        IQ has a lot to do with it.

        If you noticed. all of the prior flashmobs did not involve Hispanics or any other minority group, just BLACKS.

        The articles claims that they were either “black or Hispanic,” which was probably inserted to not solely blame the BLACKS.

        So, when referring to this specific crime, I’m almost 100% positive that the entire mob was 100% BLACK.

      19. craigpeddle says:

        Hey Silvio, a couple of English grammatical corrections before I suggest you get your spick ass back across the border. “…i recent these comments.” Yes your comment is recent but start your sentence with a capital I and I think you meant to say resent. “…you guys are no better then those low calss thugs”. I am going to assume that your tiny spick brain meant to type class. “….i’m hispanic and i dispise any kind of behavior like this” Dude once again USE CAPS to start a sentence. “….there are white poeple too” – the word is people. Go back to Mexico and learn the f’ing language before you return

        September 16, 2011 at 10:30 am

      20. Blackie Thug says:

        I hope the black thugs got their foodstamps this month. It was the white person who pay the taxes so the black people can collect their welfare.

      21. CCW Man says:

        You, You do not know what you think you know. The Denver Police Department issues Concealed Carry Permits. Don’t rely on a website that’s for OPEN CARRY information, as your source for laws regarding concealed carry. Anyone who wants to apply for a concealed carry permit in Denver mat do so here:

      22. Kyle Kepley says:

        Just got my own CCW permit in the mail today :)

    2. sam says:

      I’m just glad they reported it as a pack of blacks and mexicans instead of “youths” the way all these other media outlets report on blacks

      1. Mike says:

        There is a zero chance of the suspects being Mexican. The story says that prior victims have also been Mexican and perpetrators always black. THey only mention hispanics as possible suspects only not to appear racist. Now i remember all the whites that voted for Barack Obama because they wanted to vote for the first black president. Race relations in our nation have never been worse in decades.

      2. William says:

        It doesnt matter what color you are- if they are in attack mode they will attack. I’am black and when i see a large pack of what ever color they are, i get nervous. Ever heard of a pack of white teens attacking black people? it does happen…

      3. mike says:

        CBS Denver did report it, like every other P.C. group of afraid media personalities, as an “Attack By Group Of Teens”… drudge reported it as a “pack”.


        Welcome to our

      5. WagTheDog says:

        William, you are so right that a pack of whites has attacked blacks, but the most recent attack was in 1956, so you can relax about that one.

      6. Call The Zoo says:

        my hunch is they where black only. but PC requires that mexicans be tarred to avoid offending martin luther sharpton.

      7. Renfield says:

        @”You” above: You may be right about open carry, but the Denver police do issue CCW permits. Therefore, how can your statement, “[In] Denver County it’s illegal to conceal a weapon,CCW or not,” is patently false. I’ve checked several websites, including the one you cite, and find nothing prohibiting concealed carry in Denver (with a permit).

    3. Scottiedont says:

      Wrong. Only white STRAIGHT people are capable of hate crimes.

      And terrorism, as Janet Napolitano would have us believe.

      1. spectrawatt says:

        Most Definitely “Obama” supporters!

    4. Kurt says:

      I cannot wait for the day where one of these thug groups runs into victims who are armed

      1. Chris says:

        That actually happened about 27 years ago, in New York, with a guy named Bernard Goetz. As I recall, he shot those thugs up pretty good……but public opinion turned against him in New York……Man, how I DESPISE idiot do gooder liberals!!!

      2. John Hinton says:

        Kurt – you make an excellent point. People need to be prepared as society debases itself to it’s most common denominator. Attacks like this will likely become more and more normal. We need to start to think independently and plan for our own protection.

        ~John Hinton

      3. NoahFingWhey says:

        Someone who carries is rarely called a victim except when convicted for self-defense.

      4. TC says:

        If they were armed, they would not be victims!!!!! They would be heros.

      5. Richardg says:

        i agree with John that it is not only inevitable but that is further being fueled and fanned by the people in Washington who forgot who their boss is.

        I am so convinced and so tired of worrying about it, I say get down and get it over with. Enough of the though talk…..put up or shut up.

        Course…I am one of them there ignorant texans so……….

    5. Scudbuster says:

      Only White conservative people are capable of racism…

      Fixed for ya!

    6. MrWhite says:

      Liberals are so freaking stupid! Of course this is a hate crime!

      1. motherofall says:

        Actually this is a case of Lynching. when a groupl of one race gangs up and attacks victims of another race it lynching whether actual hanging takes place or not. Hate crimes laws are unnescessary since anti lynching laws have been on the books for about 100 years.

    7. Crewmax says:

      It is just a matter of time until they pick the wrong white dude and they’re wearing toe tags. I would send a bill for the ammo to their parents.

      1. The One says:

        In that case, the parents (sorry, the single mothers) of the thugs will get on the news saying how he was such a good kid and just fell in with the wrong crowd.

      2. Pete Ortega says:

        Then we’ll hear how they were just turning their lives around and that they were just about to get a rap album deal, etc.

      3. robert says:

        Great idea! Well, except for he most important fact. You forgot the legal system, they will probably give the black kids family your house, car and money for protecting yourself! Damn shame!

      4. Randall says:

        Heck with that!! I’d pick up the spent brass and reload for the next pack, also you could put a green spin on it for the bleeding heart gun control liberals that you at least recycle!

    8. Bob Truth says:

      If it had not been for Drudge, Americans would not have heard of this attack. Of course, if the shoe had been on the other foot and white teens had attacked blacks or Hispanics, this would have been the lead story in every liberal rag and television report.

      1. Phil says:

        For sure. It’s almost like there’s an anti-white agenda at play in the media, everywhere you look.

      2. RR says:

        The same thing happened in Milwaukee several weeks ago at the state fair. Black on white violence.

      3. Lou Bator says:

        Don’t forget, White is always spelled upper case.

    9. Pud says:

      This is a no-brainer, it was racially motivated and full of hate.

    10. JRoberts says:

      yoo hoo…Al…you out there…hey-Sharpton…commentts?


      I thought so.

      1. silly man says:

        He’d only say that your remark is racist because you used the racially charged word ‘cricket’.

      2. Stevo says:

        You made me truly LOL with the racist term “crickets!!”

      3. artemis133 says:

        It’s only racist if you say “moon crickets”!

    11. TexasRich says:

      This was obviously carried out by those lunatic tea party people that the news keeps warning us about.

    12. Bob says:

      Whites & Asians are invisible in our jusice system; apparently they hold no civil rights. Such rights are reserved for blacks, illiegal alien hispanics, gays and trannies. If a White or Asian is attacked by any of the aforementioned, few if any news groups will report the crime. But let an Asian or White attack a member of the protected species and not only will the affair appear on headlines, members of Congress will make passionate speeches deploring “hate” crimes. Go figure.

      1. Ruckus says:

        Bob-I live in China and it is the safest country I have ever lived in. If you assault a Foreigner, it is Capital Punishment. There is very little violent crime here. I feel perfectly safe here. When I come back to the USA ” I be toten heat ” Sad isn’t it.

    13. Stella says:

      A lot of these comments are being left by people working for Soros. They want to rile up people.

      1. Richardg says:

        Hell Stella,
        We don’t need that old man to rile us up…………..we are on the mountaintop and see what we see for as far as we can look.

        So past that…..move along, move along and


    14. smashicus says:

      Then the whole burrito must go bye bye.

    15. Amanda says:

      ya…that was what I was thinking too.

    16. Audax says:

      Never go anywhere without my concealed carry and extra clips

    17. orlandocajun says:

      Also, am I the only one who doesn’t expect to read a headline such as, “a gang of white, Christian Tea Party teens attack a minority man at a mall”?

    18. 1776 says:

      Exactly! That’s what cultural marxism is all about!

    19. Rick O'Shea says:

      Happiness is a double stack .magazine 45 acp mini.

    20. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

      Police profile: Demorats.
      Politicians should never paid the dumbest to have millions of babies on welfare

    21. Bob Davis says:

      Exactly, Steve! So, do you think this story will be widely reported by the lamestream media? NOT!!!

    22. ROBERT M. SIMON says:


      1. The Black Pope says:

        For the better part of the last 2000 years White Folks in the name of Christianity have been beating up on people of color. Converting in the name of Jesus you called it. You call it Democracy today. You people need to read some history… In this part of the world it started with a Christian Warrior of God named CORTEZ, then some years later Columbus took over the job of killing I mean converting the so called sub human Natives. The problem is you people have messed with destroyed I mean converted so many people against their wills and continue today. Leave people alone, get out of other peoples countries and return all the wealth and resources that you have stolen and continue to steal on a daily basis all in the name of business, and have stolen all in order to make this country great. Or as you tell black folks, just get over it already, move on. Yea but let these same things you have done and your ancestors have done to others happen to you people and you people think its a tragedy and have a titty attack.
        Hey what goes around really does go around doesn’t it.

      2. Natascha says:

        In Pope’s mind, having some percieved attack in the past justifies any attack in the future. By his logic, the white men who were attacked, their friends, associates, family and any other persons who feel aggrieved have the right to attack blacks based on their race. How does his reasoning look when the ‘colors’ are reversed?

      3. aldwulf says:

        Black Pope is right. White folks were conquerors, converters, and dominators. Thankfully, many say, they have been asleep. What you hear pope is the sound of white people waking up. Thank you.

      4. jettyholic says:

        Black Pope do yo know that Europe was invaded time and time again by North Africans with their Sub Saharan conscripts of sorts in tow? Our European ancestors were the first to arrive and live in North America, killed off by a combination of climate change and Asiatics coming in by way of the land bridge. So by your logic all our conquering and settlement in the Americas and elsewhere is just long delayed payback.
        This is a “Hate Crime” the motive is racial, everyone knows it, yet the media, the FBI,and Holder all ignore it,but the populace sees this and the pot simmers.

    23. LaQuan Demitrius Theodorius Jackson says:

      Of course….the white people were racist, thereby justifying the attacks.

      1. Mike C. says:

        Awesome name, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day LMAO!!

      2. Truth Detector says:

        Name’s not bad, but not as good as the true story my government school-teaching aunt once related to me.

        On her first day of school in kindergarten, a little girl [of color] introduced herself by a name that sounded like “Fa’Molly.”

        “Fa’Molly?” asked my aunt.

        “Yes, Fa’Molly,” came the reply.

        Not having any idea how to spell it, my aunt spied the identifying strip of masking tape on her lunch box.

        It read “F-E-M-A-L-E”.

    24. TiredoftheBS says:

      I was just about to say that myself. It seems that only Caucasian people can be racists.

    25. Bud Keyes says:

      Not sure of motive? Since when do mobs of blacks and hispanics need a motive to beat up white people? It is for funa and because these kids are slimeballs that should be put in cages like the animals they are.

    26. cliff says:

      Silvio, you sound like an intelligent human being. I fear the worst will eventually happen. If minorities keep poking the beast…………
      If a people are called racist over and over, how long will it take for those people to shrug their shoulders and simply say “so be it”.

      1. Richardg says:

        Like my favorite writer Tom Clancey referenced in the preface of a book

        “If you kick a sleeping tiger in the ass……you best have a plan for dealing with the teeth ”

        Me thinks the sleeping tiger has awakened…..but I am just a stupid country boy so what do I know ?? llol

    27. Gunslinger says:

      I saw this article via Drudge Report. I live in Birmingham, AL and I find it interesting that many of the racially motivated incidents are no longer mostly in the south. Once known as the cradle of racially motivated tension, Birmingham has actually came a long way from the police dogs and water hose days. I do wonder, though, why these types of attacks are not given the publiicity that a race-reversed style event would receive…

      1. Richardg says:

        GunSlinger….drop the Slinger and it goes far to explain where the atrocities are taking place. GUN_______

        They might be dumb, but they ain’t all stupid

      2. Renfield says:

        I’m in Birmingham several times a week. Haven’t yet encountered a black person who wasn’t easygoing and friendly. Never saw a “gang of youths” or felt threatened in any way. The answer to your question is simply this: The media see their mission as “helping minorities,” so they ignore black-on-white crime and hype whatever white-on-black crime they can find. If the black-on-white crime is too big to ignore, the media look for another angle, like the need for “gun control” or more “social programs.”

    28. Bill Shockley says:

      It is culture pure and simple. Blacks that absorb into the culture at large tends to be successful but those who retain their african roots and culture revert to aminal like behavior. The country at large must declare war on cultures of color. Black culture must be eliminited from the US. Blacks must be forced to denounce their culture and roots and live like human beings rather then african animals.

    29. Jersey Dave says:

      Yeah really, i am sure if a bumch of white people attacked some black or hispanic people the media and political types would say they had no idea wha thte motive was, nothing to see here, move along etc. :P

      When do Hate Crimes get applied as a law equally? When does content of character matter more than skin color?

    30. Richardg says:


      If you LOVE ME pass the bill ??????????????????? What is that all
      about ? A Nickelback flashback saying “WE ALL JUST WANNA BE BIG ROCK STARS ??????????????? It is embarassing, period, nuff said

    31. Richardg says:

      We do got a saying down here in nTexas

      “BETTER TO BE JUDGED BY 12 THAN CARRIED BY 6” and you can quote me on that

    32. Rational says:

      Those are the facts. A whole generation of black and hispanic males have been deestroyed; but not because of white racisim. No, it’s not that; it’s tje gangster culture they have adopted–all thanks to their heroes in the thug religion called hip-hop and rap.

    33. John Steele says:

      The new racist are blacks and Mexicans.. They have been told by Obama to get in their face and this the result of having ghetto raised president

      1. earthman says:

        Nothing new about black and mestizo racism, it’s always been there. Just depends on where you live if you’re impacted by the diversity…

    34. pompey says:

      ……..well at least it will be good for gun sales……..which should help the economy…….

      1. Renfield says:

        Yep. The only American manufacturing that has flourished since Obama was elected.

    35. Mark says:

      9mm and a 15 rnd magazine. Problem solved for the these idiots.

    36. Anna D says:

      Your sarcasm is great but probably over the head of many readers….

    37. fedupwithrealracism says:

      and or they’ll say that someone white once made racist comments to them.

    38. james says:

      it will be a hate crime when a white victim with a concealed carry permit puts a couple brats down. then it will become a hate crime and a national story, and not before

    39. El Conquistador says:

      I am a decorated ex marine hispanic. beating the hell out of anyone is always wrong unless LEGALLY justified. okay.

      get right with G-d and you will get it right with man.

    40. bruce brinkmann says:

      Yeah, I’m not sure about the motive but I would bet that ignorance, cowardice, drugs and or alcohol were a factor.

    41. Conservative Mom says:

      Don’t worry about a thing–no doubt the esteemed Revs. Jackson and Sharpton are beating feet to Colorado right now to make sure this hate crime does not go unnoticed!!!

    42. slim shady says:


    43. pescado says:

      I couldn’t of said it better myself!

    44. ByteRider says:

      You got it, Steve. Clearly these are economically disadvantaged youngsters who were merely reaching out to the wealthy.

  2. Tom says:

    When is DPD going to start putting Officers on foot patrol downtown…?

    1. KruelHunter says:

      Never Tom. They can’t afford more cops while city officials are in such desperate need of anothe deputy assistant copy machine operator or whatever.

    2. Jacob says:

      Don’t waste your time waiting for Denver PD to keep you safe. They aren’t legally responsible for your safety. Arm yourself!

      1. Marcus Jackson says:

        Colorado sucks- They will not honor my Utah CCW permit and will not allow out of state residents a Colo permit (that’s why I now ski/vacation in Utah). All the thugs need to do is ask: Where are you from? The answer will tell them if you are carrying or not.

    3. mac says:

      Are you kidding? The DPD wouldn’t be caught dead in those places. It’s just too darn dangerous!

  3. Steve Johnson says:

    This was no surprise to me as I see these thugs all over Denver. They ride the bus with me and have no regard whatsoever for anyone but themselves. RTD Bus Drivers are even frightened to death to keep them under control and I have countless incidents where the RTD Bus Driver is sitting right in front of them and do nothing. They need to be immediately removed from the bus and left or summos the police.

    RTD buses are a scarry place and so is downtown Denver.

    1. sueinmi says:

      Detroit…coming to America.

      1. silly man says:

        You can always move to the south. Note that the worst racial unrest for in the past 4 decades (Watts riots, Rodney King riots, problems in Fithadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit) has occurred outside the south.

      2. silly man says:

        You can always move to the south. Note that the worst racial unrest for in the past 4 decades (Watts riots, Rodney King riots, problems in FILTHadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit) has occurred outside the south.

    2. mrwhite says:

      Stop being afraid and JUST DEFEND YOURSELF!


      1. Phil says:

        But diversity is our strength! That’s what my college professor taught me!

      2. triper57 says:

        Phil – There is a difference, multiculturalism is separate distinct cultures in a country. Diversity means that the cultures have melded into one society.

  4. ella kunadi says:

    Maybe some of them are the same punks that beat my son with a baseball bat in Boulder. Boulder police let them go even though they admitted that they “planned” on beating and robbing my son. They are still on the loose. One was white and one Hispanic though. It’s really strange, but seems that in Boulder anyway, they prefer to place absurd charges on folks that don’t deserve them, and let the real perpetrators go. It’s hard to understand why they do this. I hope Denver can do better.

    1. Tim says:

      Because Boulder is chock full of left-wing idiots who voted for Obama, because it made them “feel good”?

      1. beelzebubba says:

        Most voted for the least-worst candidate because Muck-cain proved he has poor judgement by choosing Palin… and because John is a hot-headed assbag who shoots off at the mouth. That was my reason… and I’m a moderate repub who thinks Obama is 99% incompetent

      2. ByteRider says:

        Beelzebubba: All you proved, in the end, is you’re the moron. Ya shoulda voted for McCain. See you in the soup line, genius.

  5. Barry Soetoro says:

    They Momma and Daddy if they know who he is.. are more than likely Obama and Hickenlooper voters.

    1. Rob says:

      What a stupid comment!

      1. Tim says:

        95% of blacks voted for Obammy, so it’s a virtual certainty that this is a pack of Obama-voter spawn. Now who’s stupid?

      2. Ruckus says:

        I gotta agree. This time around everybody with good sense will be voting for Conservatives.. Obummer will only get the minority vote. Moderate Democrates are jusmping the ship, as we saw recently in NY and Nev.

        Who ya Daddy,!!!!!!

      3. ByteRider says:

        Atually, Tim, it was 98.2% of blacks voted for Obama, not 95%.

  6. Rob says:

    We should follow London’s lead and start hanging high definition cameras in areas like the mall. If caught they need to charged with racially motivated crimes.

    1. ddhk says:

      I disagree. There are already cameras all over down town Denver and it does nothing to help. Even when the cops beat the *** out of people, the camera operators turn the camera the other way. London is a mess and it’s only gotten worse. Do not follow their lead.

    2. Renfield says:

      I’d say we should start hanging violent thugs.

    3. George says:

      Don’t hang cameras, hang the perps.

      1. Mark Matis says:

        Actually, until you hang “Law Enforcement”, nothing will improve. Ever notice how these Obamas never attack “Law Enforcement” or their Masters? Ever notice how well “Law Enforcement” does in apprehending this swill and bringing them to “justice’? Attacks on Mere Citizens by a Preferred Species are NOT a priority for “Law Enforcement”. Yet if a Mere Citizen defends himself against a Preferred Species, all hell breaks loose, and “Law Enforcement” is a comin’ at ya!

        The stench is overwhelming.

    4. Dave says:

      Rob *shrieks like a girl* “Somebody save me! I’m weak and pathetic, I can’t take care of myself! Please, oh please, make me safe!” *wets himself*

    5. Bulldog22 says:

      What more police state???? BS. The guys should have been carrying. If there were no laws stopping AMERICANS w/o felony convictions from open carrying, these guys would never have tried this.
      Open Carry will solve 90% of violent crimes within one year of being passed. We just need a few examples to scare the hell out of the punks who do this stuff. My weapon of choice id my baby eagle .45. Cause even if it isnt a direct center mass hit, it is still gonna stop em ;)

      1. Texasinfidel says:

        I prefer my Sprinfield .45 XD w 14 rounds of police ammo per clip!

  7. daniel says:

    Right to carry and then carry

    1. mike says:

      Amen. Notice how we don’t have these problems in Colorado Springs? Thanks you Sheriff Maketa!

    2. mike says:

      Oh, and I carry EVERY DAY. Won’t happen to me!

    3. Dave says:

      According to Rob, above, anyone who would carry a weapon is a right-wing wacko just looking to murder an innocent minority, and probably an inbred, racist mouth-breather, too. What we need is more cameras, preferably every 100 feet, so the government can observe us everywhere we go and see everything we do, and can get these poor misguided youth the counseling and financial benefits they so desperately need and deserve.

      1. Capt. Obvious says:

        LOL. Let me translate.

        “Poor misguided youth” = North American Pavement Apes
        “Counseling” = 180 grains in the head
        “Financial Benefits” = $252 in death benes from Social Security

      2. Kip Noxzema says:

        Stop watching sci fi movies. You took your chance to insult Conservatives.

        The next time you get bullied by the punks, you’re on your own. Don’t worry, those cameras will protect you.

        Sure they will.

      3. Rob says:

        Dave where the hell did you get all that from me saying they should have more camera’s to identify the folks doing the crime? Where did I mention guns? I think you might be one of those tea party freaks who want to bring back the old west. I say use sophisticated methods to identify them otherwise how will they be caught? I’m sure if you had your gun Dave when you saw the attack you’d open fire but you weren’t there Dave and cameras help to at least id some of them. That’s all I meant Dave I’m not anti gun so don’t put me in that box.

    4. Richardg says:


  8. daniel says:

    Let me clear this up for you liberals it is racial.

    1. ddhk says:

      The liberals can’t hear you. They have a mental disorder that prevents them from comprehending truth.

      1. Lewis Sutherlin says:

        ddhk- the disorder is medically termed cerebrum dysplasia- occurs in the 4th month of fetal development when the intended brain cells migrate to the anus. Disease is epidemic in liberals, e.g. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid et al.

      2. OBOZOSUX says:

        OMG!! THAT’S FUNNY, I don’t care who you are. I’m going to take the liberty and copy this. I have way too many friends who, since the Mullah’s in the white house, need a good laugh! Thanks for it!

      3. trigger says:

        the disease is also none as fecalencephalitis

      4. artemis133 says:

        A related condition is “rectal-cranial inversion”.

    2. CR says:

      OK already. Enough with the banter. If you want to change something, DO IT. I was trained with the motto, ACTA NON VERBA. I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative, and still carry my .45 regularly – even though I live in California. This is not an issue of politics or conservative vs. liberal mindset.

      1. Lorenzo Furioso says:

        you are on the right track, sir. everyone deserves the right to protect themselves from this random or planned violence, no matter what the motivator. I carry a .380 whopper even in my realtively peaceful town. I take the .38 snub with plus-p rounds for a night on the town. Pull it out and get to shooting if necessary. Gots my little speed loader with five more for back-up. Be safe, us moderates are a dying breed.

      2. dave says:

        Oh shut the heck up and see what tune you’re singin while sittin in an L.A. prison cell for packin your heat in their lib fantasy land. Sounds like you were looking for an excuse to spout off about your pistola. Geeesh….

      3. Kip Noxzema says:

        Lorenzo, what are the Plus P rounds? I use hollow points with my .380.

  9. dave says:

    carry will work wonders

  10. Barry the Fascist says:

    This is Barry’s civilian army he spoke about during his campaign.

    1. BlogMagog says:

      Maybe this is how he plans on raising money for his spending. Rob the white folk.

      1. magpet says:

        He is robbing the white folks – only he calls it taxes…

  11. maryJo says:

    not much rope left on the racism line. i dont think whites will be swallowing the racism lie much longer. after that point, if the ‘card’ is thrown around, look out.

  12. James 4:14 says:

    We should have picked our own damn cotton.

    1. mirted says:

      Now, there is some spot-on hindsight. However, it’s still going on today, just with other ethnics and cultures. Don’t you think many in the UK and EU regret opening their doors to a flood of immigration, mainly because they wanted cheaper labor?
      Ditto here in the USA. The drive for cheaper labor is what is behind it. That means the lobbying by big Ag and big Business, not the basic citizenry. Despite the mantra of “diversity as benefit”, it is not when the “diversity” is destabilizing. Besides, most left leaning govts. and thinkers do not want diversity of thought, just cultural diversity and more different restaurants.

    2. Vernon says:

      “We should have picked our own cotton” Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Donald says:

      Most of us did…and still do!

    4. dan says:

      Ya a bunch of white farmers from america went to africa and grabbed up slaves…….. Get real bro The elite blacks over there are the gatherers that wanted to sell their own race for $$

      1. Susystin says:

        The Africans and the Northerners both went and took the people of Africa and sold them here in the U.S. and other countries in the world. One of the first slave owners in this country was, omg! – A BLACK MAN!!! Read the history.

      2. isnrblog says:

        Black on Black slavery still exists in the Sudan and other parts of the world.

      3. Anna D says:

        It was the Muslms slave-traders who collected the slaves and sold them to Europeans.

      4. ByteRider says:

        It’s important to mention that AMERICAN INDIANS WERE SLAVE OWNERS TOO. Oh.. that’s gottah hurt, huh? Oh… and guess what? FREE SLAVES OWN SLAVES… whoa…. hey, that wasn’t supposed to happen.. BUT IT DID.

      5. isnrblog says:

        Another thing they don’t teach in school!!

    5. bob right says:

      Dan you are almost right true it wasn’t us that went to Africa to harvest them it was the Muslims who picked them from the trees and bushes and shipped them here we are only guilty of buying them

    6. aldwulf says:

      still not too late to mow our own lawns and hang our own sheetrock.

  13. Mary says:

    The Left and the media promote social and economic instability in America so not surprised about the increased crime in Denver.

    1. aubreyfarmer says:

      Stupid kids are just pawns in a game they don’t understand. Racially motivated crimes will grow because the media, Hollywood and television promote racial hatred. This is how the powers that be control all of us. Divide and conquer. Time and again the Hegelian Dialectic is used successfully to manipulate as. Social problems are created purposely to give the authorities a pretext for additional unnecessary laws that take away our rights. We are manipulated into killing each other or joining the military and killing anyone they have demonized because it will serve some financial or political goal the elite wish to accomplish. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan are prime examples. Now they have us destroying Libya so the oil companies can get their hands on Libya’s light sweet crude. We are all just human resources to be exploited.

      1. Gary says:

        How does the media promote racial hatred? Every television show, every movie I watch has blacks in leadership positions, heroic blacks, super smart blacks, blacks that all the white people love and respect. Black judges (have you noticed that TV judges are always black!), black generals, black police chiefs, cool blacks that make fun of the dorky whites, sexy blacks with shirts off, wise blacks, black humanitarians, and of course, super intelligent black scientists (lol). Dude, you are smoking crack if you think “the media” does anything but present blacks as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s a miracle if black-on-white violence (the reality) is ever reported more than locally.

  14. D.W. says:

    Let me help the headline writer: The motive was RASISM.

      1. peeper says:

        yo iz raciss fo bringin it up. Nomesayin yo?

    1. Kip Noxzema says:

      jes ned ax you sum fin, do dose RASISTS fink we be lyin’, seewotIsayin’, yo?

  15. Mike says:

    Police were to busy writing other white people speeding tickets to raise revenue, they don’t have time to protect innocent people from the New American terrorist, The Minority young and stupid!

    1. lwlfnm says:

      Serve and Protect. Serve the government and protect government from the people. This is true and only purpose of the police. Always was and always will be.

  16. Steve says:

    Anyone see a pattern. These things only happen in states where citizens aren’t allowed to carry guns on their person. You don’t see this happening in Texas! Libs will never learn.

    1. Renfield says:

      Steve, I thought Colorado was a “shall issue” state. (I have a lot of family in Colorado, and supposedly Colorado honors my Alabama CCW permit, too.)

      1. Mark says:

        Damn right, Steve. Some day a “pack of violent teenagers” are going to choose the wrong victim and somebody’s going to end up in the morgue at 17. Sad, but if the police aren’t going to protect us from these animals, and God forbid their parents should have a clue, then the old saying “actions have consequences” applies here. But then, of course, the person who pops the little darling will get tarred and feathered. So be it.

    2. Dave says:

      It happened in Dallas last week. Still, I’ll take my chances while carrying. Those against carrying… good luck to you.

      It’s awfully quiet from the usually outspoken race baiters of this country. Where are you Al? Jesse? Quannel? SHeila Jackson Lee? Ruben?

  17. earthman says:

    “Motive unclear”? The motive is only unclear to Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL).

    1. nutty says:

      Well, this is CBS, after all.

      1. will says:

        YOU SAID IT NUTTY , (DWL) .

  18. Rick says:

    One of these days they are going to approach the wrong people and BANG your DEAD SUCKER

    1. badonkadonk says:

      Everybody keeps saying that but it hasn’t happened and it won’t happen. Everyone knows whites are considered “pre-guilty” and will be destroyed by Eric Holder and “his people.” White victims = guilty. Black thugs = oppressed victims. That’s the way it is in America and everybody knows it.

  19. chester field says:

    same thing all over the country

  20. Renfield says:

    If this had been whites attacking blacks, the headline wouldn’t have said, “Motive unclear.”

  21. ARCHON says:


    1. Gary says:

      Shhhhhh! You’re not supposed to talk about that! Sure, blacks make up 12% of the population but commit 50% of the murders, but that’s because “the system” is “raciss”, you see. So . . . shhhh. And be happy if your daughter dates one! Diversity is our strength!

    2. peeper says:

      Da gubbmint got ta do sumfin. We gotsta gib dem jobs.

  22. Alfred says:

    White men and women in these areas start carrying firearms, defend yourselves.
    It is REALLY time to start leaving some of these sub human savages dead in the street with big bullet holes in them. The police certainly don’t seem to be able to protect you, and they certainly don’t seem interested in removing these chimpanzees from civilized society.

    1. CommonSense says:

      Only one problem. They beat you or shoot you, they get off, there’s no motivation. You defend yourself, you get charged with a Hate Crime, and Holder’s filthily corrupt DOJ will make an example of you for “his people”.

      1. will says:


      2. Thomas says:

        Isn’t it amazing that we have an openly biased person running the JUSTICE department . . . and he’s still there? It’s like someone invited a member of the Black Panther Party over, and all the weenies are too embarrassed to ask him to leave. And we could have had Van (I’m a communist and I hate whites, but I have a white wife, she’s cool) Jones, as “Jobs Czar” or whatever. Hope and change!

      3. WagTheDog says:

        Well, they beat us and run away from apprehension . . . I say we shoot them and run away too.

      4. MorganGray says:

        Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  23. Yogi says:

    One does have the understanding of the wildebeest having to share the Serengeti with jackals.

  24. Nutty says:

    Just some Obama campaign workers drumming up votes.

  25. Donna says:

    Animals, truly just animals.

    1. Robin Hood says:

      America is starting to look fuedal with whites as the peasants and the blacks are the protected class that lives off the labor of the whites. As in the middle ages,the knights/blacks can attack us with impunity and whites dare not harm the lords of America.

      1. Rocky says:

        Wow, Robing hood! Good one!!

  26. CommonSense says:

    Do white Denver shoppers need to travel in groups with shotguns now? It appears so.

    Keep celebrating that diversity!

  27. Tom Walter says:


    1. marconola says:

      Yep. Because when seconds count folks, the police are only minutes away.

  28. John says:

    Is the 16th Street Mall what was once called the Petroleum Club Building at 16th & Broadway?
    I used to live in Denver a long time ago.

  29. spaceman says:

    Exactly why I have a concealed carry premit

    1. Jacob says:

      Right on, and the sooner Denver allows open carry the better, maybe some of the crime will then be deterred. Denver city and county is the only place in Colorado that prohibits open carry.

      1. Barry says:

        That because it is controlled by democrats.

    2. spaceman says:

      Oops, actually I have a permit.

  30. dave says:

    I expect Jesse and/or AL to fly in to Denver shortly to express their outrage and disgust over the situation.

    Q the cricket sounds…cricket sounds…cricketsounds

  31. Ray says:

    Why are you guys dismayed by this. It wasn’t a pack of black and hispanic teens, it was George Bush. Colorado has been inching to the far left for years.

  32. Titainiumman says:

    Looks like Obama’s plan to divide the country by races is working,Iv’e noticed that since he has been in power,attacks by groups of blacks on unsuspecting white people is soaring,Case in point , the state fair where an estimate 300 blacks ran wild thriough the midway attacking white people to the point they were actually dragging them out of their cars.
    Could their be a correlation between these acts and the fact that the Obama administrations justice department has instructed it’s employees to not prosecute black on white crimes and to concentrate only on white on black crimes.This information was gained under oath frome several emp[loyees.
    remember this is the administration that refused to prosecute the new black panthers even after they had already been found guilty of voter intimidatio0n.

  33. Jacob says:

    Another reason to always be armed and ready to defend yourself especially when in downtown Denver. The police can’t be everywhere and besides they aren’t legally responsible for your safety. Only you are.

  34. says:

    We’re they yelling “Obama 2012!!” while beating people?

  35. sandiego1969 says:

    Take a look at Philadelphia and the violence gangs of kids have done there recently. Once arrested the kids said they were entitled to do what they want to anyone they want because they were bored and didn’t have jobs. The mayor spoke at a religious gathering telling the kids of the city. “you’re covered with tattoos, your pants are down around your hips, your hats are on side-ways and you wonder why no one will hire you. You look like fools.” Mayor Nutter is black and is setting a great example for the city telling everyone, everyone to step up and be responsible citizens. Everyone.

  36. AZVick says:

    Profiling works both ways – meaning, it is significant here that the victims are white. I was, and remain, opposed to legislating hate as criminal. Speech is speech and violence is violence and can be responded to or prosecuted accordingly. But if the Left is intent on throwing racism at every turn of the key, then they must acknowledge and denounce the hatred aimed at Whites.

  37. says:

    Sorry, should have been “Were”, not “We’re” in previous comment.

    1. LOL says:

      That’s okay. I have learned it helps to cut dumb white trash a lot of leeway when it comes to things spelling and really anything that requires “book learnin’ “.

      1. spaceman says:

        How do you know he’s white? Are you a racist?

      2. Jimmy says:

        Because Moronic Liberals only argument is that you have issues”spelling”, while ignoring, but facinatingly reading all these white folks commenting about blacks and hispanics in the NEGATIVE. These comments are like Liberal PORN. Your NOT SUPPOSED TO THINK THAT WAY. Then, you make a spelling mistake, and they POUNCE on your Spelling Inferiority, and your supposed White-Trash background, which is total Nazi-level Racial Profiling, but, yet, fail to see these IDIOTS moving to all the BLACK and HISPANIC PARTS OF TOWN. Racist, moronic,brainwashed Idiots.

  38. tony says:

    Shocking – blacks involved in violence! Next you’ll be telling me they mock education, or have 70% illegitimacy….crazy!!!

  39. will says:


  40. Larry says:

    Wake up America. Our minority underclass, thanks to 50 years of coddling by white, liberal, “progressives”… have come home to roost. They are uneducated, violent and out of control. Their family structure has collapsed and they have become completely dependent on “the government” for their support.

    If, like me, you do not arm yourself, legally, you and your family are at risk of being targetted by these savages.

    1. Horace Debusey Jones says:

      Larry, you have the truth. The liberal government that has created this underclass, destroyed our once #1 in the world system of education (thanks to J. Carter’s DOE), created the dependent class so they will continue to vote for the hand out libs (wow….free cheese), and so many other stupid things like this over the last 50 years, has led to the point where you have the despicable Eric Holder, Obama, Moochelle, Van Jones, a corrupted federal judicial system, A totally corrupt supreme court, a government intent on destroying what was once the greatest country in the history of the world…..was VOLUNTARILY VOTED IN by the over schooled and under education american people. Our enemy’s greatest support came from the BOOMER generation.

      What you are seeing in America is the descent of our country into a third world status.

  41. Ray says:

    Why is all you haten on the brothers. Weez invented rap, created a drug distribution system in our communities, beat down old people for fun, and provide jobs for teens in the hood. Our man Barry said he would take from the rich and give to da po, we just helpin out.

  42. BEAR says:

    The “why” in this situation isn’t hard to figure out – if you’re lower on the evolutionary ladder, you’re going to have an instinctual hatred of those above.

  43. tom says:

    It’s the republicans fault. They didn’t share the wealth enough.

  44. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

    It seems odd that this sort of mob action has been occurring nationwide with “greater frequency” since the last presidential election, doesn’t it?

    Na…. it couldn’t be….

    1. HansJurgen says:

      It’s about to pick up once Obummer finally realizes he won’t get a second term. He will push the race button and we will see the worst – a 3rd world environment with looting, killings, burning, … And then Obummer can instate Martial Law and “stay in power” as long as the violence continues. And we know that the violence will continue to keep their “king” in power.

  45. paul ford says:

    carry your own gun and take care of the racist gangs YOURSELF.

  46. Vernon says:

    Been a while since I lived in Co, but seems like Denver is creeping back to the old days when everyone stayed away. It was revitalized, became great place to visit. Last 10 years or so, seems like crime is growing in downtown, then I read this garbage done by garbage kids raised by garbage parents…..

    1. Scott says:

      Agree with everything you said barring one statement. These kids are almost always raised by one parent – a mother or a grandmother. The black father has become an endangered species in America…So very sad.

      1. Carol Hoffmann says:

        Black Fathers a endangered species, what a joke. The got what they wanted. The mothers got what they wanted also. More brats, more government money, my money that I work for. Oh wait, what was I thinking by using the word work, silly me.

    2. tmbttd says:

      I too have been away from Denver for quite awhile, but I vividly remember how Colfax was the epicenter of aberrant behavior then (I personally saw the black dude roller skating just east of Sid King’s wearing only his skates, white socks, a leather vest with all kinds of leather fringe and a jockstrap…that’s all), so it is sad to read of the kookiness turning into violence.

      One of the reasons why my wife and I moved away from Brownsville, TX was because we were robbed in our home, not once, but twice…both times at noon in broad daylight. Guess the race of the robbers?!?

      Anymore when I see a group of restless teenagers in what the experts call “rumble mode” danger is right there. Be smart, get out of the way. If you can’t maim at least one of them – both of your thumbs THROUGH both of their eyes works rather well.

      1. tmbttd says:

        Oh, and one more postscript: Texas is one of the few states that permits individuals carrying guns…in most communities they must be concealled but in some a holster and gun at the waist is permissable. One community college, Tarrant County Community College was taken to court last year over wearing of gun holsters and the guns rights people WON!

        If you irritate my wife sufficiently such that she swings and hits you with her purse you will realize you’ve been hit by something very, very hard. And if she’s really mad she’ll open her purse, remove her .357 magnum and point it at you. I opt for a Luger 9mm that makes little noise and a small hole going in but turns everything inside into minestroni soup.

    3. Freddie says:

      Hmm, not exactly. The opening newscaster got a twinkle in her eye as she first named them ‘teenagers’ with emphasis and enthusiasm, and the feeling that we’re supposed to find teenagers doing this sort of thing a novel happening.

      But what really gets under my european-american skin is how right out of the gate, before she cuts to the additional footage and reporting, the woman, ‘kate’ apparently, concludes that the victims were CHOSEN AT RANDOM!!!!!!!

      The rest of the report shows cops saying they can’t rule anything out, but right at the beginning, she puts her spin on it. I hope people like her, all polished up from her stint at NYU School of Journalism or whatever, become a relic of the politically correct past.

    4. bigbiz2 says:

      Denver’s full of Mexicans

    5. Ersatz Nun says:

      I reckon these punks think over 100 million able bodied white men are going continue to sit back and wait to be the next victim. Good luck with that! (^;]

    6. Rod says:

      Wow! Those feed and breed social programs are really working great. This is happening all over America. What we need is MORE welfare, Section 8, Food Stamps, Free Lunches.

    7. Clyde says:

      I don’t care wat color they are,this is not acceptable. Now having said that have you noticed that this has been happening way more since Pres O’dummer took up for the black panthers at the polls?

    8. melissa franko says:

      sounds like they need to give young people something better to do then hang out with each other.sports are always good.Give them a place to hang other then the streets.I know in texas they built alot of things for the young kids in poor communities to give them places to go after school to hang with people their age.Its not a color issue its parents have to work today and cant always be there to watch their teenagers.tmbttd i have lived in texas for years and i have never carried a gun.treat people fairly and stop all the racism its 2011 nearl 12 its riduclous in this day and age people are still at this.just crazy.

  47. melivn says:

    “Motive unclear,” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this attack as well as other attacks that have taken place across the Country are racially motivated.
    Are white police officials that ignorant or is it part of the National opinion that Whites are only capable of hate crimes. Where is our protection? Why are white people left naked before this storm. It’s only going to get worse.
    Let a white man do this and the whole country is screaming for blood.

    1. Roze says:

      Exactly. But when white people start forming circles to protect each other, we are automatically compared to older “organizations” that did so and made a bad name for themselves by doing stupid things. I’m sorry guys, but whether you like it or not, race does exist, you are White, your families are White and you ARE the new target. The White race is NOT o.k., our numbers are declining, we are being emotionally manipulated every day into thinking that it is “wrong” to love your own people, notice that it’s o.k. for EVERYONE else to do so. I hope you guys wake up soon, I really do. All you have to do is look around, please, open your eyes. . .before it’s too late.

      1. Valencia says:

        You sound so scared. It’s not right to live in fear. Everyone is a target of bad happenings, definitely not just whites. Honestly, your fearful opinions are the basis of racism, thinking that other races are out to get you. Caucasian people own ALL THE MOST POWERFUL COMPANIES.
        Oh and by the way, I used the word “race” to help you understand but race is actually a made up concept. The only race is the human race.

  48. caligula says:

    i long for the day when i get to blow the brains out of punks like this. concealed weapons permit ready to use. bring it on.

  49. Jonathan Albert Hartley says:

    Seems like a lot of this has been going on since Jan 2009, doesn’t it?

    Na…. couldn’t be…..

  50. glenp says:

    with the spate of recent flash mobs all over the country, my money is they were not hispanic but blacks as the rest of the flash mobs were

  51. harry brown says:

    just carry your own gun and take care of the problems yourself.

  52. Jim Harrington Sr says:

    An Armed Society is a Polite Society.
    Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.
    Robert A. Heinlein

  53. pj4262 says:

    Wow. A news report that was not afraid to list the attackers as “black” and/or “hispanic”. These are hate crimes, period. It is escalating all over this country under Obama’s (so-called) leadership.

  54. Kary says:

    And what do you suppose will happen once Caucasians are in the minority?

    1. pj4262 says:

      Oh, please. We ARE the minority. Look at your demographics. The caucasians are the ones who are losing their rights slowly but surely!

      1. Kary says:

        I realize we are losing our rights but I am talking about when no Caucasian is in Congress, no Caucasian is a mayor, no Causcasian is a governor, etc.

      2. Roze says:

        Seems like you two agree actually. We are becoming a minority or are there already, within our own countries do to extreme liberal Utopian socialism. They are sacrificing our White cultures, history, sense of community, etc. in order to carry out the social experiment that will never work. We’ve got the civil rights industrial complex and the race hustlers making TONS of money off of this $hit. If you are White and reading this, I know the first thing some of you may want to do is call me a “hateful racist” or something around those lines. Can I ask that you pause for a moment and think about what you’ve been taught to think about your own race all of your life, compared to others? And I’m talking about what the system has taught you, from grade school to even advertisements of t.v., not your parents. I don’t want to argue with anyone, I just want you to think.

    2. caligula says:

      meh…we’re still 72% of the pop. We’re just giving our rights away under the guise of liberalism like idiots. we deserve what we get in my opinion. i’m moving to Sweden or Iceland in 15-20 years when whites will ACTUALLY be the minority in America. those typically liberal/socialist scandy countries are getting more conservative every year as the youth sees how the little bit of “diversity and multiculturalism” they have has failed, wrecked their society and wrecked their economy. they’ll be capitalist in 20 years.

      1. Roze says:

        We are NOT 72% of the population here in the states when you put into account that the census regards “Hispanic and Latino” as White. We’re more like 65% of the population right now. And we don’t “deserve” mass robbery, rape, carjacking, and murder perpetrated against us by non-whites. We are targets 90% of the time because we are White, everyone knows this but they don’t want to admit it. You know as well as I do that white children are brainwashed from the beginning to forsake themselves and their own people while being accommodating to all others. We don’t “deserve” this abuse. Of course I agree with you that multiculturalism has failed, just look at South Africa, oh and the middle east.

      2. Never Walk Alone says:

        The white population decreases 3,000 PER DAY in the U.S. Not enough babies to even maintain the population, let alone counter the millions upon millions of non-whites flooding in.

        In your lifetime there will come a point where, even if every white voted the same, it will no longer matter.

      3. Richardg says:

        Rose Rose
        Which one of them czars you be working fo” ?

  55. wales says:

    “Their motives were unclear”????

    We are being fed a steady diet of PC BS and if the powers that be don’t start speaking the truth, they will have blood on their hands because this is going to get worse before it gets better.

    Their motives were ….civil unrest, race wars, revolution, social justice and complete chaos…

    See…that wasn’t so hard!

    1. Renfield says:

      At least the police chief acknowledged that racial animosity MIGHT have been the motive. Usually, these mealy-mouthed law enforcement political hacks immediately and automatically assure everyone that race had nothing to with any black-on-white crime.

  56. nononeee says:

    @Bear!! You have NAILED it!!!!

  57. James Harrison says:

    Where’s Bernie Goetz?

  58. jack_433 says:

    More endorsement for concealed weapons permits. Obama has set race relations back 50 years. The number one gun salesman in America by far is Barack Hussein Obama.

    1. Jacob says:

      How about Constitutional carry. Does one really need permission from the state to defend yourself? I think not!

      1. jack_433 says:


  59. Think says:

    Find these vermin, root them out, and kill them. Eliminate the “businesses” that attract the element to downtown. Jail and tax their parent(s) for their failures and the burden imposed on an already challenged society. There is no place for “street gangs” in an area that should be positive and an attraction for our city and no place for this element in our great state. Set the tone Denver, set it for the nation. Destroy the dynamic.

  60. zanne says:

    “Motive unclear”…haha. That is priceless.

  61. TJG says:

    Feral yoots celebrating diversity.

  62. Robert Rivers says:

    All it’s going to take is a group of these thugs trying to victimize someone – only in turn to stumble upon an armed law abiding citizen who isn’t going to feel bad dealing out justice on the spot. Bernard Goetz was minding his own business when he was cornered – and all four of the yoots who claimed they were merely panhandling lived to regret their actions. If people start getting physically assaulted and they pull out their weapons in defense – they’re going to shoot to kill given their knowledge of recent events. Nothing good can come from this.

  63. Phil says:

    If the police need help tracking down this violent pack of “youths,” they should refer to That group of bloodthirsty youths has been very busy all around the country. It’s only a matter of time before they turn murderous.

    Conceal carry. Conceal carry.

  64. BigBoa says:

    The mighty Boa has warned you again and again why O’Bozo needs to be removed immediately. He has warned you of O’Bozo’s “people’s army”. It is comprised of the flash mobs and union thugs. He will use them to disrupt the election to aid in his stealing the election.

    But as for the flash mob violence, there is only one solution. “Carry” on its own is not it. Texas isn’t immune nor are other “carry” states. Shooting the savages is a good idea, but waiting for them in your own neighborhood is not. No sir. The only solution is for people to unite in numbers too large to prosecute, and then eradicate the ghettos. How stupid are they? They are outnumbered roughly 10 to 1. We can eliminate them if we so choose.

    1. Not This Time says:

      I swear to GOD if I go to a polling place in 2012 and witness some stupid black a$$ attempting to intimidate the electorate with billy clubs and black panther gear I’m NOT calling the police.

      I’m going to go home, obtain the appropriate tool, return, and permanently dispatch the problem. Eric Holder be damned this time around.

      1. peeper says:

        Better to elect a new leader who doesn’t view the world with a racial agenda in mind. Blacks are only a small minority. Don’t ruin your life.

      2. Constance says:

        I agree. I won’t stand for it in 2012. Whatever it takes, I’ll step up if I see it. I may have to go get a group of male friends to help, but I will step up and confront it. Enough.

    2. OBOZOSUX says:

      I’ve read your posts faithfully. To be sure, there are many like minded patriots, myself being one. You are a forward thinker and absolutely correct. I would only add one comment to your most accurate post. People- STOCK UP ON AMMO- It will be the currency of the crisis. AND PRAY!!!!!

  65. Ray says:

    A little rap for whitey

    We gotz no edjucation
    Sell drugs on the side
    Make all my ho’s pregnamt
    Then run and hide

    With Barry in the white crib
    And Al on MSNBC
    We don’t have to work
    Just gonna steal from whitey

    1. SockRayBlue says:

      After 2012 buy a ticket for your homeland on the east side of the Atlantic. You fool even the Cherokee are kicking your brothers out of their tribe. So much for empowerment by Barry.

      1. Ray says:

        do you really think I am black?

      2. OBOZOSUX says:

        @ RAY- You didn’t fool me. Your post consists of proper spelling and far too many multisylllabic words, Dumb yourself down a notch or two next time.

      3. peeper says:

        Surely no black would fraudulently claim he was part Cherokee just to claim gubbmint benefits. I am shocked.

    2. urban poet says:

      Barry, Barry, quite contrary
      how does your garden grow
      with government bills and liberal shills
      … and billionaires lined up in a row

    3. Roze says:

      Good one Ray. People are on edge because of this so ignore ’em. Let’s not attack EACH OTHER here, we already have everyone else doing it….

  66. J.Karthaus says:

    A famous philosopher once said: “People get the government they deserve”
    Notice how the media bends over backwards trying desperately to convince everyone that this was NOT racially motivated.
    Imagine what the headline would be if the races were reversed!

  67. will sherman says:

    Why does this surprise anyone this has been going on around the country for some time with these ‘flash mob’ attacks on whites especially in the midwest and all the cops do is turn a blind side as do the politicians. Wake up America and demand that this stop.

    1. peeper says:

      What will REALLY happen is more like this: the FCC will rule that blacks are historically technologically disadvantaged. Smartphones will be subsidized for blacks to equal the playing field. Black Flash mobs that commit crimes will be protected as socializing events.

  68. SockRayBlue says:

    During the riots in Chicago in the 60’s it was quite a rush being charged by tribes in Chicago. Occasionally a brick would find a window, but all in all it made you feel like Michael Cain in the movie ZULU. I’m just waiting for these idiots to return to spears. or if Hispanic, machetes. The sickness is that it is minors doing this with no regard for their fellow citizens. Fun for them, but not for the victims.

  69. Capt. Obvious says:

    ‘Sonny’ is black. No wonder he ‘don’t know’ what the motivation was. Just like last time, he’s covering up the obvious motivation to protect the perps!

    The DPD is afraid of reprisals on BLACKS – the very group that is committing the crimes in the first place.

    If this keeps happening, some group of whites is going to go look for trouble on the mall and probably find it. The results won’t be pretty when some group of young white men feeling dispossessed of their country let loose of 60 years of repressed resentment of AA programs and the like.

    The omnipresence of Obama, the black Caucasus and the like screaming for MORE preferential treatment is only adding fuel to the fire.

  70. dfeldman says:

    Please media – tell us how the whites antagonized the minorities and only because they have experienced racism all their lives they committed this crime. Then please connect it to voting for Obama because we feel so guilty.

  71. Yaspar says:

    Black “youths” beating white people is exactly what the racist white libs in Denver appreciate. I’m suprised they haven’t imported a few bus loads of them from Chicago, just to “keep it real”.

  72. Whitey says:

    WHere is Rev Al “re-run” sharpton?? Shouldn’t he be leading a march? I say lock them up, and deport the rest.

  73. truspeek says:

    If you want a solution, it is in passing concealed gun laws. If they come at you, you have the answer in your possession legally if you have a lawful weapon.

    Think about it Denver.

    1. Jacob says:

      We don’t need laws to tell us what is our inherent right, that is to defend yourself. Denver needs to think about recognizing the state Constitution and allow open carry. Criminals don’t carry their weapons openly.

  74. imsancho says:


    1. Jacob says:

      Carry in whichever manner you see fit when outside of the city and county of Denver.

  75. HansJurgen says:

    As Tavis Smiley said “…blacks ought to be looked out for”. I’m sure what he meant to say is “watch out for blacks”.

  76. ED357 says:

    When seconds count…………

    the Police are minutes away……….

    Arm and Separate……….

    Molon labe.

  77. Roze says:

    And this is WHY the KKK was born. Watch what happens when we become a minority, but no one ever wants to talk about that…

  78. Willie says:

    If poor women in this country would learn to keep their legs crossed, instead of spawning the next generation of crimals/people addicted to government handouts, this place would be a paradise.

  79. irv says:

    It’s happening more often nationwide, and nothing is being done about it. No outcry by the press or our politicians. I think that is giving these hoodlums carte blanche

    1. Capt. Obvious says:

      The fact that nothing TRUTHFUL is being said or done about it WILL eventually lead to reprisals. Only THEN will there be a cry for ‘non-violence’. However, once that powder keg is lit, those cries won’t be heard.

      Obama , the black Caucasus, and idiots like Sonny are only pushing the gas pedal on this development by their own actions and inaction, regardless of if you believe they know this fact or not.

  80. dianara says:

    I have seen personally such an attack occur outside a mall in a Chicago suburb…there was a group of about 10-12 blacks attacking two white couples while yelling “it is payback time’ and “our time has come”.
    97 % of blacks have voted for Obama because he is black, and about 63% of the whites have voted for him, despite the fact that he is black….so the question is, which are the racists ones ??!!

  81. GD says:

    Blacks and Hispanics……….

  82. Amadeus says:

    Same thing happened at the Wisconsin State Fair, writ large, as well as all over the nation. Not a peep from Obama about a beer summit at the White House. If this keeps up there will be a run on white sheets and pointy hats.

    1. Capt. Obvious says:

      Um, the run on guns, ammo, and survival supplies started in White America in 2008, in expectation of this very sort of trend emerging.

      Welcome to the party, albeit belatedly.

  83. steve says:

    Another reason we need Tebow at quatererback!!!

  84. J. Karthaus says:

    Average I.Q. Scores:
    Asians 104
    Whites 100
    Hispanics 93
    Blacks 85

    Any questions?

    1. Rod Anders says:

      Yes, What’s I.Q.

    2. Ar Amytas says:

      cimpanzees 89

      1. Ar Amytas says:

        Oh I’m sorry,…130

    3. inconvenient truth says:

      The book, ‘The Bell Curve’ explains and details the root causes of this “black” crime wave. Whoops, I forgot, statistics and math are currently racist, libs can’t handle it. Everyone else….. arm yourselves, don’t be a victim.

    4. peeper says:

      Where do apes fit in the chart?

  85. lwlfnm says:

    Get a gun. Learn to shoot. Get a CCW. Problem solved.

  86. EverydayGuy says:

    Time to start packing heat. Use hollow points.

  87. jnsesq says:

    “Motive unclear.” Yeah, but only in the Soviet Union, Orwellia and Obamaland.

    But just wait for Holder’s Department of Social Justice to jump on this. Wait for it… Wait for it… Keep waiting…

    1. Capt. Obvious says:

      Right. He won’t jump on it until a group of fed up Whites beat a few of ‘his people’ to near death. Then he will ‘prosecute to the fullest extent of the law’.

      At that point, BIS SIS will reiterate that it’s WHITE Americans that are the new terrorist threat, and point to the recent near death beating as proof.

      I’ve even heard some musings that unrest is what Obama wants, so he can call off elections in the name of a crisis. Poof, there goes your republic.

  88. trajan long says:

    Only a liberal would say:MOTIVE UNCLEAR!

  89. JOe Dutra says:

    If you live in the Denver metro area you know that this type of crime has been going on for years. The previous mayor (now governor), Hickenlooper, conspired with the police to keep it quiet. Keep in mind that Denver is a sanctuary city. Now, let us all ignore this behavior and go about our privileged, white ways.

  90. Voxhalyn Rakkasan says:

    This is why race relations will not improve in this country:

    “It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

    No, it is VERY clear why they were assaulted. If the races were reversed, it would be national headlines with Jackson & Sharpton zooming into Denver the next day.

    Racism is racism, period. Until non-anglo racism is acknowledged as an equal evil this country will never get over the color of an American’s skin.

    1. faamecanic says:


      Sad thing is people who think like you (myself included) that believe in the REAL meaning of Martin Luther King’s words (Judge not a man by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character) are the ones branded as extremist and racist.

      1. MLK says:

        MLK stands for marchin’ lootin’ and killin’

  91. barson says:

    Bernard Goetz knew what to do. Sustained fire!

  92. Frank Gomez says:

    Carry two knives and a gun.
    Bring. It.
    I will splatter cherry pie all over the place.

  93. faamecanic says:

    Motive unclear??? Are you joking?? Only one motive …and that is racisim/hate crime. Heaven forbid we call it like it is.

    Seems to me 50 years or more ago if a group of whites beat up a black or hispanic it would have been blamed on the KKK.

  94. teaj says:

    LOL at the black kids covering their face. As if people need to see that to know their type.

  95. Dan says:

    The cops need to ge a handle on this before it gets out of hand because eventually these victims are gonna start shooting back and then it’s going to get very bad for everyone.

    1. Jacob says:

      When will it be “out of hand”? In my opinion on assault is one too many. Don’t wait for the police to keep you safe. They are not legally obligated to. You are responsible for your safety.

  96. Karl says:

    There is a huge hate crime problem in our country the liberal media just wont report…… Having been the victim of this 4 times myself, I know its real

  97. Dennis Rutherford says:

    I will say this to all of you white idiots who voted for Obama, you are getting your reward now. He is starting to play the race card and the haves against the have nots more and more. This idiot has done more to harm race relations than the KKK. You wanted him, you got him, now what are you going to do with him.

    1. Chicago Nick says:

      Hear hear to that. Lock load and be ready to unload when the opportunity comes. Every one sent to the ghetto in the sky is one less welfare deadbeat to support and one less criminal walking the streets under the protection of the Holder Oblamo Social Justice department.

      It’s time to remind these people how bad azz whites can get when pushed far enough and I say this is far enough.

  98. Kathy says:

    Thanks so much for enabling these jerks, liberals.

  99. aubreyfarmer says:

    Next time Sharpton or Jackson show up to pander to their “disenfranchised” audience wouldn’t it be great if there were hundreds in the crowd with rotten tomatoes to throw? This is how demagogues used to be treated before everyone became so PC. I have seen it coming for years. White men in particular have been denigrated by the Jewish owned media for years in so many sitcoms I can’t even count them all. Prime example. Look at the liberal puke Carroll O’Conner in the role of Archie Bunker. Would it be possible to portray a white man any more negatively? Maybe next they will show white men unloading truckloads of dead Hispanic babies with pitchforks. It is the Jewish owned media stirring the pot of hatred. It is Jews that are behind all of the gun control and hate crime legislation while at the same time doing everything they can to promote unrestricted immigration. It is the Jews that are creating the problem. They control our banking sector, Wall Street, the media, Hollywood and Washington D.C. I am not being racist, just stating the facts. Of course knowing the facts is no longer an affirmative defense when one makes a statement that offends the senses of someone else. Research the above statements before getting on your high horse and calling me anti Semitic. But of course this would take a little effort on your part and for most that have their minds made up for them by some paid shill just hurling insults is much easier. Just Google “Who owns the media” and then you can start running off at the mouth.

  100. Dion says:

    MOTIVE ???
    I can figure that out.
    Down whit whitey is the motive for thease future prison inmates.

  101. DEADTIME says:

    Remember when you shoot them you cant leave them alive or they will sue you for daring to defend yourself. The ACLU will swoop in and defend them and make you look like the criminal.

    So carry extra rounds and make sure that when they go down you double tap them in the head or center mass.

  102. Mannie says:

    Yes, that’s a pistol in my pocket, and I’m definitely not happy to see you. Just wait until a victim shoots one of these rabid dogs. Then watch the Liberals and other criminals start to scream and wail.

    It’s dry,

  103. Dave Infinger says:

    Well well, here we are again and we have the colored boys acting like they have acted for the past 60 years. Is anyone really surprised? I didn’t think so.

    Why do you think that these blacks are doing this? Because they have been taught to hate whitey their entire life. No one on TV is allowed to talk about 9/11 being an inside job but they are able to say whitey is evil everyday. What gives?

    One thing we know, if a white person starts an organization that supports white issues, well it’s racist of course but every black thug can get up and scream how the white man has kept him down and that is free speach and you had not dare voice a desent in any manor.

    White people have been tricked into giving their Country away and that my friend is why we see these sorts of things more and more and it will get much worse.

  104. Anthony Savage says:

    I think White America, you know that collective majority race we have here in the States? Is beginning to awaken from the hot steel pokers in the eyes. We love you as fellow citizens but we’re not going to put up with this…….as the majority much longer. Racists you say? Well even though I voted stupidly for Obama, I, my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters have been called racists now going on 2 years. It is becoming acutely obvious local law enforcement can’t be everywhere so the rest of us gotta do what we gotta do and it’s not going to be pretty. If you think were just gonna sit and be picked off like this your parents didn’t teach you at all. Keep it up…

  105. craig says:

    Motive unclear..? Yeah, because, after all, Big-Media tells us the motive couldn’t possibly be “racism”, because only Whites are capable of that…!

  106. H. Johnson says:

    It’s time for some serious trash removal. These thugs are not “kids” they’re criminals and should be dealt with as same. Of course if the victims had made any attempt to defend themselves, they’d be labeled “racists” and prosecuted. Welcome to Obama’s America.

  107. GF says:

    Colorado keep voting for democRATS and voting out good politicians like Tancredo. Hope you enjoy getting beaten up.

  108. Jonny Ninja says:

    “It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals”… Maybe it’s unclear to YOU, but not to me. I WISH some of these mofos would try this on my white @$$… I got somethin for them, and it goes BANG.

    1. Tom Walter says:

      Damn Right Brother

    2. Capt. Obvious says:

      Exactly what I’m talking about. Only THEN will there be sock and self-serving ‘outrage’. If the ball gets rolling fast enough nationally it won’t matter, however.

  109. Carter Mitchell says:

    Motive unclear? Just wait until election eve 2012. These teens and youths will go into a relentless and vicious overdrive with unclear motives.

  110. Chicago Nick says:

    These are moronic minorities taking Oblamo and Friends class racial warfare bait, and I say we outnumber these Rio Grander’s and tree swingers 8 to 1…. so just make sure you carry and when the chance comes send these lowlives to the Taco bell and AuntJemima in the sky is my motto after the past 3 years of lawlessness from these 2 groups and laziness since the granting of civil rights unseen in this nation’s history.

    Now we know why our founders felt the way they did about the majority of these 2 groups of people for the most part.

    I ‘ve had enough kow towing to these deadbeat deadweight criminal minorities, I say bring it so we can eliminate the slime from this sinking nation once and for all.

    1. Tyrell says:

      Sorry crakkker u dont outnumber nobody 8 to 1 this country is only 60% white and getting browner everyday hahaha Plus we own the cities already. Ur time is up, little pink boy u can leave any time you want but u can leave your women if u want hahaha later fool ur time is UPP please spend it typing on the internet while I run things in the real world. peace!!!

      1. Jmac5280 says:

        Any time you want a war Tyrell bring it. This is not a race thing this is an ideology problem. Democrats have stoked the hate, the division, the class envy. The moron in the White house has destroyed the economy and it’s opportunities. Obama has been pushing for civil unrest. When this loser is voted out of office with the likes of Tyrell you had better expect it.

      2. Capt Ovbious says:

        We outnumber your black a$$ 6 to 1, at least. Your ignorance shows on all levels. Since I’m sure you never spent any time in school reading REAL history, let me fill you in. The last time white people collectively woke up to a thieving minority an entire race of people were almost exterminated from the face of the earth. If we had not entered WWII, he would have exterminated YOU, too.

        It’s stupid blacks like you that make me think the US supported the wrong side. You deserve to be chained and gassed. Eventually you’ll get what you deserve, as a race of people, if you push long enough. Just keep it up – you’ll come up SPADES. lol

      3. peeper says:

        Well Tyrone, you better go back to your stolen laptop and edit your comment. You … I mean the person who typed it for you wrote: “while I run things in the real world…”
        Obviously you meant while I RUIN things in da real world. Lets keep it real, yo.
        You made a jigga-boo-boo.

      4. JOe Dutra says:

        Wif no crackas you gots nobudsy to buys yo stuff. De be speakens Mezican at yo funerals.

      5. Mr.White says:

        You couldn’t “run” squat you sorry ass ni##er or border jumping spic!

      6. Richardg says:


        WELL HELL, WHILE BO IS IN….WE CAN DROP IT TO YA’LLS WITH ONEA THEM THERE HELICOPTERRS. (them things that flies wit no wangs)

      7. marshall strong says:

        Tyrell is a Troll, Blacks aren’t Smart enough to use a computer…..

  111. Nonyabisnass Patrick says:

    the c_himps are on the loose. hang on to your wallets and carry a pistol.

  112. Troy says:

    Two words. Shoot them. Why don’t you people defend yourselves?

  113. Billie Blood says:

    it’s time for whites to fight back

    1. T.Bender says:

      Many people ignored or missed the article that was in the Aspen times.
      It was the “Angry White Man’.
      I read back here in Los Angeles, as did many others.
      Look it up.
      You may also find the many papers filter and censor comments according to justice or white house specs.
      Also part of the problem are police chiefs like we have in Los Angeles that publicly say it is OK for illegals to break the law.

      1. Tyrell says:

        Angry white man lol U all get angry all u want u cant do nuthin u scared like the little u know what that u are lol Pu**ies

      2. Capt. Obvious says:

        Someone needs to put you out of your misery, then send your parents (oops, I mean your one toothed, yellow eyed, welfare queen, drug addicted, Omaba stash collectin’ single motha) the bill for disposal costs. The $252 death benefit should be confiscated and sent to the corrections department that’s responsible for housing your wayward ‘father’.

        I bet you share the crack pipe with her while you play Xbox Madden all day.

      3. Richardg says:


        Why am I repeating myself….of course he cant g*d d**m spell. Been selling crack on the street corner since he be 12. I do not however, figure Tyrell for a “counter” of the money (those guzentas ya know?)

        He be the boy that run the money up the block to the man to get himself another box a rocks…get of rocks

      4. Paco says:

        Tyrell = most popular name in US prisons.

    2. Me says:

      So says the Tru White ‘Murican keyboard warrior. Right, Cletus?

    3. Richardg says:



  114. J.Karthaus says:

    As usual, it was idiot white women who put this left wing racist in office.
    History will discern that 1920, (women begin voting), was the beginning of the end of our civilization.

    1. Davis says:

      Sadly, there is some truth to this. Women tend to value security over all else, and tend to empathize with any sob story they hear. This is a great combination for a homemaker, not so great for a voter (or politician, for that matter). Women also hate confrontation or doing anything that makes someone feel bad. It’s all about emotion, at the expense of reason. Which leads to the absolute bizarro world in which we now live.

    2. Miss Ogyny says:

      Yep. Women created stupid policies from the starting gun: prohibition was all their doing.

  115. phillysmart says:

    its happening all over the coutry..philadelphia, milwaukee, Denver, NY….we are seeing the beginning of a race war…most whites don’t realize it yet….even more disturbing it is being fueled by Obama and the democrats….wake up folks you are your kids could be next just because you are white

    1. MattyG says:

      And that race war is gonna b ova before u know it! If we cant vote u out or get u out we gonna breed u out homie! Time to move back to Europe or whateva lololololol

      1. Richardg says:

        I be dam…Matty cant spell matty cant spell matty cant spell\

        re: previous post vis a vi TYRELL

  116. AWTH says:

    Sociologists will of course explain all this by saying that ethic groups experience a sense of anomie (google it)…and that of course is the fault of the larger society.

    And in a way it Is: the larger society through affirmative action and welfare programs, has bred a sense of entitlement into the minority groups…meaning they don’t have to live up to any standard, or follow the rules and can take out their frustrations any way they want…including violent acts.

    In other words, there are sevreal generations of spoiled brats out there…

  117. Moo says:

    Unclear Motive?

    Just imagine if the attackers were White, and the victims Black….

    BS. Racism is Racism, regardless of color.

  118. Diego Roswell says:

    What you have here is the crumbling of society happening before our eyes. Why? Too many reasons to list here, but the main ones are liberalism and not enough prisons. The best way to fight this type of thing is to simply not be a patron or spend any money at any shops or businesses near the areas where these events happen. The business owners will leave, the people will lose their jobs and the city will lose tax revenue. That is how you fight the liberal machine. Shop on the internet and entertain at home where you can legally kill any one of these intruders.

  119. Deskboy says:

    You’re unclear about the cause for the attack? Really?

  120. TheBellCurve says:

    Violent racist blacks in our city? That’s hard to believe…..not.

  121. Brother Maynard says:

    White people in this country had better start arming themselves and shoot first when approached by a group of brown skinned people and then leave. It’s clear that Obamas race and class warfare tactics are starting to manifest in the form of racially motivated attacks.

  122. gilligansnose says:

    Motive is only unclear because the suspects were not white. If they were white the motive would clearly have been RACISM.

  123. Reality Sandwich says:

    Save the link to this story and if it so happens that a minority is beaten up by a white and the media jumps on it, flood them with the link.

  124. Frank Wunder says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if young black actually held themselves to higher standards than that which is portrayed in rap music or by the denizens of their culture?

    Is it too much to ask or are they just incapable?

    I think there comes a time when political correctness needs to set aside. Obviously some people have no desire to raise themselves above animalistic standards and that’s not my fault, its their own fault.

  125. nwospook says:

    When it reaches the desired engineered stage, society will be managed by force.

  126. Theater fan says:

    The last time I was on the 16th Street Mall, a group of six or seven black youths started a verbal altercation with me and my brother as we were heading toward the theater to see a play. One of them shouted that he hates “all f—ing white people.” Reading this article, I now appreciate how fortunate we were to get away with mere verbal abuse. Come on, Denver. Take your streets back.

    1. Fred says:

      They hate all whites . . . except the few that will sleep with them, of course.

      1. nunyerbiz says:

        You mean like your mom, your wife, and your daughter? LOL

      2. artemis133 says:

        Actually, you usually see fat white chicks with black guys. What’s up with that? More cushion for the pushin’?

  127. 2waystreet says:

    Funny how they paint the story title “Group Of Teens” as if they are just down home teens engaged in neighborhood frolicking and mischief, when we are seeing these racial beat- downs of innocent white people by flash groups of black and Hispanic thugs all over the country. If this had been a group of white’s doing the beating, it probably would have gone something like “White Men Beat Down Innocent Black and Hispanic Victims In A Racially Motivated Hate Crime” period. CALL IT WHAT IT IS !!!

  128. chuck says:

    Gee- The white guys cry and complain, or puff out their chests in forums, while the group that they’re talking about kicks their tails on the street whenever they catch them. Big surprise this doesn’t change. Tell you what, you manly fellows- Go eat a bologna sandwich and cry in your bottled water. It’s not going to change, so you probably should stay off their streets.

    1. CR says:

      You’ve got a good point, and I agree with most of it. But the comment is rather inflammatory, no? I would gladly trade places with one of the four assaulted. The punks would learn a little something when a fist coming from my 6-2 240lb rugby player body connects with their face. Oh, and I carry my .45 often. I agree, internet bullies are worthless. But if they pick a fight with me, they might find they’ve bitten more than they can chew.
      But is this the point that ‘society’ finds itself? I certainly hope not.

      1. newt gingrich says:

        obvious troll is obvious

      2. Deez says:

        You don’t have to worry about white people, Tyrell. Odds are you’ll be killed by one of your own.

      3. WagTheDog says:

        Ha! You funny, Tyrell. Me knows you just a smart-ass 15-yr-old white kid. How does me know? ‘Cuz dem blacks don’t read, and they sure as hell can’t write. Now go back to your video game, you doofus!

      4. livefree or die says:

        If you’re so against blacks, why are you talking/writing like one? If you’re proud to be white, drop the ghetto language.

      5. Chuck says:

        Inflammatory, maybe, but I’m not advocating a gun fight, which is a moot point, because it’s not going to happen here anyway. I wouldn’t call these guys “internet bullies”, either- The great irony is that one group shows up here in the forums, complaining about their bruised mangina’s and beating their chests: “man, I oughta….”. Another group runs in large packs and physically owns the streets. The two will never engage or even meet (in force). You know as well as I do that a bunch of middle-aged white guys aren’t going to be running around in vigilante-style packs… We have jobs we have to go to.
        Truly no offense, but one guy with a .45 stands a better chance of having it taken from him if the bad guys number more than 15 and you’re standing toe-to-toe. You might get a couple if they are 20 feet away, but up close… I don’t know. If I wasn’t with my squad, there’s no way I’m getting within hand-to-hand range of a hostile group, but you can’t tell if they’re hostile until it’s too late- And you can’t run around in a pack looking for a firefight, either. So…. One group beats their chests in a forum, and the other owns the streets.

      6. smashicus says:

        They don’t own nothing. They don’t even own themselves.

      7. HMichaelH says:

        You calling anyone “…hairy stupid apes…” is funny beyond words. Look at an ape, then look at yourself in a mirror, and come back here to tell me how similar the images are!

      8. Chuck says:

        @smashicus: The bologna sandwiches and bottled water are on the table, fella- Help yourself.

      9. Richardg says:


        Of course I am in no way advocating violence against any of my fellow “men”.

        We are real polite like that here down south

    2. Richardg says:




    3. Texas2Step says:

      Poor Chuck thinks that because a bunch of blacks run around shopping malls like 12 mangy dogs trying to act tough that that makes the “hard”. Poor Chuck also thinks that because blacks run their mouths on rap records that that makes them tough. Just so you know anyone can walk into a studio and talk major sh**t. Also, what makes you think every white guy here is middle-aged?
      Keep pushing our buttons man it’s gonna get ugly for you. I’m young and am certainly not scared of you or your friends. I don’t think your tough. In fact, because you talk so much and so loud I actaully think your all a bunch of insecure little girls who need to travel around in packs in order to feel secure. No one thinks your hard we just laugh at you.
      -from a “non-middle aged white person.”

  129. johnson57 says:

    It will and it has become “open season” on White people. These are racist hate crimes perpetrated on Whites because the current administration looks the other way. This will only stop when White people start defending themselves with overwhelming force. There will be a tipping point.

    1. Fred says:

      Yep. The average black on the street now knows that Holder and Obongo “have his back.” Like angry, violent little toddlers, they are seeing how far they can push the envelope, and of course there’s no end in sight. Get ready for much more of the same. Get your guns and ammo now if you haven’t already.

    2. Me says:

      obama will be voted out of office by people like me (You know, people with at least a H.S. education) long before you launch your “Tru White Trash ‘Murican” revolution, Cletus. Go back to drinking beer, beating your 1st cousin…..ooops, I mean your wife, and watching NASCAR

      1. Jeremy says:

        Yeah. All these white people who are tried of seeing these anti-white hate crime are inbred rednecks. Im sure of it. Absolutely positive.

  130. sly says:

    “motive unclear” says it all. Like these shwoogies needed a motive. Here is their motive…they be n*ggas

  131. tim says:

    hey eric holder, i is this a racial hate crime or not? i guess we will never know because you refuse to prosecute blacks

  132. Beerman says:

    Elect a black POTUS and all the rest get uppitty and think they can do what they want. HEY BOY! It wasn’t very long ago your grandpa was getting strung a tree. You want that to start happening again all you little ghetto thugs keep it. Race relations are walking on thin ice right now. I hope you pack of thugz mess with me and my concealed .380

    1. Me says:

      I have long been amused at how in 2011 only liberals and KKK white trash types STILL adhere to the “one single drop of blood rule” for determining if a person is black. I have a hint for you, Billy Joe Ray Bob…..his mom was white.

  133. John says:

    “For sure. It’s almost like there’s an anti-white agenda at play in the media, everywhere you look.”

    Not “almost” – there clearly is, and it is because Jews control the news and entertainment media. If you don’t believe that, check out an article written by Jew Joel Stein called “Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon” in the LA Times.

    1. Me says:

      I love it when poorly educated white trash blame the fact that they are failures on Jews. Keep on truckin’, Adolph. Plan the revolution right there in your trashy old trailer, LOL

      1. John says:

        “Poorly educated white trash?” I’m not the one calling names, I make statements of fact – anyone can examine media ownership and conclude that 2% of the population (Jews) has an overwhelming amount of influence. And anyone can watch the news or read a newspaper to see the anti-White bias.

        Just look at the title of this article: “Motive Unclear In Attack By A Group Of Teens.” If White gangs were attacking “minorities” the title would be something like: “White Gangs Attack (fill in the blank)” or “HATE CRIME: Whites Attack…” Everyone knows this is true, but few bother to find out WHY it’s true.

        You use stereotypes (“trashy old trailer”) learned from the media, yet you’d be the first to say that I’m the bigot.

        Welcome to 1984 – it’s certified kosher.

      2. Billy says:

        Who owns the BANKS? Who owns the PRESS, runs Disney, runs Hollywood,Monsanto GM frankenfood- White Christian Males? NOT HARDLY.

        Get a Clue! Too many NON-CHRISTIANS running the show!

  134. eyeguy54 says:

    Motive unclear? Really? I think the writing is on the wall. Or maybe it is just a fluke that this exact kind of thing has happened all over the country since 2009 (increasing since). Maybe it is “societies” fault or anyone but the thugs and worthless parents fault. We have created a culture that makes excuses for actions like this.

  135. Bob says:

    In the middle of watching the video the page reloads and interrupts it. Why?

  136. Sonny Crocket says:

    Why the heck don’t people carry a gun when your state allows it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up people and stop being victims!

  137. Lorenzo Furioso says:

    This is getting out of hand. Whatever the animosity of blacks on whites, it needs to be addressed like it obviously has not been addressed. PC namby-pamby politics aren’t getting it done, and there will, if this doesn’t cease, come a time when it starts getting reported more thoroughly and whites begin to organize into self-protection groups. It’s only natural to see a threat and do somthing about it. The tragedy is that our leadership is failing to diffuse the animosity of race, and instead allowing themselves to prosper while the people are pitted against each other. this could go south, no pun intended, and fast with just one major catalyst. Decent black and white folks need to get together, put the past to rest, and concentrate on the present, or we are going to see some really ugly things happen. Glad I don’t live in any urban area, but I still feel a great concern for the good folksout there of all races who will suffer.

  138. red says:

    You wait until owe-blame-a gets voted out of office in 2012, the riots in the streets will make the 60’s look like a day in the park

  139. Vince says:

    What’s the motivation??? Are you serious? It’s because they CAN and they HATE whites. Any other dumb questions?

  140. paperpushermj says:

    Packs of Unemployed Youths with nothing to do.

  141. Elmer Fudd says:

    You’re sure it wasn’t a roving gang of Mormons, surely not blacks as they are incapable of racist thoughts!

  142. JungleCogs says:

    Concealed carry makes for very polite people.

  143. Bruce Baker says:

    An armed society is a polite society. I have a CCW and will be touring the 16th Street Mall as often as I can manage to be there. I will not be attacked or watch anyone else be attacked without doing something about it. Young people need to learn respect.

  144. j. Karthhhaus says:

    1969: White people put man on moon.
    1969: African blacks enslave each other.

  145. dave says:

    And Barney Fife takes the bull et out of his shirt pocket and says “Gee Andy, I can’t imagine why those 15 bl ack and mexi can kids attacked those four white fellas! They didn’t even rob them! Wow that’s a mystery ain’t it! Let’s ask Gomer and see if he can figger it out, or maybe Otis can tell us….”

    Where’d they get this hotshot cop??

    1. Capt. Obvious says:

      From the affirmative action cracker jack box.
      Where Denver gets all it’s leaders

  146. umad says:

    I have an old broken water heater out in the field which I use for target practice weekly. As of today, it is named Tyrell. Come at me bro.

    1. Martin Luther Sharpton says:

      speak english, you primate. black boy on his mothers computer, cause you don’t know who your father is. where are you located, monkey?

    2. volt007 says:

      Try it with me cuz. Come on down to Savannah and you’ll find out wazzup!

    3. OBOZOSUX says:

      @Tyrell- English Major? LOL

    4. amos n andy says:

      hey tyrell you would need your jungle herd like normal. It is never one on one. Most of you are not men because you run out and yo grandma raise the kids.As James Brown put it your talkin loud and sayin nothin. My girl is a german shepherd tyrell have at it

  147. normB says:

    Last I heard Colorado is a right to carry friendly state. If you’re not packing, and you’re white, you’re stupid. Remember, the leader of the Black Panthers is calling for violence, The Obama has (“bring a gun” he said). Just sayin’

  148. bud says:

    There is one reason and one reason only for this attack.. The attackers are too poor to afford belts. And because of this, they are VERY angry. I believe the only way to fix this issue is to create a new federal program.. ‘Belts for the poor’ This will bring visibility and a solution to this very serious problem. I haven’t shopped for a belt in a while but I’m assuming they must be very expensive… It’s

  149. Keir says:

    It’s a good thing that another Drudge link has Tavis Smiley warning the President to “look out for blacks”…

  150. TheBlackProblem says:

    When primates attack…

  151. wrongmessage says:

    You never hear of a pack of whites beating up blacks or Mexicans, do you? Whites aren’t the problem.

    1. JoeMc says:

      It’s the BLACKS. The article leaves a sense of ambiguity when they say “Blacks or Hispanics.”

      They probably did not want to single out BLACKS, so they threw in Hispanics.

      I’m 100% certain that they’re 100% Black.

  152. Gunny G says:

    WELCOME to the OBOMINATION! You are getting EXACTLY what you libs voted for!

    The Anti Liberal Zone on blogspot.

  153. E.Lordes says:

    The negro and spic populations have grown way ahead of their habitats’ due to the ever growing welfare system that rewards them for their alley cat like reproduction.This is simply an epidemic such as ones that we have seen in Austrailia.(ie rats,bugs,alligators) Simply put,I propose an annual three week period of open hunting season on these urban baboons.That as well as a new advertising campaign,GET YOUR GHETTO HO SPAYED OR NEUTERED TODAY OR ELSE.The herd must be trimmed and the government cheese pipeline must be cut off.

  154. amplitude jones says:

    when we allowed racist/marxist pig people to indoctrinate the youth of the USA with black tv and tavis smiley and the rapper stuff, we allowed an entire generation to be groomed into a home grown invasion force. The racist piglets attacked as an act of the race war the enemies of the USA have been trying to start.

  155. amos n andy says:

    yeah tyrell dat right. Africa is a great example of black leadership.It is still the continent with the most mass murder. Here we have detroit. You lazy slugs will always have an excuse. My house was targeted by some of you blacks. I didn’t need to get my gun,my german shepherd nearly took one of the thugs arms off and the rest ran in fear. It is funny the young punks use slavery. They did not know what their ancestors went through and they were much better educated ,more polite and accomplished a lot.Tyrell you know what the definition of mass confusion is? Father’s day in Detroit. You guys are not even stand up enough to take care of your kids,grandma had to do it

    1. Glen says:


      Hey Amos I am one of the guys that came to your house. I do apologize for the intrusion. I was not aware you were home. Your wife Sarah who I have been making love to since our college days called and asked me to come over. I’m sorry that your small thingy isnt satisfying enough for your wife. That’s where I come in and I provide what she needs. Not sure if you know this your wife is a freak so is your mother too….I guess the old saying is true for your wife and mother…”ONCE YOU GO BLACK YOU NEVER GO BACK”

      1. Noamsayn? says:

        Hey Glen, too bad none of you subhumans can brag about your IQ.”Muh Dik” ia all you got.

      2. Rowdy Boots says:



  156. Proud American says:

    Need to get the coon out of the white house

  157. volt007 says:

    It’s actually part of Obama’s ” Cloward Piven ” strategy at work. Overload the financial system to collapse with Debt. Then overload the streets with brown violence until there is no choice other than Marshall Law. Notice how we don’t hear even a peep about these ” Flash Mobs ” from Eric Holder or Obama..

  158. Lewis Sutherlin says:

    Holder declared open season on whites at the beginning of the obama regime. All african-A’s are doing is using the license holder gave them to get their limit.

    So America, when are you going to say enough is ENOUGH and engage the political process to retake our country. HINT- elect conservatives who believe in our CONSTITUTION, demonstrated by their lives not their mouth.

  159. youaskedforit says:

    Yeah we know blacks and Mexicans are violent racists. It’s ingrained into their culture. And our media and our liberals back them up and support their hatred of white people. So why the surprise?

  160. Pastor Carmen says:

    How do we say hate crime AG needs to nip this in the bud Now are more innocent People will get hurt? This is what Obama has done he has rekindled the spark on Racism in America. Yo Bro attack me then you’er going to meet Smith & Wesson

  161. Johnny C says:

    Thank our Class Warfare President for inspiring violence against anybody that is not a minority.

  162. senefious says:

    They are simply angry because they are POOR! You people just don’t get it..
    Too POOR to afford a belt.. And they are VERY ANGRY about it.. How would some of you feel if you had to walk around with your pants down huh!?…huh!?

  163. Mike Nesmith says:

    Time to cull the feral animals.

  164. HMichaelH says:

    Just one more battle in the Racial War! It’s only going to get worse. At some point whites are going to start fighting back.

  165. Pastor Carmen says:

    Yeah were is the ACLU on this one in bed with the Obama’s

  166. john says:

    Well, if the situation were reversed and 4 white men attacked a group of blacks and latinos, the motive would certainly be “clear” and you’d have Rev Al and Rev Jesse marching down the streets. What a wonderful country we all live in.

  167. WagTheDog says:

    Remember the old story in history class about the Neanderthals disappearing as Cro-Magnon man came on the scene? I say they never left and that the blacks ARE the Neanderthals – permanently wild and vicious and incapable of changing. Eventually the rest of the world will have had enough, and these Neanderthals WILL be finally made to disappear.

    1. amplitude jones says:

      NOW please. Sub-human predator species is evil

  168. malcom says:

    This is going on all over and yet the media always reports ” It May be racially movtivated” LOL. Doesn’t matter though, Whites are now so scared to fight back. Whites now look up to black people, black athletes and black musicians.
    Whites have been taught by liberals that they deserve to be beaten, they deserve their wives to be raped. Since it happend to blacks in the past.Whites are 92 percent of our War Dead from Iraq and Afghanistan. If it was more than 10 percent black and latino dead and wounded there woiuld be riots in the streets and acusations of the Military being racist. SO WHITE PEOPLE.- IF YOU AREN’T GOING TO DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR RACE THEN SHUT UP AND JUST BE BEAT DOWN LIKE A DOG IN THE STREET.
    Its not racist to defend yourself and fight back.!!!!!!!

  169. Mitch Miller says:

    Its fun being black.

  170. J Bigglesworth says:

    IF you think it is bad now wait until Obama is voted out of office. You have almost exactly one year to prepare for that.You might want to get moving.

  171. Mike Harper says:

    Hey Tyrell, your boy in the WH is heading for a ass whipping in November 2012. He will not be re-elected. Enjoy him while you can. Its fun being black.

  172. nonagzone says:

    Drudge Report says the men attacked were all white. If this was a white group of people attacking minorities we would have Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton in the streets in a march. I don’t think it should matter, crime is crime but what is good for one should be good for the other. I you are going to jump to the conclusion if white thugs beat a black person is race related then why not jump the same way now?

  173. Barry Levy says:

    So without even looking at the video, I guessed that the group would not be white youths. And low and behold, in a tribute to the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who had said that if was walking in an area, and was being followed by a group of black youths or white youths, he would be more concerned for his safety with the black youths, history rings true.

    Arrest the people, go after the parents, and seek financial compensation for the damages caused.

  174. Mike says:

    Tyrell is precisely the kind of dumb-ass I hope comes after me with his crew. I’m a likely looking soft target, a 63 year old white male. However, I have a CCW and carry a Glock 19. I am not looking for trouble, but if Tyrell and his boys who “rule the street” come after me, they’ll fulfill one of my fondest wishes. And Tyrell, you need to know that’s the secret wish of every white or black man who carries.

  175. equalize says:

    I am going to walk around being as white as I can be. When the hateful little thugs pick me as their target, they will get a belly full of lead. If that was the response they got, problem would be over real quick. Highly recommended.

  176. kendrick1 says:

    Catch the and put them in with the Black Panthers. They will then be immune from prosecution!!

  177. SwOhioGuy says:

    Tyrell…you are a Spook so I would say Boo to you. Time to start poppin’ a few nigs and littering the sewers with their left overs

  178. Fred Sloan says:

    Black hate and being white.

  179. houseofhate says:

    Black is the new ugly

  180. Me says:

    How dare anyone think its a hate crime……… can only be that if whites are the perps. LOL

  181. chicago says:

    tick tock tick tock………it’s coming prepare!

    1. WagTheDog says:

      When the blacks burn the cities (coming soon), 100 million armed white men will pick them off like flies until there are none of them left. We’ve been prepared for this since Obi-Wan Nairobi took power.

  182. Michael says:

    I stay away from Denver at all costs. I made it a point to move into the foothills to avoid “the city”. The few times I have been down there, I had my windows broken out of my car and things stolen. Even had an altercation with hoodlums attempting to provoke me into some sort of altercation.

    I may be a skinny white boy just begging to be messed with, but I assure you, a concealed carry permit does wonders for your self confidence.

    How many people have to be beaten with a baseball bat or just being victimized before they just stop going downtown?

    I refuse to be a victim of the absolute disgrace Denver is becoming.

    1. Bruce In Denver says:

      So, your answer is: just give up?!

      Not me. My CCW, my hidden friend, and I will be touring downtown every chance I get. Time to stop this nonsense. One or two incidents will be all it will take to put the fear of God back into these thugs.

    2. WagTheDog says:

      I was a student at School of Mines in ’61, and Denver was as safe as anyplace on earth. There were a few winos downtown, and the few blacks lived on a couple of blocks and never caused any problems. And BEER (3.2) was even served TO YOUR CAR at the numerous drive-ins around town. I sure miss those good old days.

  183. smashicus says:

    If elected officials and LEOs will not protect U.S. citizens against this criminal filth then they need to be in jail with them awaiting their fair trial and execution.

  184. j.karthaus says:

    Solution Simple:
    Women should not be allowed to vote!
    There would be no more liberals elected to office.
    Therefore…………….no more gangs of chimpanzees permittted to terrorize normal people.
    Any questions?

    1. artemis133 says:

      You obviously haven’t gotten la id in a while, dude. This article’s about black on white violence, not the right of women to vote.

  185. Truth Detector says:

    Tavis Smiley and Barack Obama are congratulating each other today!

  186. CRCO RESIDENT says:

    When Colorado citizens live in a RIGHT TO CARRY state – they have no excuse. Everyone in Colorado should excericse their right before it is taken away. Support your local gun shop and carry = remain safe.

    This 5′ female will never be a victim of thugs. Never.

  187. j.karthaus says:

    One More Time:
    White Man: Man on the moon
    Black Man: A Spear
    ……………again………………any questions?

  188. CR says:

    Sigh. Someone that emulates a thug dumb enough to shoot HIMSELF with his OWN (illegal) WEAPON gets nothing more from me.
    Back on topic: How about more positive or thoughtful comments? Cameras and beat cops so far. How about curfews? Or neighborhood watches? We have a watch in my ‘hood and have nearly zero crime or homeless around – with all races and ethnicities represented.

  189. John says:

    I have a daughter planning to move to Denver. That won’t happen now.

  190. DixT says:

    This has been going on down at the 16th Street Mall FOR MANY YEARS NOW! Why is it in the national news NOW??? Both black and hispanic gang members have been hanging out there–especially AT NIGHT–for many years, as well. No armed “security”, still!!!!!!!!!

  191. walter12 says:

    Is it possible that race wars are coming? If so, some of us are ready to defend our ourselves and our families. I hope not, race wars are very nasty.

    1. Bob says:

      It has been written about by someone who knows what they are talking about. Free book. No affiliation:

  192. Craig says:

    This same thing happened to a friend and I 23 years ago in Virginia. A group of black teenagers attacked us in broad daylight at a mall. Luckily we weren’t hurt. Should have called the cops but we didn’t. I see nothing has changed.

    1. Renfield says:

      Craig: Reporting the incident to the cops would have been a complete waste of your time, even in Virginia.

  193. ron says:

    welcome to obamas world … class warfare and racist politics

  194. Joe Holiday says:

    Welcome to a preview of the very near future. Gangs of black youth robbing and attacking to get their fair share of the ” Evil Rich’s ” pie. Barry promised these animals some pie and they will burn this country down for that piece.

    1. WagTheDog says:

      If they do, it will be the last piece of pie they ever eat.

  195. GrannyCares says:

    This is not new! The mayor of Philadelphia has taken the bull by the horns, and if local politicians are wimpy in their approach, it will continue!

    Mayor Nutter’s (Philadelphia) solutions.


  196. force_recon says:

    Let me introduce you to my two best friends, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson. It is the only thing these degenerate thugs understand.

  197. Blaine Hislop says:

    Why do americans allow a small percentage of the population to terrorize the rest of them?

    1. Renfield says:

      Your question raises others: Why do so many whites refuse to see what is happening? Why do so many whites actually take the side of the people trying to harm them? Why do so many whites bend over and scream, “Kick me!”

  198. Bob says:

    Why do my posts never show up? LOL, CBS, enough of the censoring you cowards.

  199. CR says:

    This thread is all f****d up. Website sucks. Replies and thought processes are being garbled. I’m done with it.
    CBS: join the rest of us in 2011 and get a proper website that can be used to engage people in a constructive (or at least usable) fashion.
    Chuck, no disrespect. I’m aware of the odds.
    Death before disgrace or dishonor.

  200. j.karthhaus says:

    I have an offer!
    A $100,000.00 prize to the first person who can tell me the name of a predominantly black neighborhood, anywhere on this planet, that is considered to be a “nice” place to live

    1. lwlfnm says:


      Where can I pick up my check?:)

  201. peeper says:

    Well, it’s good to see that for decades now, our worst racial problems occur outside the south. While you might take comfort knowing that blacks are migrating back to the south in large numbers now, the ones who are are looking for jobs… which means the work-shy ‘brethren’ are going to remain as your guests. We southerners appreciate your hospitality.

    1. Capt. Obvious says:

      Not all Northerners are dim to what was lost in the Civil War – civility of the South.
      I hear lots of blacks want a return to it. Life was easier, less violent, and things were provided for…and justice was served.

      Don’t mistake hospitality for stupidity. It’s Northern stupid ideology that allows this garbage to continue. Oh – and blacks ‘leading from behind’ .

    2. Renfield says:

      I moved from New Jersey to Alabama three years ago. It is true that blacks, some after several decades, are returning from the north (in Alabama’s case, mainly from Detroit). It is also true that the returnees are the better blacks who couldn’t stand the crime and welfare attitude in the north. I’ve talked to some of them, and they admit they went north for jobs, but they always considered Alabama home.

      Birmingham is Alabama’s largest city. I guarantee that you will not see gangs of black teens roaming around, day or night. No gang attacks on whites (or blacks), either, for two reasons: (1) the black people down here are simply not like that, and (2) many. many Alabamans (including plenty of women) routinely carry firearms, mostly concealed, but some openly.

  202. Adit says:

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  203. irateIrishman says:

    I believe the “gang” should be called a “groidal of wild street apes on a chimpout.”

  204. Tim says:

    Motives are unclear to liberals, clear to all others. Read my mind.

  205. Colour Sgt. Frank Bourne says:

    The monkies are growing more bold by the day. Time for the Whites to start hunting.
    Remember Rorke’s Drift !

  206. Blood Runs Irish 1916 says:

    If you’re white, you had better move north. A race and class war is unfolding and it is being promoted and sanctioned by the Barry Obama regime and that traitor, Eric Holder.

  207. peeper says:

    Remove public ‘bastitball’ courts and they will leave.

  208. s.l says:

    The White boys deserved it. The black kids were called racist names. That is the excuse that they will give. The race card always works. Sick of the BS!

  209. John says:

    Want to know why America is going down the drain?

    Richard Nixon had a conversation about it with Billy Graham back in 1972. They were right – it’s just too bad they were cowards who did nothing about it.

    Listen to them here:

    Not all Jews are involved in the media but a vastly disproportionate number of media people are Jews. This is beyond debate.

    Look up a report called “Who Rules America?” and read the names for yourself.

  210. snapper says:

    Coming-of-age rituals for Eric Holder’s “my people.”

  211. Just Asking says:

    Seems to me that I read somewhere that carrying a concealed weapon in Denver isn’t legal. Anybody know if that’s true?

  212. Larry says:

    This is like a scene out of a third-world country, because White nations ARE turning into third word-countries through massive immigration and forced integration. Whites are about 9-10% of the world’s population. Not only are we a minority in the world but we are poised to become minorities IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES within a few decades. So called “anti-racists” still say it’s Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, and White Countries for everybody! Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.

  213. Bromhead says:

    The monkies need to be hunted and killed. Remember Rorke’s Drift !!!

  214. Joey Tomm says:

    Oh wow, thats just not right at all dude. Wow.

  215. USAonthewrongPath says:

    During the Presidency of the Great Divider, Is anybody really surprised at this?

    This is the same thing that has been going on at the beaches in Chicago, and at the fair in Wisconsin.

    Nothing came from those racially motivated cases, and nothing will come from this one…

    Now if the perps were white, you could bet that Obama, Eric Holder, and the Liberal Media would be all over it until the preps were caught.

    Welcome to the Hope & Change…

  216. Sheep Dog says:

    God made man. Colt made man equal. Nuff Said

  217. Patrick Martin says:

    Its actions like this that will cause a reemergence of the Klan.

    And watch out tomorrow, 9/17. Were supposed to have nationwide Socialist RIOTS, consisting of primarily what we still call minorities.

  218. j.karthaus says:

    Hitler would be able to rectify the problem in 3 days!

  219. JOSE says:


  220. Kiba says:

    So whats the use of the cops looking for them because they arent gonna do jack squat to them anyway, unless they were white of course then they would charge them with a hate-crime. Then it would be on M.S.Dem.B.C. all day that poor minorities were attacked by white christians that had a ‘hint of tea’ about them. I wish the attackers were shot dead and left for the flies to eat.

  221. Kurt says:

    This appears to be the work of blacks, not hispanics. Blacks are the most violent, racist, and blood-thirsty ethnic group in the U.S. It is time for the idiot liberals to stop catering to the blacks and making excuses for the “keeping it real”

  222. Kiba says:

    They are only referred to as ‘poor minorities’ around election time when the Dems. need their cheap services, then its like “get lost your stinking-up the place”. Just ask Harry Reid.

  223. Captn Jack says:

    If just 2 of these guys had a cwp and opened fire,,, would have had a very nice outcome with a bunch of bodies on the street.

  224. Art Vandalay says:

    Hmm, I wonder how far the White House and Eric Holder will run from this story?

  225. Dusty says:

    Welcome to obamaville. Were the “youts” wearing brown shirts like obambi wants?

  226. Albertus Maximus says:

    These animals are not fit for civil society and the legal system is a joke they will probably get just 2-3 months and be out on parole in 30 days doing the same criminal acts all over again with no remorse. Just like G Gordon Liddy suggested: shoot them. Shoot them all in the head when they’re down on the sidewalk to be 100% sure they’re dead.

    1. CZ says:

      problem is you shoot one of these disgusting apes then you go to jail. You get attacked you have to wait till your almost dead before you shoot these chimps dead then maybe just maybe the cop and court jury will recognize that you have to kill these animals. White people are programed with BS white guilt. Obvious observation is now called racism. Every one see these things are a blight on existence but its racist to say so.

      1. WagTheDog says:

        Who says we’ll be sticking around to greet the cops? If the blacks can rampage and run and get away, we non-African-Americans can shoot and run and get away too.

  227. Dr. Bombay says:

    “Things that can’t go on forever don’t.” ~ Herb Stein

  228. Kerwin Hieb says:

    They probably thought they were doing their duty as “people of color” to beat down the evil white people. After all, only white people are capable of racism. From what I’ve read in the news over the last few months this is getting to be a minor sport amongst “people of color”. The government here in The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia even make it easier for them by making it nearly impossible to get a concealed carry permit. I’d be willing to bet that if they were staring down the business of a .45 caliber pistol they might have second thoughts about what they were doing…

  229. Levy says:

    “Black or Hispanic” ? That description seems rather unspecific.

    I’m 100% sure it was 100% black.

    They probably threw in Hispanics so they don’t lay the collective blame on the blacks.

    All of these other flashmobs occurring around the country are committed by BLACKS!

    Seriously, 100% of all these flashmobs involve black people attacking non-black!

    We ALL know what group is causing the problems!

  230. CZ says:

    I have traveled all over Mexico Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and I am white never had any problems. However In america blacks have attempted violence on me multiple times in school, college and randomly. The mention of Hispanics is a ruse to cover the worthless overall behavior of African or blacks. If i was a Hispanic i would be insulted to be compared to or associated with African or blacks. Hispanic culture in south and central America do not accept blacks at all, and no it si not racist it is observation. Blacks do not fit in they are a sub race that would not be here accept white people unfortunately drug them along.

  231. ForeWarned says:

    Attn stupid white people (SWP): It’s a race war.
    It is beyond the control of the police since the gangs use cell phones to gather in a flash and easily overwhelm police. When arrested, the youth are turned over to the parent/guardian – NOT jailed.
    The attackers are always black youth, although now it appears to include Hispanics.
    Whites are stupid easy prey. Wake up! This is regularly happening across the country.
    There ARE very good black people, BUT the black youth are identifying themselves as terrorist (when in a gang).
    Homeland Security ignores this homegrown terrorism…wonder why…
    What to do:
    1. Be aware of the danger and your surroundings
    2. Train yourselves (learn what to do) and have a plan
    3. Buy mace and powerful flashlights (to temporarily blind them) to seek an escape
    4. Conceal carry, but use it as a last resort (life or death). Liberals want you to shoot a black youth to further spark violent protest pushing for gun confiscation.
    5. Start neighborhood anti-gang programs – prep for action but remember that your government will NOT back you – they may even prosecute you. This is NOT the America that you grew up in – get with the program!

    1. HansJurgen says:

      It’s part of Obummer’s plan – to create a 3rd world environment with riots, looting, burning, killing, …. and then he can instate Martial Law which will enable him to have a second term, a third term, a fourth terms , as long as the violence continues. And we know who will keep the racial war going – Obummer’s army.

  232. james.beam43 says:

    I live in Seattle and just recently got my CCW… I almost cannot wait for the day until a pack of thugs trys to F with me… I’m going to shoot them in the balls and turn them into Unics!

  233. Frank Denee says:

    White people created the USA.White people were 90% of the population of the USA till a few decades ago when the anti-whites decided to start turning the country non-white.

    The USA has 200 million white people inside it`s borders,the largest white population group on Earth.

    It`s a white country,unless you are an anti-white trying to justify white genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  234. Hans says:

    If the white victims had only thrown a banana at these blacks, it would have distracted the blacks long enough for the white victims to get away.

  235. Freethinker says:

    White thugs and “packs” of white thugs attack people all the time in England. White thugs and “packs of white, brainwashed, college youths attack, burn, and loot at every IMF and G-12 conference. it really has nothing to do with color. Rather, it’s usually grouus of people who feel they “‘deserve” something from society. These idiot youths have been brainwashed by theit local politicians and school systems for so long. They need to accept personal responsibility and get a F’in job. nothing comes for free in this life and if you expect it then you are doomed. Don’t rely on the government for anything!

    1. bigbiz2 says:

      youre an idiot!! It’s been blacks rapin robbin terrorizing Whites since after the civil war.

    2. WagTheDog says:

      I’ve lived in and traveled to England since 1970, and nothing much has changed except that the violence is far worse now. The white populace of the whole island is mostly of a very low class, and the young males seem to live on beer and are very often quite drunk. It is these wastrels that cause most of the problems there, though the black population there can certainly be as dangerous as ours. I don’t travel there anymore . . . nothing but nasty people, dangerous cities, and TERRIBLE food. If you want to appreciate just how wonderful America is, just spend a few weeks in England.

  236. bugsnuff says:

    Guess I’ll start packing heat.

  237. Cory Rabalais says:

    This is clearly race based. it disgusts me that the media refuses to admit any form of black on white crime is race based, but when vice-versa occurs there all over it.

  238. 1776 says:

    Motive unknown??? BS!!! These gutless vermin are only “brave” when they have numbers (&/or a weapon) in their favor. One on one (sans the weapon), they’re cowardly punks. R

  239. harry p.pickle says:

    time to go hunting,,coon dogs are ready ,,arf,arf

  240. Billy Goats says:

    If you watch the Maury Show, you will see where the majority of these kids come from. I’m watching now and seeing several future gangsters and racists. I get a good laugh out of this show.

  241. TJP says:

    As others have pointed out, yes, whites have been known to attack blacks. It’s just a lot less likely than blacks attacking whites, and considering that blacks are only 12-13% of the population, that says a lot. Blacks commit more than 10x as many crimes per capita as whites, and even in a closer category such as murders, are 6.5x as likely. And when they start running around on the streets in large gangs and attacking people, something definitely needs to be done. Concealed carry is a good start, but I often wonder why we don’t use the same strategy as in Iraq – saturate an area with police, kick out, lock up, or if necessary kill every bad guy you can find, then set up a neighborhood watch and some businesses and move on to the next area. The majority of blacks (or any demographic, for that matter) don’t want gangs and drug dealers, they just don’t want to be the one stand up first and get assassinated.

  242. julius spencer says:

    It is time for law abiding men and women to be armed when they go out to public places, especially in cities, at malls, restaurants, etc. They should be able to DEFEND THEMSELVES.

  243. Iraq Vet says:

    “It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,”


  244. j.karthaus says:

    Average IQ Scores:
    Asian 104
    White 100
    Hipanic 93
    Black 85

    The dumber the animal, the more prone to violence he is.
    It’s really quite simple!

  245. McNabb says:

    I’m from Philly, and I can tell you right now that Blacks are targeting whites, in what was once considered safe sections of Philly. Attacks in toursit areas in broad daylight. Its almost like its a coordinated terrorist campaign. Our silly mayor is now wondering why city sales taxes are low, becuase people are now afraid to Its not about robbery, its not about what the victim said or did, it is a terrorism. Its happening in Philly, NYC, Milwaulkee, LA, Charleston, SC, Tampa, and now Denver. Someone is behind it, someone on the internet. Maybe its the New Black Panthers, or some Gang, but people need to arm themselves. Buy a gun, and get a permit to carry it. Also white people need to put pressure on Black Leaders, and STOP giving money to their charities. I got to work my tail off and pay a boatload of taxes so some teen hoodlum on welfare can plan riots on twitter with their Iphone. I’m sick of it.

  246. Diane says:

    Even an animal learns not to bite the hand that feeds it. It’s time to starve this beast, eh?

  247. j.karthaus says:

    The FBI just announced that Wayne Williams is being released from Federal Prison. They found the real ‘Atlanta Child Killer’; It was an alligator diguised as a watermellon!

  248. ambro says:

    The police spokeshole said, “It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson….Gee!! MAYBE the reason was that the victims are White and the criminals are Black and Brown. Oh! No, no, no! Racist crimes can only be committed by Whites. And of course…IT”S ALL BUSH”S FAULT!!!

  249. oatka says:

    “It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was”

    Do generations of hating whitey count as motive?

    “They say 10 to 15 young people — described as black or Hispanic”

    They can’t tell blacks from Hispanics? It’s a wonder these enablers didn’t add Orientals to further blur the perps race.

  250. Delta says:

    That is too bad. I proposed to my wife in a horse drawn carriage in front of the clock tower on 16th in 1985. Very fond memories of downtown Denver at that time. I lived on Colfax just outside the Yosemite Gate of Lowery AFB – the rough part of town at that time – and yet never had any problems. The stuff I hear about Denver now tells me just stay away. Too bad.

  251. marty says:

    How dare those white people stand on the street corner

  252. The Dude says:

    Only an idiot or a liberal doesnt understand what the motivation for the crime was. If a group of white people attacked 4 black guys, it would take about 5 seconds for the minorities to be screaming that it was a hate crime. I went downtown for Taste of Colorado a couple of weeks ago and it was like a freakin zoo downtown. That trash need to stay in Aurora where it belongs.

  253. jaydee says:

    Sadly blacks think that all whites are intimidated by them. By the time they have stirred the pot enough to light the fire it will be too late.

  254. Walter says:

    Well, blacks and latinos are simply less evolved than white people. Wouyld you expect a gang of orangutans to act like civilized human beings ?

  255. Sandra Clements says:

    white people will start packing concelaed firearms again. The parents of these loser kids can expect some of their kids not to come home.

  256. Archy Cary says:

    This, of course, is all Bush’s fault. As is the drought in TX and the recent flooding in the NE.

  257. YoMamma says:

    Can’t wait til something like that happens to me….I’ll put 10-15 thugs in a ditch. My clip holds 20 rounds.

    1. dam says:

      Better get to the range. You’re wasting ammo!

  258. Big Lips Leroy says:

    Blacks in Denver???? I thought the altitude would make their lips explode. Well I guess I learn something new every day.

  259. Thomas Jefferson says:

    It’s now time to conceal handguns to protect yourself.

    If a pack of animals tries to hurt you, you shoot to kill.

    1 bullet 1 kill. Kill first ask questions later.

    The police will not protect the people any longer.

  260. Sue says:

    These kids thought it would be fun to terrorize a bunch of whitey’s. They don’t realize every time some like this happens they put race relations a step back. Idiots.

    1. BHirsh says:

      How much ‘fun’ do you think they’d have if a scared white victim popped a few caps in their nappy young heads?

      T’would lend a whole new dimension to the term, “at risk”, wot?

      1. BHirsh says:

        P.S. –

        These are not merely “kids”. They are predators-in-training, learning how to “hunt”.

  261. NYGlenn says:

    Violent black teens? Is there any other kind?

  262. European American says:

    “Motive Unclear In Attack By Group Of Teens On 16th Street Mall”

    Motive Unclear? Wazzup, CBS Denver, owned and operated by the same joos who own 96% of all the media, politicians, corporations in the country formerly called America. This style “attack” has been in the making for many, many years. White trash, ain’t very trendy anymore. Black is cool and hip. Hispanics, illegal or not, are soon to be the majority. Like it our not, you white, you politically incorrect. Got that?!

    When whites eventually get off the massive number of addictions, i.e. texting, junk GMO foods, Rx and non-Rx drugs, social networking, etc., etc., etc., then maybe, just maybe, while aligning with the forefathers written Constitution, the sacred contract, things might shift back. But highly unlikely. American whites have been dumbed down to the basement floor. It’s over, kaput. Say goodbye to the lifestyles of the rich and beautiful. Get ready for major austerity measures. Third world country where Fascism rule. Sorry folks, while you were asleep, the Nothingness took over.

  263. Crosscut says:

    What is scary is that these degenerate savages that run the streets in packs are breeding.

  264. Herr Stig says:

    Where is Bernie Goetz when you really need him?

  265. Mike says:

    This kind of thing has been going on for 45 years since the ‘Great Society’. Everyday on Drudge, you can find plenty of stories like this. What’s cool about it, is that after every story, all the comments are from very ticked of straight, white males (the ONLY people who are allowed to be bashed without any backlash.) The problem is that all the posters from one story don’t know all the posters from the thousands of other stories.

    Btw, where do you think Western Civilization would be without straight, white males? We’d all still be living in grass huts and dancing around campfires.

    Here’s a compilation of just SOME recent black on white beatings:

    and some of you may be interested in:

    I have are so many others, but you will find them on your own, if you want.

    1. Mike says:

      *ticked OFF* straight, white males…

  266. Lane Crystal says:

    It is time for good people to realize that what was once the rule of law has become the rule of the unlawful! Laws and government no longer protect the innocent but protect and even encourage the wicked. Good people will have to start arming themselves for protection; then when you are forced to use your weapon, do what a Mexican friend of mine said to do when in Mexico: run and do not wait for the police – they are not on your side.

    Men, wear beards or mustaches; if you get into trouble and are afraid you got caught on camera, shave it off. Women should wear their hair long; then when they need to, they can cut it off and change the color. Then no one will recognize you from a security camera shot. We must become gorilla fighters for our own country if we want to come out of this without a virtual dictatorship chaining us down. I know people who have been practicing these precautions since Ruby Ridge. I used to think they were paranoid, but now I think they knew what was coming.

  267. Darconville says:

    Regrettably, we’re beginning to see a steady increase in these type of assaults.

    What people of color fail to recognize is those denizens of non-color possess far more fire power, ordinance, intelligence than they can possibly imagine.

    The carnage will be considerable.

    To the people of color: Please re-think and readjust your attitude.

  268. Linda Green says:

    They better get a handle on these kids before one gets hurt. Parents watch your kids. They have no right to attack people. Are any of these hispanics illegal. If they are send them out of here.

  269. dam says:

    It’s refreshing to see the Latinos and Blacks getting along so well! Hopefully they will share the same cellblock in prison.

  270. dam says:


    Your spelling and grammar make my eyes hurt!

  271. Burt says:

    those arrogant whites hit those teenagers’ fists with their faces….racisits!!!

  272. freddie says:

    a bit strange as hispanics and blacks hate each other like the plague, they have zero in common

  273. Mike says:

    “Todd” – Nice ‘black’ name you have there. :)
    My guess is you’re simply a self-hating, guilt-ridden, spineless white leftist.

    “Will you admit that when white folks are losing a war they drop an atomic bomb on innocent women and children?”

    Will YOU admit who STARTED WWII (as far as WE were concerned)? They STARTED it and we FINISHED it. Btw, those two A-bombs saved over 1 MILLION lives (ours AND Japs) by not having to physically invade the Japanese mainland.

    And STOP using this ‘people of color’ nonsensical phrase. It shows what a sheep you are. ‘Colored people’ was deemed ‘oh-so-racist’ by idiot leftist whites, so now, by simple switching the order of the words (‘people of color’), that is now ‘acceptable’ in ‘polite, effite, elite’ society).

    And your last two sentences contradict each other. (read it carefully)

    But then again – you’re a leftist – and since all leftists have a mental disorder, I guess you can be forgiven….

  274. Burt says:

    title: “motive” unknown?????
    Are you a total moron???
    Of course, they were standing there and asking for it, and their skin was not dark….

  275. nortonburgess says:

    I have a few black friends, but I can tell you unequivocally that when push comes to shove they would turn on me in a hot second.

    That said, even they recognize the difference between a black and a n!gger. Unfortunately this country is 90% N1ggers.

  276. BL says:

    Like I keep saying, let these mobs attack someone armed and they shoot a few of the attackers this mob mentality will stop real fast.

  277. MrC says:

    Where is Eric, “Let the Panthers skate” Holder on this? These flash mobs are breaking out everywhere against innocent white folks. These are hate crimes? Where is the D.O.J.?

    Criminal neglect of his post. Eric Holder needs investigation on this and about 5 other issues including “Fast and Furious” where he allowed the gov to sell guns to Mex cartels. A US agent died because of it.

    He has always been a racist creep – Look at the Clinton pardons and his role.

    1. No Surrender Belfast says:

      That traitor, Eric Holder, needs to be in a prison cell with “his people.” That Fast and Furious gun-running operation goes all the way up to the Whitehouse and NOTHING is being done!

  278. Josh says:

    I would have just shot them if they assaulted me. They’re animals and don’t qualify as people; so no one will miss them.

  279. Stephen says:

    Enough of Hussein. Vote him ouit. Once you go black, your brain becomes
    a Big Mac.

  280. Stephen says:

    Once you go black your brains become a Big Mac.

  281. Malcolm says:

    Welcome to the Un-United States of New Africa (comprised of wild blacks, hispanics, and africanized whites)!! God is clearly telling America in a hundred different ways that He is angry with America — America doesn’t want Him, His Son, His Church, or His law so now America can see what the Bible means when it says “all nations that forget God shall be turned into hell.” -Psalm 9:17 We can expect more savage tribalism in the coming years. Americans will ride this toboggin all the way to the bottom because they are truly hell bent on being hell bent.

  282. Oculus III says:

    “Motive Unclear” LOL Can’t publish the truth, cam you, fellas? Because if the truth were to be spoken out loud, the past fifty years of American politics and legislation will be revealed for the farce it is.

    Doesn’t matter. We all know what the real problem is. We just can’t do anything about it.

    Today. Tomorrow…

  283. flashman1854 says:

    The answer to this nonsense to cut most, if not all, welfare programs.

    You have a kid, you pay for it, you raise it, you support it.


    If you can’t, you (and the kid) either starve, or you find a job, or you keep you stop spreading your legs.

    THIS is the cause of this. The cause of one parent households. Welfare.

    Cut it off. If the bleeding hearts don’t like to see starving kids on the street they can pay for them. But no public dollars.

    This would teach people the hard way, your actions have consequences, you better make the right choices, and one of those is this: finish school, attend further school (college, or a trade school), get a job, then, when you’re grown up, get married, then have kids, maybe. When you can support them.

    This is the solution, as difficult as it may seem. Because lack of this is what caused this situation in the first place.

  284. ATW says:

    People… it’s simple, arm yourself! Taser, handgun, anything… defend yourself.

  285. Fred Lopez says:

    carry your side arm and protect yourselves

  286. Bilford Rielly says:

    It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson???????????????

    Is this idiot really a spokesman or a an idot that thinks they are a spokesman??????

    Unclear as to what the motivation is! How about 50 years of pandering to dumb as dirt minority groups and making them thing that they are victims of one thing or another.

    It is time to put them dowm and when that startts they will think ‘Hell has come down upon them’ and there will be NO police force strong enough or stupid enough to try and stop it.

    There is going to be a war here just as in the Middle East and it will be nothing that any society has ever seen before.

    Minorities – be wise as to what side you chose to be on. Hell is coming to ‘Coon Town’.

  287. Bryan Abbott says:

    Thanks Democrats!

    Yep… Democrats.. you are the party that harbors the Liberals in this country and the Liberals (Democrats) are responsible for destroying the fabric of this nation.

    And by the way… my twenty year old son was attacked by a group of black thugs and had four of his front teeth kicked out of his mouth. No provocation… just a cold blooded group of blacks attacking a single “white” kid.

    I blame the Democrats, the Democrats harbor the Liberals, the Liberals are on a mission to destroy American, plain and simple. Call it by any other name and you are either delusional or a kool-aid drinker.

    1. Renfield says:

      Let me guess: the black thugs got away with their crime. Right?

  288. Darrel says:

    Concealed carry. Corbon hollowpoints. Dead thugs.

  289. Abraham Lincoln says:

    That’s right, it’s really me, ol’ Honest Abe! We now have internet access here in the afterlife. I just want to say that I’m truly sorry for freeing them. It was a stupid mistake. What was I thinking? I guess I meant well, but forgot that most of them are low-IQ subhuman savages that should not be allowed to run amok in a civilized country like the USA. Plus I was drunk at the time. I guess the road to hell really is paved with good intentions. Unfortunately, it looks like it will take another civil war to finally solve this problem. Sorry about that, but you good folks better grow a backbone and deal with them before it’s too late.

  290. Henry says:

    my have times changed, law enforcement and the media now looks the other way when whites are beaten and lynched.

  291. Stop says:

    A war would be great. Keep it up, and they’ll get one.

  292. MAC says:

    Hope and Change!

    White people need to fight back.. Oh wait, that would be racist and possibly a hate crime.

  293. PappyHappy says:

    Given the fact that these ‘acts’ are becoming more frequent throughout the country, and appear to be targeting only white people, is the US Attorney General investigating ‘HATE CRIMES’? Or, is it only a ‘hate crime’ if the perpetrator is white and the victim is black or Hispanic?

  294. Sal says:

    Racist motivation? Of course not. Anyone knows only White people can have racist motivation. Geez, you’d think the press would know that by now.

  295. Ujewdotcom says:

    The victims are white, so no hate crime!

  296. JJGH says:

    I was recently in Reno and Carson City, NV. I almost went to the IHOP in Carson City where a Hispanic guy came in and started shooting customers with an AK-47. While in Reno, working on our cars with a Hispanic friend who attends church and reads the Bible, I saw 3 Hispanic teenagers drive by and start shooting a hand gun at the house across a street. We called the cops who quickly arrived (Reno 911 is far from the truth) and hopefully took them to junenile prison. My friend told me that 3 Hispanic guys broke in his house 4 yrs back while he was watching TV and tried to get money with knives. He convinced them to leave after a quick altercation between knives and scissors that he was holding by chance.

  297. Michael Gibson says:

    Motive unclear? That gave me quite a laugh. This is obama’a Army at work.

  298. Journalism Dropout says:

    CBS sucks. F’in liberals.

    1. editor says:

      I disagree, I believe CBS bites the sack. F’n liberals.

  299. Paul Begala says:

    America is rapidly becoming polluted with blacks and hispanics. Wake up America!! If you keep letting 3rd World people into your country, then America will eventually become a 3rd World country.

  300. Bilford Rielly says:


    Correction: The saying is ‘Once you go Black you are stupid to find your way back’.

    Also, when you get home tonight and are doing your mother from behind you won’t recognize her…….. I shaved her back.

  301. viking says:

    Oh come on we know why the little pik’n’s beat up on the whites.
    I have always kept protection close at hand; full clip, one in the tube, safety on, and secretly pointing at any potential threat.

    I know my awareness of threats around me kept me out of harms way.

    In urban areas, an unarmed citizen invites attack.

  302. James Woods says:

    The motive is unclear? I think the story defines the motive.

    Beatup whitey.

    Movies like “machete” that may have gotten or at least appealed for taxpayer money have told the hispanics that whitey is out to get them.

    Im not sure what the excuse is for the blacks.

    It may be time for whitey to stand up. I wouldn’t want to be of any other color when he does.

  303. Concerned_American says:

    Black on white crime — nothing to see here — move along.

  304. Dan says:

    I remember in the early 90’s, during the early days of political correctness, a news station polled a survey which asked if most people would feel safer walking past a group of young Blacks or a group of young Whites…Most people felt safer walking past a group of young Whites.

    1. Renfield says:

      Both blacks and whites, with the SAME percentages, said they’d fear the group of blacks more than the group of whites.

  305. Richard Chamberlain says:

    if they attack me carry or no carry they are f#$%king toast!
    Bet on it!

  306. Jerry says:

    WOW! Keep it coming folks. Let it out. Yall hitting some interesting perspectives here.

    Gotta make me some popcorn and grab me a Coke to see what else you fine people have to say. I just don’t know why I’ve settled for the movie theater when I can enjoy the drama that’s unfolding here. You’d figure CBS would charge for admission by now. ROFL!!! ;)

  307. Jonas Kniger says:

    F^cking animals – you can bag a coon but it must be before noon!

    1. isnrblog says:

      No problem Jonas. They don’t get out of bed before noon. Welfare lines are always onger afternoon.

  308. Sarah says:

    I am a grand mother of 7 grandsons , I raised 5 children here in Denver , they all graduated from local schools and are professionals,,, we are called hispanics becuse we have spanish names !! I resent it !!! Anymore I am not Hispanic ,, They threw us in a category with Cubanos, colombians,, Puerto Ricans and who knows what else I and my family are decent people and refuse to be anything else BUT “” AMERICANS !!! I am embarresd to be associated with all the trash that is infiltrating our communities ,,,and we are all thrown in the same category with all the rubbish !!! Call me Racist,,,,I dont care !!!

  309. Susystin says:

    Police don’t know what the motive was? Give me a break. Everyone else knows why. Maybe Denver needs to get a new police force – these are not too bright. Happening all over the country and will get worse until it comes to a point of that’s enough.

  310. Bernard says:

    Time to get organized and FIGHT BACK violently. These black and Hispanic thugs should not get away that easily. If they attack then we should attack back with all the fury we can muster.

    1. Jacob says:

      They’re all black.

      The media just threw in threw in Hispanics so that blacks wouldn’t get singled out.

      Just take a gander at all the other flashmobs.

  311. Joe says:

    “It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson”

    DUH gee Sonny, you think it was because they were black and the people they assaulted white?

  312. Sharp Shtik says:

    Minority Democrats are a scourge on America. 96% of blacks and 67% of Hispanics are Democrats. Democrats commit nearly all violent crime, including blacks committing over half of all violent crime and 7 times more crime against whites than vice versa, which is why Democrats want felons to vote and prisons to have every amenity. Race is not the problem, Democrat politics/mentality is. These felons are lied to their entire lives by Democrats so they learn to hate whites, hate America, hate free enterprise, etc. and they turn out to be socialist and communist criminals who vote for more socialist and communist criminals to steal and redistribute other peoples’ wealth to them to supplement what they already steal for themselves.

  313. Frank says:

    but, according to hollywood, and the movie ‘the help’, all blacks are saints and whites are just mean, bigoted, evil racists. do you mean to say this isn’t true? i don’t believe it

  314. Texasbil says:

    If the victims would have armed themselves then they would not have been victims!

  315. jamie b says:

    Another Demonrat Party stronghold where guns are outlawed but outlaws have guns. Be sure to listen to your government masters ans accomodate all searches, pat downs, check points and no privacy. My how brave you Americans are.

  316. Justsayin says:

    How did this headline and article get written without the race, or racial terms in them? Damn liberal media! If it was the other way around it would have been a racial hate crime, and Al Sharpton and Jesse would be on their way!

  317. crytpicguise says:

    A CCW permit, and carrying the weapon is the only protection you have against thugs. Why is it that these groups of mauraders always seem to be blacks?

    1. Keith Shelton, Tennessee says:

      Black is as Black Does!!

  318. Osamas Pajamas says:

    Some years ago even Jesse Jackson couldn’t help but tell the truth, that when he sees people approaching him on a dark street, he is relieved when they turn out to be…..white people. And look at how Rosa Parks, a legitimate black heroine, was mugged and robbed by a black man. Bill Cosby, the black comedian much maligned for telling the truth about defective black culture, is not a Republican — but he sure did hit the nail right on the head with his criticism.

  319. 2amendment says:

    This cracker has concealed carry so if a bunch of primative ignorant pieces of human debris jump me they’ll be meeting their maker.

  320. Mike H. says:

    Hah, what a joke. Motive unclear in an obvious racial attack?

    I’d like to offer the services of my newly formed company, Obvious Inc. to the police. We charge $20,000 per case, but we’ll have an answer for you in five minutes flat with 99.9% accuracy.

  321. Keith Shelton says:

    sounds like a job tailor made for the Ku Klux Klan!

  322. SirGareth says:

    You do not need a “permit” to defend your life. Carry a weapon and use if you even need to; this is your constitutional right and no jury will ever convict you for defending your life; permit or not. Ladies you can carry a light 38 special revolver in your purse if you are threatened by a pack of wild dogs or wild humans pull it out and shoot like crazy into the heart of the pack they will disperse and you might just live

  323. JuanValdez says:

    Denver’s Democrat leadership has covered up the violent nature of its “Upscale Lower Downtown (LoDo) District.

    It’s not politically correct to cite Black on White hate crimes, especially in the city’s trendiest area.

  324. DV says:

    I live in Colorado, not Florida. No way I am going to register my handgun to take advantage of our concealed carry law. I’m keeping my eyes pealed for GANGS or groups of minorities. Not that white kids here can’t be bad, but it seems they don’t generally gang up on people. I keep a firearm in my trunk. It’s a felony to keep one in the passenger space of a car. Everytime I go to Walmart or the grocery store, or whatever, I’m looking around for groups of young minorities. Sorry, I’d rather be alive than liberal and wrong, although I do fear for some older black men who are good citizens. They’re going to be blamed by some racist knuckleheads. Call me a liberal, but the last thing I want to do is shoot or harm an innocent man no matter his race.

  325. stephen7167 says:

    The blacks have destroyed this country and the economy.

  326. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    This is another act of racism and this has been on the rise this year with these mobs of youths attacking only white people. Why isn’t the media doing stories on these occurrences there has certainly been enough of them to draw some attention from the media. Could it be the media is controlled by self-hating liberal white males who blame all on white America?

  327. jerrykregle says:

    This happened at the Arapahoe Mall, theres another group to watch out for
    one that is extremely violent the Slapaho’s

  328. Michael Inman says:

    Because Blacks and Hispanics won’t be punished for any crimes against Whites, Our esteemed Judiciary is stacked with Liberals who deem it is ALWAYS the white mans fault!

  329. OLD MAN says:

    I am 89 years old, I have seen a lot in my day and I can say without a doubt, the chickens have come to roost. I have read many of these comments and I can truly say the white race is going to hell in a hand basket. We have done the worst things to blacks and Hispanics. I am ashamed that many of you who call yourself white leave such vile and filthy comments. I have seen them hang from trees and burnt to the crisp in my day. We are paying for everything we did to those people. But what is worst, we are too stupid to see it. I have served my country well. Seen them die by the thousands black, white , Hispanic, and Asian alike. But what disturbs me the most is the Ignorance that still resonates in White Men. You need to love you race and change it by admitting what we as White People Done in the Past to Deserve this. I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE IN ANY SHAPE FORM OR FASHION. THIS COUNTRY IS BEING ROB FROM US IN BROAD DAY LIGHT. AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE TOO REDNECK AND STUPID TO READ. OUR FOUNDING FATHERS NEW SLAVERY WAS WRONG. THEY ALSO NEW THAT IF WE DID NOT BEGIN TO CHANGE THE IGNORANT WAYS WE WERE LIVING. THE AMERICA WE KNOW TO DAY WOULD STILL BE A PIECE OF DIRT WITH NO RULE OF LAW. MY OWN PEOPLE CAUSE THIS. IF YOU ARE WHITE EDUCATE YOURSELF AND FIND THE WAY TO UPLIFT THE RACE. THE SAME THING GOES FOR BLACKS. THE BANKERS AND THE ELITE WERE VERY DETAILED AND PLANNED ABOUT THIS. NOW IN MY LATER YEARS I SEE IT ALL COME TO PAST. AMERICANS ARE BEING PUT ON THE STREET BY THE VERY BANKERS OLD HICKORY SPOKE OF. THEY ARE ALSO KEEPING YOU ALL STUPID MIND AND DIVIDED WITH PURE HATE SOLD ON A PLATTER. I REGRET MAY THINGS THAT I HAVE DONE IN MY LIFE. BUT NOT TELLING WHITE MEN TO FOCUS ON OURSELVES AND LET THE BLACKS DO THE SAME. HELL HAS A SPECIAL PLACE FOR ALL OF YOU WITH HATE SEETHING IN YOUR HEART AND I BET MOST OF YOU CALL YOURSELF ………………………..CHRISTIANS TOO

    1. Richardg says:


      YOU COULD NOT SOUND MORE LIKE A FAKE AND RABBLE ROUSER IT YOU TRIED…..Man, it is hard to find good help. They again, in respect of my elders…perhaps you thought you were on the Huffington Post or CNN…..YOU ARE NOT !!!! GET OFF OF MY PHONE !!!!


    2. WagTheDog says:

      Old Man, you are suffering from the same brain cell deterioration (perfectly natural at your age) that Goldwater did at that age . . . he, the epitome of conservative thought, seemingly lost his mind near the end of his life and switched sides to become a pathetic liberal. The rage represented by these comments has a very strong origin, and it is NOT the least bit racist. It is based on historic fact and reality. The future will be hard indeed for so-called African-Americans as they burn our cities and are rewarded by annihilation by the Non-African-Americans, who will finally wake from their slumber to solve American’s greatest problem, the only thing keeping our country from becoming the paradise that it was destined to be. If you don’t understand this, Old Man, perhaps you should take up some lighter reading.

    3. liberalsRmental says:

      Take a hike lib troll, your fake sermon is nauseating. Please take your white liberal guilt and shove it up your idiots knowledge of history. A psychiatrists couch is a better format for your neurosis.

    4. Renfield says:

      You’re not very convincing, Old Man.

  330. chris says:

    I live in Los Angeles. The difference here seems to be that the hispanic gangs were originally formed to protect against the black gangs which were targeting their community. Kind of like Korean store owners back in the 90s weren’t in the habit of hanging out on their rooftops armed until they needed to be during the King riots.

    I don’t know if the gang members can even REMEMBER that since they are usually in their teens/20s and there is high turnover, but it’s so.

    Like there, there aren’t really any white gangs though I here that white boys down in the South can still be pretty scary – no I don’t mean KKK guys, just plain old hillbilly rednecks that still know how to fight and shoot..

  331. ClearyJ says:

    I blame two people for breeding the conditions that create these mobs of “unruly teens.” The first is Barak Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm) for intentionally destroying the American economy in a way that no terrorist ever could and thus creating wild packs of “unruly teens” (i.e., black kids without jobs) and Eric “I can’t see white victims” Holder for making it clear that the Federal government has the unruly mob’s back. Not once have we heard either The Messiah or his pet piranha demonize the unruly mobs. They have no problem demonizing rich folks, but the unruly mobs go unchallenged by the Messiah and his evil crew. The race wars are beginning; it’s time to start challenging The Messiah at every venue where he stumps to destroy the economy some more. Question to ask Him: Mr. President – yet another flash mob of “your people” have beaten on white folk. What do you have to say about it?”

  332. Juan says:

    If you watch the news closely around the country, flash mobs, which have featured nothing but Blacks, have sprung up all over the US. Violently attacked store clerks, unsuspecting people waiting on the bus, robbing banks, stores, and recently in Vegas, attacking home owners and robbing them blind. Imagine, your at home, when all the sudden they attack you, your children, and the sad thing is, these people are posting their attacks on Facebook. They post meet ups, and then attack. I don’t understand why people have to put up with the crimes Blacks commit?

  333. WagTheDog says:

    Todd, not only am I sure you voted for our treasonous President, I’m pretty sure you still sleep with your mama. We intelligent adults have a word for “men” like you . . . pu$$ies. I suggest you try some liberal rag for your senseless blather . . . the Huffington Post or Salon or Politico or Slate or the Village Voice. That should keep you busy.

  334. canyoustandthetruth says:

    If the teens that were attacked were black or Hispanic there would be riots already!

    Its only a hate crime if your skin is black or brown in this country.

    Just remember all of you darkies, it is the white mans guys guns that you steal.

    We out number you in every way, and soon the day will come and we will turn the table on all of you, and it will not be just a few of you standing on some corner.

    Just remember you will never be white ! and that also means you will be equal to a white man.

  335. LindaB says:

    Where is the big mouthed jesse jackson when these black people attack whites? WHERE IS HIS BIG MOUTH??????????????????????????????????????????????

  336. SpeakFree says:

    Its really to bad the victims were not carrying a guns, it would have ended with better results.

  337. Uncle Beave says:

    You know what all the kids need today? Better examples and the right teachings. Proverbs 1:10-16 teaches what gangs are all about and warns against following their evil ways. This should be taught in schools and yeah,yeah, yeah I know it won’t be taught, but we can know it and tell the thugs to read it and heed it. With some it will be “Pearls befor swines”, but for some it will be life.

  338. MP says:

    And yet another chimpout! Of course the motive is only clear when it’s white attacking blacks.

  339. A.C. says:

    The Era of White Guilt is coming to an end…

  340. Windfall says:

    Question: Which U.S. demographic comprises only 12 percent of the population but includes 39 percent of all food stamp recipients, 40 percent of all welfare recipients and 57 percent of all federally subsidized housing beneficiaries; commits 51 percent of all murders, 55 percent of all robberies, 56 percent of all carjackings, 48 percent of all aggregative assaults, 45 percent of all burglaries and 85 percent of all violent interracial crime but accounts for only 44 percent of all incarcerated prisoners?

    1. Renfield says:

      Hmmm. Hungarian-Americans?

  341. Ernaldo T says:

    Glen’s momma don’t got no name, jus a numbah. I wish you’d get yur neegroe ass up here an visit my house. I didn’t invest in gold, just lead for da lazy, stupid afros…..

  342. Kuhl says:

    The Police are checking to see if the men were robbed? Does that preclude this from being a hate crime if they were? Also looking to see if this is a gang initiation huh? They were likely robbed after the fact, so it won’t be deemed a hate crime. Sounds like the “authorities” are looking for any reason NOT to call this a hate crime.

  343. H. E. Vincent says:

    If you have a pack of digs that go looney, there is a very simple solution. And it is not catching them and trying to adopt them all out for rehabilitation. That does not work once they have been involved in a pack mentality.
    You get some hunters together- track the pack down- & kill every one of them.
    In the interim while they are hunted down, each person in the are carries a weapon in their car at all times.
    Works for us.

  344. Shawn P says:

    “Motive unclear.”

    Laugh. Out. Loud. No it’s not. It’s overt, violent racism inspired by the hate spewing Democrat Part of today, from Barry Obama on down.

    I always loved Denver, but frankly decided I would never move to a town that was controlled by a party that thought it was within their rights to send armed representatives of the government to your house to take your dog away and kill it if they decided they didn’t like the type of dog you owned.

    That WAS NOT the Denver, pillar of the West, that I had grown to admire. That had become Denver, prime example of “progressive” tyranny and stupidity.

  345. Jimbo says:

    More Jails – plain and simple – thin out the pavement apes.

  346. bymy says:

    put the blacks in jail…

  347. Keith Shelton, Tennessee says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You People in Colorado need the Ku Klux Klan in the Worst Way! You’ve got all these so-called agencies bending over backward to protect these poor little people of ‘color’ but who protects the White/Caucasion? Let’s see there’s La Raza, The New Black Panthers, CAIR. Need I say more? What you see happening in our times is the direct end result of policies and programs put in place by the communists in Russia as far back as the 1950’s. Nikita Kruschev said ‘We could not destroy America with a Direct assault or an invasion. What you see here is a slow breakdown of society from within through subtle intervention by communist agents. Yes I seem as a relic to young eyes but the truth is as plain as day. Wake Up America.!!!!

  348. TB says:

    You can take them out…But you cant take it out!

  349. done says:

    Blacks and hispanics are the most angry, racist groups in this country. Black on white violence out of control. White on black violence is tiny in comparison. .

    I know, let’s legalize the 12 to 15 million hispanics that are here illegally! That will make them love us! :)

    The gubment has been saying there are about 12 million illegals in this country and have been saying this for about 15 years. They are lying!

  350. Reno Morelli says:

    Wow. Black youths acting like savages. I am totally shocked right now. When is the last time you heard about something like this happening? Baffling.

  351. TexasRedNeck says:

    Thanks for the news, I just cancelled my fall vacation to Denver, will not come back until I am convinced that you have the locals under control. Too bad, I liked the 16 th st mall. Suggest everyone else do the same as nothing will happen until Denver gets hit in the pocketbook. I suggest everyone else thinking of vacationing in Denver do the same.

  352. Frank Denee says:

    There aren’t any “flash mobs” comprised solely of white people roving the streets looking for non-white victims.

    There aren’t any news stories being edited in order to hide the identities of white criminals in the name of Political Correctness.

    There aren’t any non-whites crying about their children being beaten and worse by a bunch of blood-thirsty white people.

    They say they are anti-racist,but they`re always arguing against white interests and for white genocide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  353. JeddMcHead says:

    Silvio – you are a TOOL if you think “race” isn’t THE factor in these attacks. This isnt about “youth” but about BLACK and HISPANIC youth, you coward!

  354. Chippy55 says:

    If you will read the history of slavery you will see that Lincoln’s Cabinet decided that they could solve the problem by sending the slaves back to their homelands. Some went, others chose to stay. They won’t teach you this in Government run schools run by Liberals because then they can’t make blacks victims. Liberals always have to make people victims, make them appear unable to work for themselves, hence welfare. People like Pelosi do not care if blacks want to improve their lives, just keep saying that you are a victim, and she will provide for you, and Harry Reid is the same way, that’s why you have 99 weeks (and growing) unemployment benefits. Just keep voting for the Liberals, that’s why there are only 50% of Americans who work now.

  355. Constance says:

    How come these underprivileged minorities can’t take on people one to one? Why does there need to be a huge crowd against a few white people every time? I thought all these “gangstas” were tougher than tough, wearing their pants around their butt cracks and swaggering around owning the place? Well then? Take on somebody one to one. Step on out there – give it a go. This looks quite pansy to me. Very weak. Perhaps there is a fear that the gangsta might be kicked straight out of these punks. It’s easy to be brave in a crowd.

  356. Banderman says:

    Cowards; these kind of violent thugs can never go man on man. It takes a gang of thugs to spread their racist hatred and racial hypocrisy. I wonder if Holder and Obama will prosecute this as a ‘hate crime’? They seem to be part of the problem instead of manning up and protecting the civil rights of all Americans. Where are these ‘great civil rights’ leaders? One will notice these so-called civil rights leaders only protect the civil rights of their own racial group; they never protect the civil rights of Caucasians. This is the quintessential definition of racial hypocrisy.

  357. Cogiito says:

    Obama set the stage for racial inspired violence by jumping to the immediate conclusion that the police were guilty of racial discrimination in arresting his Harvard professor buddy, and by disallowing the sentencing of guilty New Black Panthers that intimidated white voter at the polls. This part of the design of building his army, along with Hoffa’s thugs.

    And now the New Black Panthers are declaring war on Whites at a rally in Harlem. goggle the video.

  358. John Sweet says:

    They just got the “Day of rage” wrong they were supposed to wait till today for such actions.

  359. alsodan says:

    Nobody has to believe me, but when Obamba was immaculated I predicted this was going to happen. And its going to get worse. (Probably about two weeks before the next election.)
    Check this out:

    and then look up “Cloward & Piven” and “Cloward & Piven Government”.

  360. Suds says:

    I thought once we had our historic first black President this was all supposed to go away. Right?

  361. JIM says:




  362. Harley2002 says:

    Motive Unclear? Brahahahah you Marxists press are sick. Gang of Black people attack White people how about racism genius. I suppose if gangs of white people were attacking blacks the motive would be unclear right? White people we better start banding together and protect our race as we have been abandoned by law enforcement and the press.

  363. drjohn says:

    Motive is NEVER unclear in white on black attacks, is it?

  364. Larry says:

    This is how integration works in the real world: Black communities for the Blacks, Latino communities for the Latinos, White communities(and flash mobs) for everybody! Forced integration is anti-white.

  365. mikey says:

    I wonder if being fed a steady diet of resentful notions from the left has anything to do with the new attitude by young ‘folk’.

  366. Onerous says:

    Carry a gun and shoot the thugs to protect yourself anyway!!

  367. Blake S. Davis says:

    White, black or Latino, you have to be either insane or brainwashed to vote Democrat. Look at what the Democrats have done to the black community – if you are Latino do you really want YOUR community to turn out like that? You want your children to grow up in one child homes in the middle of a gang controlled ghetto?

    Latinos – wake up, vote Republican and at least have a chance of growing up without broken families and crime. Or vote Democrat, take the Democrat poison, and you too can be where blacks are now after 50 years of Democrat control.

    And wake up black people – your so-called friends are really your enemies, even if they are black. They have only loyalty to the party and your community could stay in misery.

    1. Frank says:

      The system failed us. Republicans only see one thing: These whites cry about being attacked and yet their kind sends military forces around the world, invade it, build their resorts and keep the local minorities out of their hotels, golf-courses, and lodges. Many of these people are Republicans. Democrats, are crooked and seem to build bigger government. The Tea Party is only a movement of White Republican people created to separate themselves from ‘Non-White’ Republicans. Let’s face it, Whites (not all, but the Majority) dislike non-Whites unless they are good athletes, rappers, or porn stars. I myself love capitalism, but I work to build a Racist-Free Capitalist society on the Internet because most Whites don’t want to see me, or any other SPICS in their world. They can keep it, the Internet is the new Paradise and that’s where I live. One day the Internet will Unite all Nations, one day the Internet will have an International Economy, and ONE International Political Party Guaranteeing the Rights and Liberties to all Productive Citizens who desire Freedom from Tyranny, Oppression, and Now Racism! And no I don’t hate Whites or any Race, I just detest those who want to monopolize “Rights and Freedom”, I detest those who do what they can to keep me as an “Outsider”.

  368. GF says:

    Time for whites to leave a few of those maggots laying on the streets with a lead overdose.

  369. Turd Ferguson says:

    “Unclear motive” my foot! It was because they were white, pure and simple. I predict that one day it will be illegal to be a free, white, straight, land-owning, voting male in this country. I also believe that one day it will be illegal for these same males to reproduce. If you notice all the new “progressive” shows being produced, general the “strong” leaders are either black men or white women. Subliminally, I believe this conditions white women to believe that black men are their TRUE partners, because in many episodes, black men can ALWAYS relate to how the white woman feels, but the dumb schmuck white male hasn’t a clue. This is by design folks! So tonight, sit back, and watch you a nice big helpin’ of propaganda when you turn on your televisions.

  370. Jo Dern says:

    Incredible, these punk kids today are really out of control!

  371. driveby_poster says:

    “It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson.”

    If Sonny Jackson was himself white, one wonders if he would have made the exact, same comment.

  372. Joe says:

    This is what happens when a civilization is forced to integrate monkeys into itself. When non-inventive monkeys become equal to thinking human beings who have a history of technological advancements, there will be a downward slide in that society. I say, give these hoop-shooting animals a load of bananas and ship their rapping a**es back to wherever jungle they came from.

  373. David says:

    ” 10 to 15 young people — described as black or Hispanic and both male and female — attacked four white men on the 16th Street ”

    ..and the headline reads ” motive unclear? ”

    It seems quite clear to me. Hopefully all of these animals will be convicted of a hate crime.

  374. Audra says:

    The motive is not unclear to those who have been following recent trends in news.

    If it were a large group of white kids attacking a small group of black men, no one would hesitate in assigning a motive to the attack.

  375. CA reader says:

    I cannot believe the racist comments that are posted here! They have slandered every single race on the planet.

    The only one who made a thoughtful comment was Craig L. I agree with him wholeheartedly. Fathers do not get the recognition and respect that they deserve. Our whole society would be a lot more peaceful and prosperous if we understood the importance of fathers in child rearing. My husband and I were both raised by single parents, so we know how brutal life is for kids from broken homes. And these days, the parents don’t even bother to get married in the first place!

    The whole purpose of marriage is to create an environment in which kids can grow into healthy, productive adults. Society must put a premium on couples getting married and staying married. A return to Biblical values will create peace and prosperity. But first we must read the Bible ourselves instead of relying on what others say about it. Church doctrine (like bigotry) often contradicts the Bible. Biblical illiteracy is a big problem in this country.

    But plowing through the Bible is a big chore. Therefore, society must also place a big premium on scholarship.

    1. whitey fight back says:

      Hey moron different races can NEVER leave together under the same government in peace, no matter what your Jew bible says. In Africa black women also have many illegitimate children and black Africans are now over a billion strong, we can thank the White Guilt Christian church for providing food and housing for those animals, when if anything they should be providing condoms for them if they truly cared about humanity and Gods green Earth.

  376. generic mann says:

    I used to be race oriented then I grew up. When 9-11 happened we were all american. Brothers of every color came together to answer the call. Right or wrong for that instant we were truly indivisible. Crime is a problem in every state of this union. To blame a race,or a culture is narrow minded. Put it on where it belongs. which is on the criminal. Blacks blame whites for slavery. whites blame blacks for crimes. And latino’s can’t get a break from either side. In fighting among non criminals only serve the criminals. London riots. Easy how something righteous turned so twisted. Think about it.

    1. Renfield says:

      I will indeed place blame on a culture that exalts violence, promiscuity, and ignorance. Do you really think that all cultures are equal? The culture of the headhunters of the Amazon basin is just as worthy as the culture of the ancient Greeks or Egyptians? Urban black ghetto culture is equal to the culture of the Italian Renaissance?

      1. generic mann says:

        You can spin The words how ever you choose to promote your agenda. You claim you want peace,but only through violence. I’m no longer a race hater and It feels good. I still have no sympathy for criminals and gangs. Protecting my family is job #1. These same criminals probably used that Renfield excuse to justify what they were doing. Think about it.

  377. Al says:

    Yo, maybeez dayz felt disrespected, ya knows what I’m sayin’ yo?

  378. manup says:

    Most of you idiots responding to this horrible tragedy with racism can’t be more than 13 years old mentally. Can’t believe mature adults would be spewing this mess…and you probably claim to be Christians. There are wild youth all over this country terrorizing others…not just black kids. At least in this case, the white guys walked away with minor injuries. In Mississippi, white teens sought out a black man, ran him over with their truck and murdered him. But most of you will probably say he deserved it. How can we say America doesn’t continue to reek with racism and read comments such as the ones listed here? How do you sleep with a heart filled with hatred? You must be atheists, no one who truly believes in and knows God could continue to be so wicked!

    1. Renfield says:

      Black-on-white crime is 100 times white-on-black crime, manup. Every single “flash mob” attack has been black on white. Your anecdote doesn’t cut it. The truth is not racist.

    2. whitey fight back says:

      Thankfully I saw the light and became an atheist and dropped that white guilt christian jew loving religion. You use one case in Mississippi where two white teens sought out a black man to kill while you probably don’t know anything about Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsom of Knoxville, TN who were absolutely brutally raped and murdered by a group of blacks. How can you white christians sleep at night knowing your race is being brutalized while you lie in bed in the safety of your own home, just remember that each day whites are robbed, beaten, and raped by the hundreds. Don’t believe me? Look at rape statistics. Man I really hope that some white men will look at my name.

  379. Barlow says:

    This case is a complete mystery. Police need help to figure this one out.

    1. whitey fight back says:

      There is absolutely nothing mysterious about packs of blacks attacking whites. I am just simply wondering, what if a gorup of racist whites waited at a public place such as a mall and if they were to be attacked or would witness such an attack what they would do…:)

  380. Steve Savage "King of the Beasts" says:

    The White Man became the dominant race on this planet because he is the most dangerous of all predators, having either reduced or eliminated all opposition to his security by whatever means required to achieve what he is convinced is his Manifest Destiny. He has sliced up Africa like a piece of cake, interned indigenous people on reservations, created target specific diseases to anonymously eradicate and/or cull what he euphemistically calls “The Herd.” His greatest ally, his asset, as it were, is fear because he hates what he fears and will do whatever it takes to eliminate that which threatens his existence. I’m afraid that by this Wolf Pack behavior of the Blacks, which appears to be metastasizing and escalating, that they have taken the first steps to placing themselves first in a FEMA Camp, and ultimately, on the endangered species list.

    Steve Savage “King of the Beasts”

  381. Anna D says:

    It’s obvious this is a race-based hate crime. These rabid animals need to be treated as such.

  382. Malcolm says:


    Welcome to the Un-United States of New Africa (comprised of wild blacks, hispanics, and africanized whites)!! God is clearly telling America in a hundred different ways that He is angry with America — America doesn’t want Him, His Son, His Church, or His law so now America can see what the Bible means when it says “all nations that forget God shall be turned into hell.” -Psalm 9:17 We can expect more savage tribalism in the coming years. Americans will ride this toboggin all the way to the bottom because they are truly hell bent on being hell bent.

  383. bpf53 says:

    Ever since Obama has been President the country is more divided than ever before. Obama is following the teachings of his hero’s, Saul Alinsky and Cloward–Piven on how to divide and destroy the United States of America.
    History if America survives will show how this tratior now in the White House almost hopefully tried to bring down one of the greatest nations the world has ever known.

  384. E. Bonix says:

    “It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

    Authorities say the attacks could have been gang related or racially motivated.

    Yu don’ be say? Why yu don’ be axin’ da gangstaz?

  385. lAmOnt says:

    We do this cus aint no one fight bacc CUHZ

  386. Impaler Lord says:

    Let these vermin try that on me, because a good many of them will hit the pavement without a face, literally. It’s time to thin the herd of these darkie savages, by killing them when they try to kill us.

  387. JoeAstroturf says:

    I hope people aren’t expecting a prosecution .US Eric (Terror Loving) Holder will let theses guys off even if their caught. Besides he’s busy trying to prosecute Navy seals and cover up Fast and Furious guns and Solyndra.

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse

    Baucus is threatening insurance companies Obama the CBO
    Medicare Advantage and free speech is about to go
    He’d rather see people in our forts , planes and La liberty building die
    then to see a muslim terrorist get water in his eye
    All the insane and pervert czars and the communist ones too
    are surprised how easily they took us without even a coup

  388. klesb says:

    Please educate those who operate in gangs that use of deadly force is legal when there is a “disparity of force”. Multiple attackers with no perceived weapons can legally be shot! And, will be!

  389. hackks says:

    ok so whites outnumber them all and have the $4 and guns…want to be exterminated? whites don’t hit n run we stay and DISMEMBER YOU!!!! keep it up savages your gonna feel his wrath!

  390. Michael D. Lowe says:

    The flood of racist comments that always follows a Drudge link never ceases to amaze me. Its funny how tough a bunch of racists are behind a computer….

  391. Rabelais Todais says:

    This is another black mob attack. It is part of the new America. Here is a site attempting to keep records of these attacks:

  392. Discot Harvey says:

    I fear that race relations are the best they’ll ever be right now. They are deteriorating rapidly, and we’ll be back to the Watts riots in no time. Shame… It took our first black President to trash 40 years of progress.

  393. JT says:

    This is what LBJ’s Great Society has wrought: packs of feral humans roaming the streets of our cities.

  394. jimmy page says:

    The blackman has never accomplished anything in his existance,he never will.Sure 4 OR 5 % are fine but the majority are sub-human.Breeding like rabbits,will not work.The people that got beat with bats a few weeks ago,these 4 guys,you go down to that freak show they call the 16th st mall and your asking for it.The people getting attacked are the very people that support them so much,I say,welcome to reality

  395. hi2usurveillancebros says:

    Carry a gun at all times to defend yourself and your friends/family against the savagery of the subhuman mud people if you are unfortunate enough to live in a part of the country where they congregate in large numbers (typically urban areas with a comfortable amount of welfare money available for them to leech off of).

    Most of you think this is new, or has something to do with Obama, because of the general media black out on hate crimes against whites over the past 40 years. But if you analyze the FBI crime reports (at least until they stopped recording this sort of information, and declared all Hispanics “white”) you’ll see that non-whites violently attack whites with extreme frequency. The only place you’ll find this information is on “racist” websites because the main stream media refuses to acknowledge the rampant racism and hate crimes committed by non-whites.

    Man is an inherently tribal creature and non-whites want to murder you because you are white. Period. Diversity is failed experiment and multi-culturalism is tantamount to cultural suicide, the suicide of Western civilization. Acknowledge this fact and be prepared to defend yourself at all times.

    Or be another victim.

  396. Chimp O Rama says:

    They say that the USA is a melting pot. Trouble is, you add the WRONG INGREDIENTS to the melting pot and …. KABOOM.

  397. Jewfromhell says:

    Don’t worry, Eric Holder says that they were black panthers so it’s all Otay!

  398. Armed to the teeth says:

    If you are white, the FBI stats show you are about 95% likely to be attacked by non-white minorities. The facts show if you’re white and un-arrmed, this is what happens. But hey, these are the “poor underprivileged youth” that Obama says is the future of America. So your choice is take your beatings you white devils (what Obama calls us in church), or fight back against Obama’s children of the future. If you’re attacked by Obama Hussein’s kids and you voted for him, you got what you deserve. So just take your beating/rape/robberies/murder quietly and give him your vote. Welcome to Obama Hussein’s new Amerika!

  399. again12345 says:

    …they(the mexicans and blacks) did not robbed the victims, they just administered them a betting, a reminder to all the white Americans who is in charge. Well, I think federal laws are made to prosecute people for racism.O!… but wait the victims were all white, so no racism here. Thank you “al sharpton, jackson , la raza ,aclu, and other well intended group of jerks.”

  400. nhlfoda says:

    Wow, a gang of black youth in trouble and no news conference with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?!! What is the world coming to……

  401. Marshall strong says:

    I have read these comments and many others, one thing is clear. The White Man has had enough. It is time for the White Caucus, if for no other reason to focus on & bring more attention to Black on White Crime. I am with you my Brothers & Oh yeah, like you, I have been stocking up. The South is full of Snipers, we learn it young. 1,000 ft away can be very touchable.

  402. Ghostsouls says:

    Why the hell is it, that only BLACK people can have hate crimes committed against them, huh, Eric “My People” Holder??? This is a hate crime as defined by law. 2 other races singled out WHITE MEN, not Hispanic, not Asian, not Filipino, not Mexican, WHITE. If a gang of white kids beat up black men, you would see a race baiter on every corner shouting RACISTS! The law must be EQUAL, I think it was someone like Martin Luther King, Jr. that said this…..

  403. LaQunita Inn D'Jones Laquisha says:

    This is clearly a case of white not being where they should. I be they were rich and spending money and opressing people.

  404. Taylor says:

    All people can do bad, but more Blacks do bad than anyone else.
    That’s not racist. It’s the truth.
    None of these people were Slaves. They are taught this by their parent and teachers. Doesn’t CO. have CCW laws? They need them.

  405. Kiba says:

    Where in the hell are my other comments? Why do I have to type and comment on here for nothing? None of mine were any worse than many others. What gives? Are you profiling me or something?

  406. klg1956 says:

    We can only hope it was Robert Redford and Maurice Strong that were beat senseless….maybe that would knock some sense into those progressives that think they know everything….give, give, give and then they feel entitled to take and with a radical in the big house, the really are feeling their oats!

  407. SockRayBlue says:

    I moved out of that place just around the same time for the same reasons. Twelve years as an Adams County deputy and glad to put it all behind me having watched the devolution of mankind.

  408. Max says:

    Could it be that the four whites were attack simply because they ARE white? Hmmm…

  409. Doberman says:

    When punks start running in packs, it’s time to start ‘packing’! (
    and I do NOT mean move away!)

  410. Knightflyer says:

    Can you say HAYE CRIME .Wait,my mistake ,It is only a hate crime if a white attacks a MINORITY.Arm up White America !

  411. Frank says:


    “Motive UNCLEAR”???

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! The motive was anti-white racism.

  412. Zemindar says:

    If it were the other way around it would be on the national news and they would be calling it a “horrible hate crime”

  413. Johnny B. Good says:

    Can’t we all just get along now?

  414. CRACKERa$$CRACKERS says:

    Poor white people, Boo HOO

    1. ByteRider says:

      No… we’re typically well to do, not poor, because we value education and hard work.

      Care to another another genius comment?

  415. ByteRider says:

    Sadly, folks, this is the beginning of the end. Remember what Bloomberg said last week– riots in the streets. The kids are in a low income demograph [by their description] so they are “reach out” first. If you guys pay attention to the news like I do, you see a lot of this going on in several cities and even “flash mobs” in stores and on the streets [violent flash mobs, that is].

    Expect to see this increase exponentially over the next 6 months. We are in a dangerous time, but this will– I believe — lead to another civil war. I know that sounds rediculous… whaddathunk… right? Well, when was the last time you seen mobs like this? Oh… let me refresh your member… it was during the civil war. Look it up.

    Gerald Celente also predicted this would happen. Google ’em.

  416. JSR says:

    All you people are f-ing idiots.

    Use some rationality. 1: we live in America where minorities and low income families usually p happen to be dark skinned so they fall into the almost always true category of committing more crimes.
    2: what is better? An “honest crime” like beating a guy in the face, or a dishonest crime like sitting in your office in a suit (white guy) and scamming millions of people out of mortgages or healthy energy or any other crimes rich white dudes commit from afar?
    3: Read Guns Germs and Steal and then go suck on your thumb for eternity

    1. Bryan says:

      Better yet, let’s make it legal for black and hispanic gang members to beat up whites who never did anything to them.

      That would solve the problem.

  417. Daniel says:

    And some people wonder why I never leave the house without my handgun!!!

  418. isnrblog says:

    All ths race baiting. Is someone trying to spark a race war? I have never thought that the black experiment ould work in the US and would end in violence. So if blacks ar approx 14% of the population, thats about 7 to 1. Good luck n1ggers.

  419. Bryan says:

    What are they talking about “the motive was unclear”???

    It couldn’t be any more clear. There are violent black and hispanic gangs in Colorado, and they hate white people.

    To the cops in Denver. You have my permission to blow these kids’ brains out. Don’t worry about what color they are. Kill them.

  420. John says:

    I was lookng for the pairing of the words “hate” and “crime” in the article. Did I miss them or is it accepted that only whites are racist?

  421. killerbee says:

    They ALWAYS forget the part where the CONQUERING Black TRIBES SOLD the losing tribes to the evil white man. They didn’t have CRACK back then.

  422. Soul Leister says: