2 Men Accused Of Taking Dead Friend Out For Night On The Town

DENVER (CBS4) – Two men are facing charges in a crime that has family members shocked.

They are accused of putting their deceased friend into a car and then heading out for a night of bar hopping.

Jeffrey Jarrett died last month. The cause of Jarrett’s death is still being investigated.

Jarrett’s family is appalled by what happened. Two of his friends, Robert Young and Mark Rubinson, allegedly loaded his body into a car, hit a bar in Denver then another one in Aurora, before finally taking Jarrett, 43, home.

Rubinson, 25, and Young, 43, then ended their night at Shotgun Willie’s in Glendale, but without Jarrett. They then allegedly took $400 out of Jarrett’s account.

A member of Jarrett’s family, who didn’t want to be identified, said he was a loving father, graduate of Colorado State University and hockey player. She is devastated by the actions of Rubinson and Young.

“Taking a deceased person in a car, I mean, it just seems totally wrong,” said Jarrett’s family member.

Rubinson and Young face charges of abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation. A relative said Young was living with Jarrett and came home on Aug. 27 to find him dead, but didn’t call for help.

jeff jarrett 2 Men Accused Of Taking Dead Friend Out For Night On The Town

Jeffrey Jarrett (credit: Jarrett family)

“I’m horrified, I’m absolutely, I can’t even put in to words, I can’t imagine anybody thinking that maybe their friend is in trouble and not calling 911,” said Jarrett’s family member.

Family members still don’t know what caused Jarrett’s death but they say the circumstances surrounding it are still hard to believe.

“It’s terrible, it’s just something that we’re really having trouble coming to terms with,” said Jarrett’s family member.

  • Joseph

    There apparently needed a stiff one.

    • freecheese

      “They must have watched “Weekend At Bernies.”

      • Ruckus

        I didn’t know that it was aginst the law to have a rolling “WAKE” for a friend. Reminds me of the song. “Prop me up by the jukebox when I die” Kill Joys !

      • james

        Love it !

  • glenp


  • wes

    lucky stiff anyone?

  • Umm

    Wasn’t this a CSI episode?

  • Mikey

    Weekend At Jarrett’s

    • Ruckus

      Wait a minute. The article said they came home and found him dead but didn’t call for help. Errr-is there anything you can do for someone that is dead? Just saying !

      • j logan

        yes there is,GO PARTYING

  • Tim

    Weekend at Bernies is the best movie ever made. Hillareous. What’s even funnier is Rodger Eberts review of the movie. He panned it, he felt it was beneath him to have to spend time watching it. Go see the movie now, and enjoy the stappling the toupee to his head, the marionette waiving from the deck, The waterskeeing and the headnocking along the boardwalk.

    • fern

      Please refrain from commenting. You are illiterate, incoherent and disgusting.

  • Jonathan

    This is nothing new, Errol Flynn and Raoul Walsh took John Barrymore’s body out for a few drinks after Barrymore died.

  • steve

    They’re upset now, but think of the memories he will have.

  • Dan

    I read in Errol Flyn’s autobiography that he and another did something similiar with the body of actor John Barrymore. It was meant as a bonded male thing.

    • George Glock

      Except that didn’t actually happen.

      • Cinta

        notsodomesticated September 21, 2011 Hey pertty lady I tell this to all of my blogspot friends there’s a way to make more people have access to commenting on your site. Right now, it won’t let me comment (I just tried). But if you do a little playing around, there are a couple more options that it will give you, so that more people (like me!) can comment! Just FYI, because I bet you’ll get a lot more comments when you are able to change it. Have a great day!

  • athroughz

    Prop me up beside the jukebox if I die
    Lord I wanna go to heaven
    But I don’t wanna go tonight
    Fix me up with a manekin
    Put a stiff drink in my hand
    Prop me up beside the jukebox if I die.

    -Joe Diffie

  • http://thecryptojournalist.wordpress.com The Cryptojournalist

    Bernie Lomax always knew how to party….


  • Paul Scipio

    You know why this happen, those idiotic movies which glorify and make it look funny to do this, ie..Weekend at Bernies. These two idiots should do a few years in prison to reflect on there stupidity.

    • Lance Uppercutt

      Yeah buddy, calm down. They wanted to give their buddy a final sendoff. It’s commendable.

      • Swinging Johnson

        …and take some of his money.

      • Manuel

        Posted on That is EXACTLY why we dont want gay marriage. You/they are cllnhengiag and trying to hinder our right to our pursuit of happiness by trying to reduce marriage from what it actually is to something you have and want. We see it as not only a direct attack on the santion of marriage but also a direct attack on religion in all its forms. So you expect us to give up our rights so you can have some phantom right of your own? A right that you decided we should give you?

    • Bill

      Isn’t that a little harsh buddy?

      • tneilson35

        NO it’s not harsh! Life is not a movie! How would you feel if this was your brother, son, father….whoever! it’s disrespectful on so many levels

      • smokehouse56

        Not really.

      • jslab

        No, I don’t think it’s harsh. Think about what it would be like if someone did that to your son. Would you like it?

      • Allison

        I agree it’s harsh for the taking your friend to the bars with you part, the robbery part not cool at all. This dude had kids, I’m sure he would want anything he had to go to them.

    • mrburns

      Yeah, blame it on the movies. Who’s the idiot? Hey, a couple of drunk morons thought it would be a good way to send off their dead buddy by bar-hooping ala Weekend at Bernie’s. Nothing terribly wrong or immoral there, just an ill-advised impromptu wake. Though they could have stopped short of raiding the dead guy’s bank account, that was damn wrong.

    • j logan

      settle down,no harm no foul

  • sandalwood

    Hey, what are friends for?

  • Bill

    My bros are going to shoot my ashes out of my favorite shotgun while wasted to celebrate me!

  • Duane

    Good idea Bill!

  • Francis Farmer

    Long before “Bernies” was the Blake Edwards Movie, S.O.B.

  • John

    Colorado………….. Some call this “God’s Country”

  • seano53@comcast.net

    They only took him with them to keep their beer cold.

  • Laurel West

    bernie, bernie, bernie! MAN OVERBOARD!

  • Bobo

    He died a MONTH ago, people. What shape was the body in? And how did they get the body? Where had it been – in the ground? Did they drag the body into the bar with them? Too much weirdness

  • ap

    good times! thats really all i can say, a good time was had by all.

  • Dave

    Those are some good friends. But why did Jeff still have his wallet and how
    hell did he give them his ATM pin#.

  • Scott Martin

    Worthless people…my guess is they were all worthless and Jeffrey’s picture (courtesy of his family) looked nothing like the demised individual and was closer to looking like the coke-heads in the mug shots.

    AC/DC song comes to mind…”Have a Drink on Me”….if he WAS straight, he probably should have separated from these loser buddies and it cost him his life, either by their hand or addictions.

  • LizE

    Assuming there was no foul play involved; I can think of worse things. To send these two goofs to prision on my tax dime, not! Maybe a little community service in form of ‘graveyard shift’ would be a good punishment. After all, isn’t death a celebration of life!

  • Greg

    Dad always said that if you hang out with idiots, they you are an idiot too. I guess this applies to postmortem activities. But the question is, why did the family member not want to be identified?

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