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Motive Unclear In Attack By Group Of Teens On 16th Street Mall

DENVER (CBS4) – Police are asking for the public’s help tracking down a large group of violent teenagers.

They say 10 to 15 young people — described as black or Hispanic and both male and female — attacked four white men on the 16th Street Mall at about 10:45 p.m. on Sunday.

Denver police say the men were standing on the mall near Arapahoe when they were approached by the group. After a conversation, the group turned violent and they attacked the men.

CRIME BULLETIN: View The Document From Denver Police

Two of the four victims left the scene before they could be questioned. The Denver Post reported that two of the victims suffered minor injuries.

“It’s really unclear as to what their motivation was — why such a large group of young people came together and assaulted these individuals,” said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson.

Authorities say the attacks could have been gang related or racially motivated.

“We’re not going to dismiss anything in this case because we don’t know,” Jackson told CBS4.

In 2009 a similar series of attacks took place near downtown, on the 16th Street Mall and in surrounding areas. The victims were usually white or Hispanic and the suspects were black. Surveillance video captured one of the attacks on camera.

Many of those arrested in connection with the assaults were known to have ties with street gangs. Police said some or all of those attacks may have a kind of gang initation.

Police will confirm that in this weekend’s case the victims were not robbed, which narrows down the list of motives somewhat.

Police are asking anyone who has more information about the attacks, including the two victims who walked off, to come forward. They also want to interview anyone who witnessed the attack.

There is a $2,000 Crimestoppers reward for information that helps solve the case.


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  • Steve

    I’m sure it isn’t a hate crime because only White people are capable of racism…

    • Rick O'Shea

      Happiness is a double stack .magazine 45 acp mini.

    • Scottiedont

      Wrong. Only white STRAIGHT people are capable of hate crimes.

      And terrorism, as Janet Napolitano would have us believe.

      • spectrawatt

        Most Definitely “Obama” supporters!

    • Mark

      9mm and a 15 rnd magazine. Problem solved for the these idiots.

    • Anna D

      Your sarcasm is great but probably over the head of many readers….

    • fedupwithrealracism

      and or they’ll say that someone white once made racist comments to them.

    • 1776

      Exactly! That’s what cultural marxism is all about!

    • Rob

      Ain’t that the truth!!!! I’m getting a little sick of it. Even in the old days they would never fight you one on one. They need to sneak from behind you and always with backup!

      • Warren

        And that’s a fact!

      • Keith Martin

        Thats the great thing about concealed carry. It allows an attitude adjustment for wayward youths.

      • Bosco

        Amen! Mr CZ-75B will back them off.

      • Mark

        Fact, spicks and blacks always run in packs

      • Otta Bee

        Nothing to worry about. The Arabs have their Spring. It appears there is a NEGRO Spring here in the US. Goes like this: Negro sees white man. Springs on him. Way to solve? Carry a firearm. See springing Negro? Shoot springing Negro.

      • Rusty Shackelford

        What is really weird is that their have not been of CCW carriers open fire. If the indivuals that are being targeted it just must be a the (badguys lucky day in NOT chosing a CCW carrier. Out of these attack on White folks their has not been one instance where someone had pulled their CCW. That would put a thought in to these thugz heads that it may not be the smartest idea. But also I wonder how many of those attacked are CCW carriers and if they are just afraid to pull the trigger because they fail to understand the law when outside thier home.

      • If You See Something, Say Something

      • Silvio

        Hey guy i recent these comments. With comments like this you guys are no better then those low calss thugs. i’m hispanic and i dispise any kind of behavior like this and to be honest there are white poeple too that do the same. please just leave race out of it because the bottom line it’s the thugish low level metality that youth are showing now a days.

      • Tim Crowley

        They? Who’s they?

      • jjmoon

        Yep–When they are in a pack, they will attack

      • JCFitz

        Attention: Silvio
        You are deceiving yourself, therefore, you come across without credibility. All of the gangs in urban areas are comprised of either blacks or hispanics. There is something defective in the communities that fosters amoung its youths a pack mentality, lack of respect for the law, and racism. Perhaps the problems we see on only those “cultures” have something to do with the progressives who have run urban communities for the last 75 ears. What do you think?

      • Rick O'Shea

        I bet concealed carry requests increase?

      • Craig L


        Being a minority myself I understand how you want to defend your people. But facts are facts, and the fact is that these lawless gangs are far far more often black or Latino than they are white. When you factor in the % of population the different races represent I wouldn’t be surprised to find that black & Latinos are 10 time more likely to be involved than whites.

        That’s an unpleasant reality that those minorities must deal with.

        Probably one of the predominant causes is the number of black & Latinos who are born into one parent homes. Most of the mothers are probably well meaning, but these days the odds are stacked against them. Youngsters need male role models, they need a family structure. If kids don’t have them in their home they look for them elsewhere, in gangs, or just the toughest guy on the block.

        Illegitimate kids (about 70% of Latino & black babies) are a serious, critical problem. One that influential blacks (like our President) are afraid to address. Until we turn that trend around these type of incidents will increase in number and severity.

        Especially in difficult economic times lower income communities are going to suffer from more stress and pressure – this does not bode well for kid at the fringe of society.

      • Silvio

        Attention JCFitz:

        I am not deceiving myself. Yes i do admit there are more stories and there are more gangs of blacks and hispanics, but all i was coming across is that for us that are reading this and seeing these issues come across is to not fuel the fire of racism but to encourage prosperity. The problem with most of today’s society is that lack of involvement and interest. There are many police programs out there for the communities to be involved and express concerns to the authorities but few people attend or even simple pick up a phone and call there local police to express concerns. But coming here to a website with an article written about so called crimes is not necessary especially writing racism remakes that were writing above. We will never address the issues in today society when cowards come to a website and call names to a race in general. So I would appreciate people that are supposedly of higher class and better well mannered then the individuals in the article reframe from such remarks when individuals like myself that are of that ethnicity come to a website and express concerns so these crime can stop. Fuel to the fire man fuel to the fire.

      • You

        You all need to realize Denver county its illegal to conceal a weapon, CCW or not. Conceal carry is illegal here. So all the “just pack heat” comments are ignorant.

      • Renfield

        Open carry is prohibited in Denver (and only Denver), but concealed carry is indeed legal in Denver city and county (with a permit).

      • You

        For those that will blast me:

        Colorado was once one of our “Gold Star” open carry states. However, Denver filed and won a suit challenging the states excellent preemption law. Consequently, both open carry and unlicensed open car carry in Denver are prohibited. There are reports that other localities are planning to follow suit. Currently, outside of Denver, car carry is unrestricted and localities are almost completely preempted in enforcing firearms restrictions, and must post specific facilities which are off limits to open carry.


        I know kinds of crimes both Blacks and Hispanics commit.

        Hispanics are far from saints and do join gangs, but Hispanics aren’t the “flashmob” types, those are 100% BLACK.

        Based on my experience living on the East and West coasts, there are plenty (but not all of them) who are capable in living in a civilized Western society.

        The BLACKS on the other hand, for the most part, are incapable of living in Western Society without reverting back to their primitive instincts.

        IQ has a lot to do with it.

        If you noticed. all of the prior flashmobs did not involve Hispanics or any other minority group, just BLACKS.

        The articles claims that they were either “black or Hispanic,” which was probably inserted to not solely blame the BLACKS.

        So, when referring to this specific crime, I’m almost 100% positive that the entire mob was 100% BLACK.

      • craigpeddle

        Hey Silvio, a couple of English grammatical corrections before I suggest you get your spick ass back across the border. “…i recent these comments.” Yes your comment is recent but start your sentence with a capital I and I think you meant to say resent. “…you guys are no better then those low calss thugs”. I am going to assume that your tiny spick brain meant to type class. “….i’m hispanic and i dispise any kind of behavior like this” Dude once again USE CAPS to start a sentence. “….there are white poeple too” – the word is people. Go back to Mexico and learn the f’ing language before you return

        September 16, 2011 at 10:30 am

      • Blackie Thug

        I hope the black thugs got their foodstamps this month. It was the white person who pay the taxes so the black people can collect their welfare.

      • CCW Man

        You, You do not know what you think you know. The Denver Police Department issues Concealed Carry Permits. Don’t rely on a website that’s for OPEN CARRY information, as your source for laws regarding concealed carry. Anyone who wants to apply for a concealed carry permit in Denver mat do so here:

      • Kyle Kepley

        Just got my own CCW permit in the mail today :)

    • sam

      I’m just glad they reported it as a pack of blacks and mexicans instead of “youths” the way all these other media outlets report on blacks

      • Mike

        There is a zero chance of the suspects being Mexican. The story says that prior victims have also been Mexican and perpetrators always black. THey only mention hispanics as possible suspects only not to appear racist. Now i remember all the whites that voted for Barack Obama because they wanted to vote for the first black president. Race relations in our nation have never been worse in decades.

      • William

        It doesnt matter what color you are- if they are in attack mode they will attack. I’am black and when i see a large pack of what ever color they are, i get nervous. Ever heard of a pack of white teens attacking black people? it does happen…

      • mike

        CBS Denver did report it, like every other P.C. group of afraid media personalities, as an “Attack By Group Of Teens”… drudge reported it as a “pack”.


        Welcome to our

      • WagTheDog

        William, you are so right that a pack of whites has attacked blacks, but the most recent attack was in 1956, so you can relax about that one.

      • Call The Zoo

        my hunch is they where black only. but PC requires that mexicans be tarred to avoid offending martin luther sharpton.

      • Renfield

        @”You” above: You may be right about open carry, but the Denver police do issue CCW permits. Therefore, how can your statement, “[In] Denver County it’s illegal to conceal a weapon,CCW or not,” is patently false. I’ve checked several websites, including the one you cite, and find nothing prohibiting concealed carry in Denver (with a permit).

    • pompey

      ……..well at least it will be good for gun sales……..which should help the economy…….

      • Renfield

        Yep. The only American manufacturing that has flourished since Obama was elected.

    • John Steele

      The new racist are blacks and Mexicans.. They have been told by Obama to get in their face and this the result of having ghetto raised president

      • earthman

        Nothing new about black and mestizo racism, it’s always been there. Just depends on where you live if you’re impacted by the diversity…

    • Kurt

      I cannot wait for the day where one of these thug groups runs into victims who are armed

      • Chris

        That actually happened about 27 years ago, in New York, with a guy named Bernard Goetz. As I recall, he shot those thugs up pretty good……but public opinion turned against him in New York……Man, how I DESPISE idiot do gooder liberals!!!

      • Brad


      • John Hinton

        Kurt – you make an excellent point. People need to be prepared as society debases itself to it’s most common denominator. Attacks like this will likely become more and more normal. We need to start to think independently and plan for our own protection.

        ~John Hinton

      • NoahFingWhey

        Someone who carries is rarely called a victim except when convicted for self-defense.

      • TC

        If they were armed, they would not be victims!!!!! They would be heros.

      • Richardg

        i agree with John that it is not only inevitable but that is further being fueled and fanned by the people in Washington who forgot who their boss is.

        I am so convinced and so tired of worrying about it, I say get down and get it over with. Enough of the though talk…..put up or shut up.

        Course…I am one of them there ignorant texans so……….

    • Scudbuster

      Only White conservative people are capable of racism…

      Fixed for ya!

    • MrWhite

      Liberals are so freaking stupid! Of course this is a hate crime!

      • motherofall

        Actually this is a case of Lynching. when a groupl of one race gangs up and attacks victims of another race it lynching whether actual hanging takes place or not. Hate crimes laws are unnescessary since anti lynching laws have been on the books for about 100 years.

    • Crewmax

      It is just a matter of time until they pick the wrong white dude and they’re wearing toe tags. I would send a bill for the ammo to their parents.

      • The One

        In that case, the parents (sorry, the single mothers) of the thugs will get on the news saying how he was such a good kid and just fell in with the wrong crowd.

      • Pete Ortega

        Then we’ll hear how they were just turning their lives around and that they were just about to get a rap album deal, etc.

      • robert

        Great idea! Well, except for he most important fact. You forgot the legal system, they will probably give the black kids family your house, car and money for protecting yourself! Damn shame!

      • Randall

        Heck with that!! I’d pick up the spent brass and reload for the next pack, also you could put a green spin on it for the bleeding heart gun control liberals that you at least recycle!

    • Bob Truth

      If it had not been for Drudge, Americans would not have heard of this attack. Of course, if the shoe had been on the other foot and white teens had attacked blacks or Hispanics, this would have been the lead story in every liberal rag and television report.

      • Phil

        For sure. It’s almost like there’s an anti-white agenda at play in the media, everywhere you look.

      • RR

        The same thing happened in Milwaukee several weeks ago at the state fair. Black on white violence.

      • Lou Bator

        Don’t forget, White is always spelled upper case.

    • Pud

      This is a no-brainer, it was racially motivated and full of hate.

    • JRoberts

      yoo hoo…Al…you out there…hey-Sharpton…commentts?


      I thought so.

      • silly man

        He’d only say that your remark is racist because you used the racially charged word ‘cricket’.

      • Stevo

        You made me truly LOL with the racist term “crickets!!”

      • artemis133

        It’s only racist if you say “moon crickets”!

    • TexasRich

      This was obviously carried out by those lunatic tea party people that the news keeps warning us about.

    • Bob

      Whites & Asians are invisible in our jusice system; apparently they hold no civil rights. Such rights are reserved for blacks, illiegal alien hispanics, gays and trannies. If a White or Asian is attacked by any of the aforementioned, few if any news groups will report the crime. But let an Asian or White attack a member of the protected species and not only will the affair appear on headlines, members of Congress will make passionate speeches deploring “hate” crimes. Go figure.

      • Ruckus

        Bob-I live in China and it is the safest country I have ever lived in. If you assault a Foreigner, it is Capital Punishment. There is very little violent crime here. I feel perfectly safe here. When I come back to the USA ” I be toten heat ” Sad isn’t it.

    • Stella

      A lot of these comments are being left by people working for Soros. They want to rile up people.

      • Richardg

        Hell Stella,
        We don’t need that old man to rile us up…………..we are on the mountaintop and see what we see for as far as we can look.

        So past that…..move along, move along and


    • smashicus

      Then the whole burrito must go bye bye.

    • Amanda

      ya…that was what I was thinking too.

    • Audax

      Never go anywhere without my concealed carry and extra clips

    • orlandocajun

      Also, am I the only one who doesn’t expect to read a headline such as, “a gang of white, Christian Tea Party teens attack a minority man at a mall”?

    • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

      Police profile: Demorats.
      Politicians should never paid the dumbest to have millions of babies on welfare

    • Bob Davis

      Exactly, Steve! So, do you think this story will be widely reported by the lamestream media? NOT!!!



      • The Black Pope

        For the better part of the last 2000 years White Folks in the name of Christianity have been beating up on people of color. Converting in the name of Jesus you called it. You call it Democracy today. You people need to read some history… In this part of the world it started with a Christian Warrior of God named CORTEZ, then some years later Columbus took over the job of killing I mean converting the so called sub human Natives. The problem is you people have messed with destroyed I mean converted so many people against their wills and continue today. Leave people alone, get out of other peoples countries and return all the wealth and resources that you have stolen and continue to steal on a daily basis all in the name of business, and have stolen all in order to make this country great. Or as you tell black folks, just get over it already, move on. Yea but let these same things you have done and your ancestors have done to others happen to you people and you people think its a tragedy and have a titty attack.
        Hey what goes around really does go around doesn’t it.

      • Natascha

        In Pope’s mind, having some percieved attack in the past justifies any attack in the future. By his logic, the white men who were attacked, their friends, associates, family and any other persons who feel aggrieved have the right to attack blacks based on their race. How does his reasoning look when the ‘colors’ are reversed?

      • aldwulf

        Black Pope is right. White folks were conquerors, converters, and dominators. Thankfully, many say, they have been asleep. What you hear pope is the sound of white people waking up. Thank you.

      • jettyholic

        Black Pope do yo know that Europe was invaded time and time again by North Africans with their Sub Saharan conscripts of sorts in tow? Our European ancestors were the first to arrive and live in North America, killed off by a combination of climate change and Asiatics coming in by way of the land bridge. So by your logic all our conquering and settlement in the Americas and elsewhere is just long delayed payback.
        This is a “Hate Crime” the motive is racial, everyone knows it, yet the media, the FBI,and Holder all ignore it,but the populace sees this and the pot simmers.

    • LaQuan Demitrius Theodorius Jackson

      Of course….the white people were racist, thereby justifying the attacks.

      • Mike C.

        Awesome name, that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day LMAO!!

      • Truth Detector

        Name’s not bad, but not as good as the true story my government school-teaching aunt once related to me.

        On her first day of school in kindergarten, a little girl [of color] introduced herself by a name that sounded like “Fa’Molly.”

        “Fa’Molly?” asked my aunt.

        “Yes, Fa’Molly,” came the reply.

        Not having any idea how to spell it, my aunt spied the identifying strip of masking tape on her lunch box.

        It read “F-E-M-A-L-E”.

    • TiredoftheBS

      I was just about to say that myself. It seems that only Caucasian people can be racists.

    • Bud Keyes

      Not sure of motive? Since when do mobs of blacks and hispanics need a motive to beat up white people? It is for funa and because these kids are slimeballs that should be put in cages like the animals they are.

    • cliff

      Silvio, you sound like an intelligent human being. I fear the worst will eventually happen. If minorities keep poking the beast…………
      If a people are called racist over and over, how long will it take for those people to shrug their shoulders and simply say “so be it”.

      • Richardg

        Like my favorite writer Tom Clancey referenced in the preface of a book

        “If you kick a sleeping tiger in the ass……you best have a plan for dealing with the teeth ”

        Me thinks the sleeping tiger has awakened…..but I am just a stupid country boy so what do I know ?? llol

    • Gunslinger

      I saw this article via Drudge Report. I live in Birmingham, AL and I find it interesting that many of the racially motivated incidents are no longer mostly in the south. Once known as the cradle of racially motivated tension, Birmingham has actually came a long way from the police dogs and water hose days. I do wonder, though, why these types of attacks are not given the publiicity that a race-reversed style event would receive…

      • Renfield

        I’m in Birmingham several times a week. Haven’t yet encountered a black person who wasn’t easygoing and friendly. Never saw a “gang of youths” or felt threatened in any way. The answer to your question is simply this: The media see their mission as “helping minorities,” so they ignore black-on-white crime and hype whatever white-on-black crime they can find. If the black-on-white crime is too big to ignore, the media look for another angle, like the need for “gun control” or more “social programs.”

      • Richardg

        GunSlinger….drop the Slinger and it goes far to explain where the atrocities are taking place. GUN_______

        They might be dumb, but they ain’t all stupid

    • Bill Shockley

      It is culture pure and simple. Blacks that absorb into the culture at large tends to be successful but those who retain their african roots and culture revert to aminal like behavior. The country at large must declare war on cultures of color. Black culture must be eliminited from the US. Blacks must be forced to denounce their culture and roots and live like human beings rather then african animals.

    • Jersey Dave

      Yeah really, i am sure if a bumch of white people attacked some black or hispanic people the media and political types would say they had no idea wha thte motive was, nothing to see here, move along etc. :P

      When do Hate Crimes get applied as a law equally? When does content of character matter more than skin color?

    • Richardg


      If you LOVE ME pass the bill ??????????????????? What is that all
      about ? A Nickelback flashback saying “WE ALL JUST WANNA BE BIG ROCK STARS ??????????????? It is embarassing, period, nuff said

    • Richardg

      We do got a saying down here in nTexas

      “BETTER TO BE JUDGED BY 12 THAN CARRIED BY 6” and you can quote me on that

    • Rational

      Those are the facts. A whole generation of black and hispanic males have been deestroyed; but not because of white racisim. No, it’s not that; it’s tje gangster culture they have adopted–all thanks to their heroes in the thug religion called hip-hop and rap.

    • james

      it will be a hate crime when a white victim with a concealed carry permit puts a couple brats down. then it will become a hate crime and a national story, and not before

    • El Conquistador

      I am a decorated ex marine hispanic. beating the hell out of anyone is always wrong unless LEGALLY justified. okay.

      get right with G-d and you will get it right with man.

    • bruce brinkmann

      Yeah, I’m not sure about the motive but I would bet that ignorance, cowardice, drugs and or alcohol were a factor.

    • Conservative Mom

      Don’t worry about a thing–no doubt the esteemed Revs. Jackson and Sharpton are beating feet to Colorado right now to make sure this hate crime does not go unnoticed!!!

    • slim shady


    • pescado

      I couldn’t of said it better myself!

    • ByteRider

      You got it, Steve. Clearly these are economically disadvantaged youngsters who were merely reaching out to the wealthy.

  • Tom

    When is DPD going to start putting Officers on foot patrol downtown…?

    • KruelHunter

      Never Tom. They can’t afford more cops while city officials are in such desperate need of anothe deputy assistant copy machine operator or whatever.

    • Jacob

      Don’t waste your time waiting for Denver PD to keep you safe. They aren’t legally responsible for your safety. Arm yourself!

      • Marcus Jackson

        Colorado sucks- They will not honor my Utah CCW permit and will not allow out of state residents a Colo permit (that’s why I now ski/vacation in Utah). All the thugs need to do is ask: Where are you from? The answer will tell them if you are carrying or not.

    • mac

      Are you kidding? The DPD wouldn’t be caught dead in those places. It’s just too darn dangerous!

  • Steve Johnson

    This was no surprise to me as I see these thugs all over Denver. They ride the bus with me and have no regard whatsoever for anyone but themselves. RTD Bus Drivers are even frightened to death to keep them under control and I have countless incidents where the RTD Bus Driver is sitting right in front of them and do nothing. They need to be immediately removed from the bus and left or summos the police.

    RTD buses are a scarry place and so is downtown Denver.

    • sueinmi

      Detroit…coming to America.

      • silly man

        You can always move to the south. Note that the worst racial unrest for in the past 4 decades (Watts riots, Rodney King riots, problems in Fithadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit) has occurred outside the south.

      • silly man

        You can always move to the south. Note that the worst racial unrest for in the past 4 decades (Watts riots, Rodney King riots, problems in FILTHadelphia, Baltimore, Detroit) has occurred outside the south.

    • mrwhite

      Stop being afraid and JUST DEFEND YOURSELF!


      • triper57

        Phil – There is a difference, multiculturalism is separate distinct cultures in a country. Diversity means that the cultures have melded into one society.

      • Phil

        But diversity is our strength! That’s what my college professor taught me!

  • ella kunadi

    Maybe some of them are the same punks that beat my son with a baseball bat in Boulder. Boulder police let them go even though they admitted that they “planned” on beating and robbing my son. They are still on the loose. One was white and one Hispanic though. It’s really strange, but seems that in Boulder anyway, they prefer to place absurd charges on folks that don’t deserve them, and let the real perpetrators go. It’s hard to understand why they do this. I hope Denver can do better.

    • Tim

      Because Boulder is chock full of left-wing idiots who voted for Obama, because it made them “feel good”?

      • beelzebubba

        Most voted for the least-worst candidate because Muck-cain proved he has poor judgement by choosing Palin… and because John is a hot-headed assbag who shoots off at the mouth. That was my reason… and I’m a moderate repub who thinks Obama is 99% incompetent

      • ByteRider

        Beelzebubba: All you proved, in the end, is you’re the moron. Ya shoulda voted for McCain. See you in the soup line, genius.

  • Barry Soetoro

    They Momma and Daddy if they know who he is.. are more than likely Obama and Hickenlooper voters.

    • Rob

      What a stupid comment!

      • Tim

        95% of blacks voted for Obammy, so it’s a virtual certainty that this is a pack of Obama-voter spawn. Now who’s stupid?

      • Ruckus

        I gotta agree. This time around everybody with good sense will be voting for Conservatives.. Obummer will only get the minority vote. Moderate Democrates are jusmping the ship, as we saw recently in NY and Nev.

        Who ya Daddy,!!!!!!

      • ByteRider

        Atually, Tim, it was 98.2% of blacks voted for Obama, not 95%.

  • Rob

    We should follow London’s lead and start hanging high definition cameras in areas like the mall. If caught they need to charged with racially motivated crimes.

    • Renfield

      I’d say we should start hanging violent thugs.

    • ddhk

      I disagree. There are already cameras all over down town Denver and it does nothing to help. Even when the cops beat the *** out of people, the camera operators turn the camera the other way. London is a mess and it’s only gotten worse. Do not follow their lead.

    • George

      Don’t hang cameras, hang the perps.

      • Mark Matis

        Actually, until you hang “Law Enforcement”, nothing will improve. Ever notice how these Obamas never attack “Law Enforcement” or their Masters? Ever notice how well “Law Enforcement” does in apprehending this swill and bringing them to “justice’? Attacks on Mere Citizens by a Preferred Species are NOT a priority for “Law Enforcement”. Yet if a Mere Citizen defends himself against a Preferred Species, all hell breaks loose, and “Law Enforcement” is a comin’ at ya!

        The stench is overwhelming.

    • Dave

      Rob *shrieks like a girl* “Somebody save me! I’m weak and pathetic, I can’t take care of myself! Please, oh please, make me safe!” *wets himself*

    • Bulldog22

      What more police state???? BS. The guys should have been carrying. If there were no laws stopping AMERICANS w/o felony convictions from open carrying, these guys would never have tried this.
      Open Carry will solve 90% of violent crimes within one year of being passed. We just need a few examples to scare the hell out of the punks who do this stuff. My weapon of choice id my baby eagle .45. Cause even if it isnt a direct center mass hit, it is still gonna stop em ;)

      • Texasinfidel

        I prefer my Sprinfield .45 XD w 14 rounds of police ammo per clip!

  • daniel

    Right to carry and then carry

    • mike

      Oh, and I carry EVERY DAY. Won’t happen to me!

    • mike

      Amen. Notice how we don’t have these problems in Colorado Springs? Thanks you Sheriff Maketa!

    • Dave

      According to Rob, above, anyone who would carry a weapon is a right-wing wacko just looking to murder an innocent minority, and probably an inbred, racist mouth-breather, too. What we need is more cameras, preferably every 100 feet, so the government can observe us everywhere we go and see everything we do, and can get these poor misguided youth the counseling and financial benefits they so desperately need and deserve.

      • Rob

        Dave where the hell did you get all that from me saying they should have more camera’s to identify the folks doing the crime? Where did I mention guns? I think you might be one of those tea party freaks who want to bring back the old west. I say use sophisticated methods to identify them otherwise how will they be caught? I’m sure if you had your gun Dave when you saw the attack you’d open fire but you weren’t there Dave and cameras help to at least id some of them. That’s all I meant Dave I’m not anti gun so don’t put me in that box.

      • Capt. Obvious

        LOL. Let me translate.

        “Poor misguided youth” = North American Pavement Apes
        “Counseling” = 180 grains in the head
        “Financial Benefits” = $252 in death benes from Social Security

      • Kip Noxzema

        Stop watching sci fi movies. You took your chance to insult Conservatives.

        The next time you get bullied by the punks, you’re on your own. Don’t worry, those cameras will protect you.

        Sure they will.

    • Richardg


  • daniel

    Let me clear this up for you liberals it is racial.

    • ddhk

      The liberals can’t hear you. They have a mental disorder that prevents them from comprehending truth.

      • Lewis Sutherlin

        ddhk- the disorder is medically termed cerebrum dysplasia- occurs in the 4th month of fetal development when the intended brain cells migrate to the anus. Disease is epidemic in liberals, e.g. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid et al.

      • OBOZOSUX

        OMG!! THAT’S FUNNY, I don’t care who you are. I’m going to take the liberty and copy this. I have way too many friends who, since the Mullah’s in the white house, need a good laugh! Thanks for it!

      • trigger

        the disease is also none as fecalencephalitis

      • artemis133

        A related condition is “rectal-cranial inversion”.

    • CR

      OK already. Enough with the banter. If you want to change something, DO IT. I was trained with the motto, ACTA NON VERBA. I’m socially liberal and fiscally conservative, and still carry my .45 regularly – even though I live in California. This is not an issue of politics or conservative vs. liberal mindset.

      • Lorenzo Furioso

        you are on the right track, sir. everyone deserves the right to protect themselves from this random or planned violence, no matter what the motivator. I carry a .380 whopper even in my realtively peaceful town. I take the .38 snub with plus-p rounds for a night on the town. Pull it out and get to shooting if necessary. Gots my little speed loader with five more for back-up. Be safe, us moderates are a dying breed.

      • dave

        Oh shut the heck up and see what tune you’re singin while sittin in an L.A. prison cell for packin your heat in their lib fantasy land. Sounds like you were looking for an excuse to spout off about your pistola. Geeesh….

      • Kip Noxzema

        Lorenzo, what are the Plus P rounds? I use hollow points with my .380.

  • dave

    carry will work wonders

  • Barry the Fascist

    This is Barry’s civilian army he spoke about during his campaign.

    • BlogMagog

      Maybe this is how he plans on raising money for his spending. Rob the white folk.

      • magpet

        He is robbing the white folks – only he calls it taxes…

  • maryJo

    not much rope left on the racism line. i dont think whites will be swallowing the racism lie much longer. after that point, if the ‘card’ is thrown around, look out.

  • James 4:14

    We should have picked our own damn cotton.

    • Warren


    • mirted

      Now, there is some spot-on hindsight. However, it’s still going on today, just with other ethnics and cultures. Don’t you think many in the UK and EU regret opening their doors to a flood of immigration, mainly because they wanted cheaper labor?
      Ditto here in the USA. The drive for cheaper labor is what is behind it. That means the lobbying by big Ag and big Business, not the basic citizenry. Despite the mantra of “diversity as benefit”, it is not when the “diversity” is destabilizing. Besides, most left leaning govts. and thinkers do not want diversity of thought, just cultural diversity and more different restaurants.

    • Vernon

      “We should have picked our own cotton” Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Donald

      Most of us did…and still do!

    • dan

      Ya a bunch of white farmers from america went to africa and grabbed up slaves…….. Get real bro The elite blacks over there are the gatherers that wanted to sell their own race for $$

      • Anna D

        It was the Muslms slave-traders who collected the slaves and sold them to Europeans.

      • Susystin

        The Africans and the Northerners both went and took the people of Africa and sold them here in the U.S. and other countries in the world. One of the first slave owners in this country was, omg! – A BLACK MAN!!! Read the history.

      • isnrblog

        Black on Black slavery still exists in the Sudan and other parts of the world.

      • ByteRider

        It’s important to mention that AMERICAN INDIANS WERE SLAVE OWNERS TOO. Oh.. that’s gottah hurt, huh? Oh… and guess what? FREE SLAVES OWN SLAVES… whoa…. hey, that wasn’t supposed to happen.. BUT IT DID.

      • isnrblog

        Another thing they don’t teach in school!!

    • Gary


    • bob right

      Dan you are almost right true it wasn’t us that went to Africa to harvest them it was the Muslims who picked them from the trees and bushes and shipped them here we are only guilty of buying them

    • aldwulf

      still not too late to mow our own lawns and hang our own sheetrock.

  • Mary

    The Left and the media promote social and economic instability in America so not surprised about the increased crime in Denver.

    • aubreyfarmer

      Stupid kids are just pawns in a game they don’t understand. Racially motivated crimes will grow because the media, Hollywood and television promote racial hatred. This is how the powers that be control all of us. Divide and conquer. Time and again the Hegelian Dialectic is used successfully to manipulate as. Social problems are created purposely to give the authorities a pretext for additional unnecessary laws that take away our rights. We are manipulated into killing each other or joining the military and killing anyone they have demonized because it will serve some financial or political goal the elite wish to accomplish. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan are prime examples. Now they have us destroying Libya so the oil companies can get their hands on Libya’s light sweet crude. We are all just human resources to be exploited.

      • Gary

        How does the media promote racial hatred? Every television show, every movie I watch has blacks in leadership positions, heroic blacks, super smart blacks, blacks that all the white people love and respect. Black judges (have you noticed that TV judges are always black!), black generals, black police chiefs, cool blacks that make fun of the dorky whites, sexy blacks with shirts off, wise blacks, black humanitarians, and of course, super intelligent black scientists (lol). Dude, you are smoking crack if you think “the media” does anything but present blacks as the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s a miracle if black-on-white violence (the reality) is ever reported more than locally.

  • D.W.

    Let me help the headline writer: The motive was RASISM.

    • Gary

      Dat’s raciss!

      • peeper

        yo iz raciss fo bringin it up. Nomesayin yo?

    • Kip Noxzema

      jes ned ax you sum fin, do dose RASISTS fink we be lyin’, seewotIsayin’, yo?

  • Mike

    Police were to busy writing other white people speeding tickets to raise revenue, they don’t have time to protect innocent people from the New American terrorist, The Minority young and stupid!

    • Grace


    • lwlfnm

      Serve and Protect. Serve the government and protect government from the people. This is true and only purpose of the police. Always was and always will be.

  • Steve

    Anyone see a pattern. These things only happen in states where citizens aren’t allowed to carry guns on their person. You don’t see this happening in Texas! Libs will never learn.

    • Renfield

      Steve, I thought Colorado was a “shall issue” state. (I have a lot of family in Colorado, and supposedly Colorado honors my Alabama CCW permit, too.)

      • Mark

        Damn right, Steve. Some day a “pack of violent teenagers” are going to choose the wrong victim and somebody’s going to end up in the morgue at 17. Sad, but if the police aren’t going to protect us from these animals, and God forbid their parents should have a clue, then the old saying “actions have consequences” applies here. But then, of course, the person who pops the little darling will get tarred and feathered. So be it.

    • Dave

      It happened in Dallas last week. Still, I’ll take my chances while carrying. Those against carrying… good luck to you.

      It’s awfully quiet from the usually outspoken race baiters of this country. Where are you Al? Jesse? Quannel? SHeila Jackson Lee? Ruben?

  • earthman

    “Motive unclear”? The motive is only unclear to Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL).

    • nutty

      Well, this is CBS, after all.

      • will

        YOU SAID IT NUTTY , (DWL) .

  • Rick

    One of these days they are going to approach the wrong people and BANG your DEAD SUCKER

    • badonkadonk

      Everybody keeps saying that but it hasn’t happened and it won’t happen. Everyone knows whites are considered “pre-guilty” and will be destroyed by Eric Holder and “his people.” White victims = guilty. Black thugs = oppressed victims. That’s the way it is in America and everybody knows it.

  • chester field

    same thing all over the country

  • Renfield

    If this had been whites attacking blacks, the headline wouldn’t have said, “Motive unclear.”



    • Gary

      Shhhhhh! You’re not supposed to talk about that! Sure, blacks make up 12% of the population but commit 50% of the murders, but that’s because “the system” is “raciss”, you see. So . . . shhhh. And be happy if your daughter dates one! Diversity is our strength!

    • peeper

      Da gubbmint got ta do sumfin. We gotsta gib dem jobs.

  • Alfred

    White men and women in these areas start carrying firearms, defend yourselves.
    It is REALLY time to start leaving some of these sub human savages dead in the street with big bullet holes in them. The police certainly don’t seem to be able to protect you, and they certainly don’t seem interested in removing these chimpanzees from civilized society.

    • CommonSense

      Only one problem. They beat you or shoot you, they get off, there’s no motivation. You defend yourself, you get charged with a Hate Crime, and Holder’s filthily corrupt DOJ will make an example of you for “his people”.

      • will


      • Thomas

        Isn’t it amazing that we have an openly biased person running the JUSTICE department . . . and he’s still there? It’s like someone invited a member of the Black Panther Party over, and all the weenies are too embarrassed to ask him to leave. And we could have had Van (I’m a communist and I hate whites, but I have a white wife, she’s cool) Jones, as “Jobs Czar” or whatever. Hope and change!

      • WagTheDog

        Well, they beat us and run away from apprehension . . . I say we shoot them and run away too.

      • MorganGray

        Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  • Yogi

    One does have the understanding of the wildebeest having to share the Serengeti with jackals.

  • Nutty

    Just some Obama campaign workers drumming up votes.

  • Donna

    Animals, truly just animals.

    • Robin Hood

      America is starting to look fuedal with whites as the peasants and the blacks are the protected class that lives off the labor of the whites. As in the middle ages,the knights/blacks can attack us with impunity and whites dare not harm the lords of America.

      • Rocky

        Wow, Robing hood! Good one!!

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