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There are so many amazing creative people who live and work in Denver and the surrounding areas. With such a vibrant visual arts scene, Denver is home to a lot of different types of artists, from landscape to abstract to figures and more. There are new names coming out every year, new artists that you should be looking for and new works that will move you. Some of these names are not new to Denver, but their work may be new to you. These are artists with something to say, and they do it in a beautiful and creative way that will get you talking and spark hours of conversation and debate. Here are some more great up-and-coming artists in Denver.


Going simply by the name Bug, this artist is out to challenge your perceptions and your concepts of truth. He creates primarily modern sculpture and different types of art installations, using objects that work together to make a statement about something. The names of each piece are almost as telling as the work themselves. Evocative, poetic and fascinating describe Bug’s work. Bug has been showing throughout Denver for a while, and his recent shows at Pirate: A Contemporary Art Oasis have been drawing a lot of attention.

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Laleh Mehran and Chris Coleman

Laleh Mehran and Chris Coleman have had successful art careers individually, and have been showing at galleries throughout Denver for quite a while. However, it is their recent collaboration that is getting a lot of buzz throughout the art scene in Denver. The collaboration, titled “Transitional Fragments,” is a unique look at maps, what they are, what they’ve been and where they are going. There are many different methods used throughout all of the pieces to create the works, though the pieces also work together to create one cohesive vision and statement about the way we view the world through the use of maps.

Lewis McInnis

Artist Lewis McInnis currently resides in Fort Collins, though this impressive artist held such positions as the Assistant Curator at the Smithsonian at the National Portrait Gallery. McInnis has been showing his work throughout Denver for some time, and if you have never seen his beautiful creations, then you should definitely make time to take a look. His richly detailed paintings are created using oil or gouache, while incorporating other methods like charcoal and colored pencils. The result is an abstract work of geometric patterns that have a dreamlike quality unlike any other. His work is fluid yet controlled, planned yet free, and each painting can easily draw you in for hours of contemplation.

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Meg Ingraham

What happens when a creative mom is drawn into the world of her children? Brilliant child-like, whimsical art. Meg Ingraham has created so many different types of work throughout the years from abstracts to figures. However, it is her work with creatures and animal paintings that is so much fun. Her paintings run the gamut from realistic to dreamlike and from child-like to more mature. As this working artist explains, her art work is “Wacko, because that seems friendly and inviting.”

Shannon Piserchio

Shannon Piserchio is a self-described feminist and humanist and she uses her lens to create stories, showcasing how she views the world. Through her fashion and figure photography Piserchio explores many different themes, including the darker side of humanity. Her images are truly moving, highly emotional and thoroughly fascinating. She manages to capture a full story in a single photograph, with a lot of movement and layers to each piece. It is very easy to look at one of Piserchio’s pieces and get lost in the story for hours, as you decide just what she is trying to say, and enjoy the many emotions through which she tells you. If you haven’t seen this fascinating photographer’s work yet, make time to see her fine art collections.

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