BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Hot temperatures along the Front Range have created high waters and potentially dangerous conditions. Those conditions have shut down at least two creeks to tubing in Boulder and Jefferson counties.

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With tubes around their waists, two young ladies looked forlorn on Tuesday. A red flag over Clear Creek meant that tubing was off-limits.

“We’re disappointed but it’s way better to be safe than sorry.”

It may have looked tame enough, but the chart shows only one danger level higher.

Nick Bowermaster, a Golden Park Ranger cautioned, “You can get in, think you are fine and next thing you know you go under and you are way down the river.”

Also closed is the St. Vrain Creek and River around Lyons. This after two incidents on Sunday requiring rescues.

But Boulder Creek remained open, despite some very intimidating white water. That didn’t bother this group from Erie.

(credit: CBS)

When asked by CBS4’s Rick Sallinger, “Have you seen the water today?”

Aaron Dolph said, “Yeah, looking pretty good. We’re excited.”

When Sallinger asked, “Not nervous?”

He responded, “I don’ think so.”

Kelly McKee added, “I mean I’m a little bit, but every time you’re going to have real fun you get nervous.”

Here’s one guy that didn’t seem concerned about the risk, He tbes times a week here on Boulder Creek.

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John Cooper, who tubes on Boulder Creek weekly, said he’s experienced, but for others, it can mean high risk.

“It can be very dangerous. I definitely recommend a helmet and a life jacket. I tell people not even to come up this way.”

It may be perfect tubing weather, but not perfect water. Commercial rafting is not impacted by the closures.

Rick Sallinger