By Rick Sallinger

(CBS4)– Along Highway 93, north of Golden, the wind was howling on Wednesday. The gusts were so strong, they bent utility poles to their sides.

(credit: CBS)

The road was shut down between Highways 72 and 128 for a period due to a live power line on the ground and an overturned truck.

As CBS4’s Rick Sallinger approached the truck he recorded, “The wind is so strong, not only can I just barely stand up, but honestly I feel like I am going to blow away.”

The truck’s windshield was knocked out. It flipped while carrying furniture.

“We were just driving and we got pulled over and just the wind hit us like a big block and blew us over,” said Manuel Aragon.

(credit: CBS)

They struggled in the hurricane-like winds to save the truck’s contents.

The gusts were so strong, they uprooted trees and brought branches down on houses.

“The whole house shook, yeah,” said Lynette Johnson of Golden.

Her next door neighbor James Nowalski remarked, “I’m worried a branch is going to fall but we can’t control it.”

(credit: CBS)

In Olde Town Arvada, the wind even toppled a tall planted evergreen.

Jason Whitehorse saw it happen, “I was over there waiting for a friend and there was a crack and all of a sudden it came down.”

Freshly decorated with lights and ornaments, the wind even tried to steal Christmas.

Rick Sallinger