AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Community leaders in Aurora believe many people know who is responsible for Monday’s shooting at Nome Park that left 6 Aurora Central High School students injured. They gathered for a rally on Wednesday afternoon in the same place where the shooting happened.

(credit: CBS)

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They are calling for action and fast. The call for help isn’t just directed at young people but also parents, encouraging them to step up and say something.

“Parents know – people know – this whole idea of not snitching, not telling on each other, is not going to help this community,” said Rev. Reginald Holmes with New Covenant Christian Church.

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(credit: CBS)

“By the end of the day, turn them in. You know they’re out here with those guns. When you go into their rooms to wash their clothes you see their guns and their drugs,” said community activist Alvertis Simmons.

(credit: CBS)

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Pastor Holmes encouraged the community to get ahead of this problem so they can deal with it.

Jennifer McRae