By Jesse Sarles

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A jury on Thursday found a Colorado woman who used to run a child care center out of her home guilty of child abuse. Carla Faith had lied to parents of the children she was watching at Play Mountain Place. She had a false wall in her basement, and behind it Colorado Springs police found 26 children in a November 2019 investigation.

Carla Faith (credit: Colorado Springs Police)

Authorities said there weren’t legally enough workers caring for that amount of children.

In addition to child abuse charges, Faith was also found guilty of running a child care facility without a license and attempting to influence a public servant. She will be sentenced at a later date.

Play Mountain Place

Play Mountain Place (credit: CBS)

El Paso County District Attorney Michael Allen said the verdict in the case reflects justice being reached “on behalf of every single one of these parents … that had to live through something that they never would’ve imagined.”

“Having the kids locked in the basement at a place that they were taking their kids to for care. Someplace they trusted and felt like they were getting the care that they were expecting to achieve,” Allen said. “These kids were put into danger.”

Jesse Sarles