ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – The boil water advisory in place in Englewood had an immediate impact on businesses, especially for restaurants like 4G’s on Broadway.

“It’s definitely affecting us, normally we would have this restaurant packed and we have three tables,” the manager of the restaurant on the 3800 block of South Broadway said on Wednesday night.

(credit: CBS)

After the year they’ve had, closing their doors wasn’t an option. But continuing to serve customers and doing so safely means jumping through some hoops. For one, they are unable to serve refreshments from their beverage dispensers. They also had trouble finding canned beverages for their customers.

“I mean I went to Belleview (Avenue), one on Federal (Boulevard), one over here. There’s no water and no ice,” the owner told CBS4.

Everyone in the impacted area of the water advisory had the same thought, leaving grocery store shelves cleared of bottled water within an hour of the alert.

“People are going nuts, people are going to crazy,” the owner said.

Aaron Vincent and Holly Turner were at the restaurant when the alert went out and while the information they received was helpful, they were left with plenty of questions.

“How did it happen? How long has it been going on before they decided to send out the alert?” Turner wondered.

“It’s stressful. A Lot of business we know were unable to survive during COVID and we made it. And now here’s just another little setback,” the manager of 4G’s said.

Karen Morfitt