UPDATE: Englewood’s Boil Water Advisory Lifted On Friday

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – People lined up to get clean water Thursday morning after Englewood sent out a warning about E. coli in its water supply. Residents are being told to boil their tap water before for drinking it, brushing teeth with it or using it for any type of food preparation.

(credit: CBS)

The initial alert about the boil order was sent to people across the Denver metro area on Wednesday evening. It’s expected to last for about three days.

The warning applies to people in what’s referred to as Zone 1 in the city’s water system, which includes residences east of Santa Fe Drive and around South Broadway between East Yale Avenue and East Quincy Avenue.

(credit: CBS)

The line for getting personal water bottles and jugs filled with water that’s safe to drink or to get handouts of bottled water is at the Englewood Civic Center at 1000 Englewood Parkway. City officials said their supply of plastic bottles of water is limited, however.

(credit: CBS)

Officials say they test water at dozens of sites at the beginning of each month. This month they did testing at 24 sites and one of them was found to contain E. coli bacteria.

While officials are unsure exactly what may have caused the positive test they say there are a number of possibilities, including broken pipes, a backflow event or failure in the water treatment process.

While they are investigating, they’ll also be flushing the entire system.

LINK: City of Englewood Boil Order

Officials are asking anyone with concerns about the water order to visit the city’s website. They are also setting up a call center for any additional questions at 303-762-2365.

Jesse Sarles