By Conor McCue

(CBS4) – Fire crews continued to spray water on the scene of a fire that destroyed a home in Roxborough Park. The fire broke out Saturday night.

(credit: CBS)

Firefighters responded to a home on Totem Run in Douglas County at around 8 p.m. Saturday. Investigators say two people were inside at the time, but were able to escape on their own without injuries.

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Copter4 flew over the scene on Monday morning where crews continued to spray the rubble of the home.

“A lot of times we feel like we have the fire out, we give it a little while, and it will rekindle and will go back,” said Steve Kornegay, an assistant chief with West Metro Fire.

(credit: West Metro Fire)

West Metro Fire officials say a faulty propane grill is to blame, specifically stating leaking propane ignited. Once the flames spread to the home, part of it collapsed making it too hazardous for firefighters to enter.

“There was a lot of vegetation, scrub oak, pine trees, that type of stuff, made it really difficult to get around the house, and then once we started having collapses, it eliminated our ability to work on the back side of the house,” said Kornegay.

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Firefighters used a drone to get a better vantage on where best to place firefighters around the property which was surrounded by trees and brush.

“We were really lucky that the moisture content of the vegetation around the house was high and it didn’t readily ignite,” Kornegay said. “This would have been much much bigger and turned into a wildland fire had that vegetation ignited.”

Firefighters say pockets of heat kept rekindling over the weekend.

Neighbors said the homeowners are doing OK. The home is considered a total loss.

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“We saw the whole flames just engulfing the whole house,” said neighbor Marilyn Bostwick. “There wasn’t much standing by the time the fire was out.”

Conor McCue