DENVER (CBS4) – If you haven’t been to Denver International Airport in a while, a lot has changed. As the Great Hall Project continues, construction is altering the layout in the Jeppesen Terminal.

Shelvin Ford was at DIA on Wednesday. He took a much-needed trip from his home of Virginia Beach to visit Colorado.

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“We all need it,” Ford said.

He says Denver International Airport is probably the biggest airport he’s ever been in.

“This is big,” he said.

With an airport this big, it could be hard to get around. Add in construction from the Great Hall Project, and the airport feels more like a maze. A great white wall now surrounds the middle of the main terminal, and that seems to be enough to confuse a lot of weary travelers.

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Maybe the confusion stems from DIA shifting to Phase Two of the Great Hall Project. This phase is meant to build the new security checkpoint in the northwest corner of the terminal.

Several travelers asked CBS4’s Michael Abeyta for a little extra help with directions as he worked on this report.

As much construction as there is, Ford wasn’t confused.

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“I didn’t get lost so that’s a good thing!” he said with a laugh.

He was able to follow the path the airport laid out for him. He says his natural sense of curiosity helps him get through situations like this.

UPDATE: Denver International Airport Will Ask City Council To Add $1.1 Billion And 4 Years To Current Construction Project

“You’ve got signs, and you’ve got people. I ask questions. If I don’t know I just ask people. The staff was really friendly, and they led us to everywhere we needed to go.”

Airport officials say all of this construction and detouring will be worth it. They say this project will enhance security, increase capacity, improve operational efficiency at the airport.

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