UPDATE: Mark Redwine Sentenced To 48 Years In Prison For Killing 13-Year-Old Son Dylan

LA PLATA COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)Dylan Redwine’s mother testified Wednesday at the murder trial of her ex-husband, Mark Redwine, who is accused of killing the teen. Prosecutors say Mark Redwine killed the 13-year-old during a court-mandated visit in 2012.

Mark Redwine in court (credit: CBS)

Redwine told investigators he left Dylan alone at home to run errands and returned to find him missing.

Elaine Hall (credit: CBS)

Elaine Hall shared on the stand her memories of the day when she put Dylan on the airplane to visit his father. Dylan lived with her in Colorado Springs.

“He was boarding his plane he was walking away, he always called me Mutti which is German for mom, I said, ‘Oh, you’re too old to give our mother a hug?’ and he came back and gave me a hug,” said Hall in court.

Dylan Redwine (credit: La Plata County)

She also shared with the court what kind of boy Dylan was, “Dylan was sweet and funny he was charismatic, he was very empathetic he cared about people and their feelings.”

Hall went on to describe how she felt when she found out that Dylan was missing, “I’m terribly freaked out that he’s roaming around in the dark. I think we should call the police, how does he respond? ‘I didn’t want to freak you out as I’m sure he is fine, but don’t think I’m not concerned.'”

Redwine was arrested after a grand jury indicted him in July 2017, accusing him of second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. He faces up to 48 years in prison if he’s found guilty of his son’s death.

Jennifer McRae