By Raetta Holdman

(CBS4) – As more Coloradans receive the COVID-19 vaccines, there are increasing questions about whether they are safe for pregnant women. CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida said the news is reassuring in his weekly question and answer session on CBSN Denver, even though more research would be better.

“There are a couple of things to consider when you look at the Pfizer and Moderna trials. there were women who were vaccinated during the trial, then went on to get pregnant,” he said.

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“They wound up having very good pregnancies and good outcomes with healthy children after receiving the vaccine.”

“A few more — 10,000 pregnant women have been vaccinated in the United States against COVID and none of those women, zero, had any issues, any problems their pregnancy.”

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He also said research about pregnancy and the vaccines is underway in the lab and there will be more formal testing in pregnant women.

Still, his advice to talk to your doctor.

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“Right now I think things are kind of in a yellow light-caution phase. I think that as we learn more, it will become almost like it is with a flu shot. It will wind up turning into more of a green light-type — go ahead and be vaccinated. Feel confident that you are protected and your child will be as well.”

Raetta Holdman