DENVER (CBS4) – As of Friday night, 15 Colorado counties moved to Level Red restrictions in an effort stop the spread of COVID-19. Five more counties, Alamosa, Otero, Prowers, Pueblo, and Weld, are making the move Sunday.

Larimer County goes red on Tuesday. All this means new restrictions on in person gatherings and businesses.

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Tri-County Health Department, which serves Arapahoe, Adams and Douglas counties, says even before Level Red, they have been busy with reports of businesses and people not following regulations put in by the state and county.

“We’ve gotten written complaints. We get emails to random staff. It’s everything,” said Brian Hlavacek the Environmental Health Division Director for Tri-County Health. “Pretty much since day one back in March.”

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No matter where you live or visit, if you see a Level Red violation it is not the state or even law enforcement’s responsibility to enforce the rules. That falls to individual counties. So if you see a violation, you have to figure out who to contact.

If you are in Denver, you can call 311. Tri-County Health has a webpage specifically dedicated to reporting COVID concerns. So do Larimer County and Boulder County counties.

Jefferson County doesn’t, but they do have an online form to contact their health department. Weld County issued a statement Friday saying they just aren’t going to be enforcing state orders.

Tri-County Health says they know times are tough, and these restrictions are taking their toll, but they also say hope is on the horizon thanks to promising vaccine news.

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They just want everyone to hang tight.

“We just encourage the community and encourage businesses to really remain diligent,” said Hlavacek.

If you live in a different county and you want to report a violation, you can find a link to your county’s public health agency webpage on the CDPHE website.

Michael Abeyta

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  1. Common Sense says:

    Another Greeley family just lost a loved one to covid-19! More and more from Weld County are going to die unless these morons that are in denial start taking this seriously!!!!

  2. Joe says:

    So, Denver reminds me of Nazi Germany…. tell on your neighbors so you aren’t the ones getting in trouble. Glad you voted those losers into office now?

  3. ZTE says:

    Cheryl, wake up please. People do have common sense. Please hide under your bed in your own county because someone told you to. Weld county does have these restrictions, just not the budget to enforce. All along, it is people like you that could of cared less for me until you were told to do so, now given the power of “Tell on your neighbor”, please speed dial that number and tattle, tattle, tattle. Please, for the love of everything, research HOW a virus is transmitted, and stay away from Weld County for our sake and yours of course.

    1. Common Sense says:

      Weld County commissioners NOT have common sense. While they are under the code red restrictions they have chosen not to protect their citizens. They are forcing intelligent people to hide under their beds. Weld has the money to enforce the mandates but would rather see hospital beds full of dying people. Everyone knows how the virus is transmitted but are too stupid to follow the guidelines to stop it. And for the sake of your lives, do stay away from Weld County as the commissioners do want to see you DEAD!

  4. Mike says:

    I’m actually looking to move to Weld county now to avoid the Cheryls of the world. When given a choice She would rather the government dictate than for her to choose on her own. Scary!

  5. Percy Slaymaker says:

    So the premise of this article is who to call so you can tattle on someone. This is out of control.

  6. WSG says:

    Freedom is scary.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Do you mean to tell me that the Weld County Government had CHOSE to Murder and Kill their constituents by not enforcing the measures to stop the spread of Covid? And our Governor is ALLOWING this? THANK GOODNESS I dont live there…in a place where its common knowledge your ELECTED officials want you to die and promotes others in nearby counties to die also! Someone needs to tell our Governor!

    1. Common Sense says:

      Cheryl, you are absolutely right! The thing is the governor is fully aware of this outrageous criminal act by the Weld County Commissioners but has NO authority to stop it. The governor needs to have his special legislator session pass a temporary law giving him the authority to stop morons like the Weld Commissioners!

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