DENVER (CBS4)– Five more counties in Colorado are preparing to move to Level Red on the state’s COVID-19 dial. This comes just days after 15 counties announced they are moving to Level Red on Friday.

(credit: CBS)

The five additional counties making the move to Level Red on Nov. 22 are Alamosa, Otero, Prowers, Pueblo and Weld. In addition, the following counties are moving to Level Orange on Saturday: Baca, Bent and Kiowa.

(credit: Colorado Department of Public Health And Environment)

The reason for the move into the more restrictive level is of a surge in coronavirus cases in those areas.  The dial updates Level Red – Severe Risk to “indicate counties where there is severe risk of COVID-19 spreading rapidly, while allowing some businesses to remain open at very limited capacity.

The counties moving to Level Red on Nov. 20 are:

  • Adams
  • Arapahoe
  • Boulder
  • Broomfield
  • Clear Creek
  • Denver
  • Douglas
  • Jefferson
  • La Plata
  • Logan
  • Mesa
  • Morgan
  • Routt
  • Summit
  • Washington

Under Level Red restrictions, outdoor activities are encouraged and most indoor activities are prohibited or strictly limited. Capacity limits are also significant.

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Under Level Red, in-person learning for students between pre-school and 5th grade is suggested. Middle and high school students are suggested to learn remotely or in a hybrid environment.

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Jennifer McRae

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  1. Dwight Smith says:

    Kary Banks Mullis invented the PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993 for his invention. Kary Mullis stated clearly in 2013 that his technology was never designed for diagnosing disease and should not be used for that purpose.

    What we have here is a casedemic. Emperor Polis will not be satisfied until he completely destroys this state’s economy and millions of people’s lives.

  2. httpuser says:

    We didn’t stop the virus with the first lockdown but this time we’re going to stop it? We don’t have much control over viruses. We need to just live our lives and be as careful as we can. But the statists that some of us vote for find it irresistible to grab power over us at every opportunity. They’re so high and mighty that they think they can control viruses and influence the weather. But all they do is destroy peoples lives and livelihoods often while enriching themselves. They claim to be all about the science, but it’s really only the science that supports what they already want to do.

  3. Leftists lie says:

    And the left calls conservatives “nazis”.

    Better wake up, people. This is the end of your freedom.

  4. Larry says:

    Danish study and comparison of Florida to Minnesota and Colorado. Masks do not work. When will our politicians actually use science. See

  5. That's Gay says:

    Leave it to the gay governor to put every color in the rainbow on this dial.

    1. GasRat88 says:

      Ha good one.

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