By Jennifer McRae

DENVER (CBS4)– Denver City Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca joined a town hall on Wednesday night with community activists to talk about how to help those experiencing homelessness. More specifically, where a sanctioned homeless camp should be located.

(credit: CBS)

Denver city leaders are still trying to come up with a plan for the city’s homeless. Earlier this week, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock scrapped a proposal for a sanctioned homeless camp in the Five Points neighborhood.

(credit: CBS)

“We need to help communities understand this is a stop-gap measure. Nobody believes this is a solution to homeless,” said CdeBaca. “All of us recognize and understand the only solution to homelessness is housing; permanent, affordable, stable housing.”

Denver City Council District 9 said it is talking to faith communities about housing options and looking at available city-owned patches of land.

Hancock said his team is working with the Colorado Village Collaborative to find campsites.

Jennifer McRae

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  1. Paul Frawner says:

    The Rocky Mountain Arsenal would be a perfect spot for a large camp. There is plenty of room and to make their life interesting, stampede the buffalo through the encampment. Would not take a lot to convert that area into a camping area.

  2. TomTancredoFan says:

    Colorado’s golden girl, Candi CdeCACA has the uncanny ability to insert her yapping mug into the media feed almost daily. Can she maybe take a vacation to Cuba for a couple weeks?

  3. “Discussions Continue On Where Sanctioned Homeless Camp Should Be Located” — “Mayor Reneges on Commitment”

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