By Jeff Gurney

DENVER (CBS4)– Denver School Board’s Tay Anderson claims he was knocked to the ground during a protest outside a homeless camp cleanup on Wednesday. The cleanup happened at Lincoln Park near the state Capitol.

(credit: CBS)

Days after the City of Denver said Colorado State Patrol troopers were allowed to clear state property of the homeless camps, a joint team with the troopers, homeless advocates and the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment cleaned out the camp at Lincoln Park.

Gov. Jared Polis said last week he would like to see the homeless moved from around the state Capitol.

(credit: CBS)

As word of the camp cleanup spread, activists and homeless advocates headed to the park. That’s when trouble started.

A group was being pushed out of the park, past the fence that had been set up. The crowd of homeless and protesters wanted to go back in. That’s when police were asked to intervene.

CBS4 witnessed Denver police officers ask the crowd of as many as 30 to move. They refused.

(credit: CBS)

During the pushing and shoving seen on video, Anderson claims that he was hurt. CBS4 talked to him as he left the scene holding his head and crying. A medic at the scene gave him an ice pack. He was seen getting into a private vehicle.

According to a tweet sent from his account, Anderson was admitted to the hospital. He tweeted that his “body hurts all over” but that he will “be okay.”

The Denver Police Department released video from a HALO camera in the area. It shows how tensions boiled over in a matter of seconds.

Anderson has taken a public activist stance in Denver, often participating in recent protests in downtown Denver calling for police reform and the renaming of Stapleton.

Later on Wednesday afternoon, Executive Director of the Denver Dept. of Public Safety Murphy Robinson, expressed sympathy for Anderson.

“I’m sorry this happened to you, I’m sorry that you fell,” Robinson said, adding that the incident is under investigation.

Robinson also said the camp located near Morey Middle School is next on the list for cleanup, although when that is scheduled has not been announced, only that it will happen “soon.”

During a news conference Wednesday evening, Anderson said he was disappointed in the response from Robinson and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

Tay Anderson (credit: CBS)

“I want the City and County of Denver to understand, you gave me a traumatic head injury by shoving my head into the ground and then denying it and saying that I fell,” said Anderson.

Anderson said he supports defunding the police and also called on Hancock to step down.

“Let me just be clear, City of Denver you f***ed with the wrong person,” said Anderson.

CBS4 has reached out to Hancock’s office for comment.

Jeff Gurney

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  1. Stephen Frazier says:

    Such a disgrace, allowed to continue. He does not speak for the Employees of Denver Schools who’ve had their fill of this behavior

  2. laura says:

    Why is he still on the school board. Time after time he has shown very poor judgement. He gets no sympathy from me. He put himself in harms way. He wasn’t pushed and his head was not pushed into the ground. Tay Anderson GET OVER YOURSELF

  3. Jack Clancy says:

    You’re not John Lewis.

    FAKE! Phony!

  4. Kim says:

    There, he said it. It’s all about $$$!

  5. Mike Baxter says:

    How does a extreme radical like, Tay Anderson, get elected. Sympathy? He’s a proven showboat who wants zero cops on the street. Wonder what could go wrong with that?

  6. Randy Lahey says:

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

  7. Jeffrey says:

    Too bad they didn’t stomp his head into the ground!

  8. Kim says:

    Marxist SISSY

  9. Common Sense says:

    Crying like a little baby! With all the pain and suffering this person has caused through his association with the domestic terrorist organization BLM, this is one individual that society should not have any compassion for. How he is trying to violate the safety and wellbeing of the homeless! Because of his personal vendetta against the police, he has put the children of the Denver School District in grave danger of the next shooter. What a despicable person and the people of Denver should have him removed from the school board immediately and if possible, Colorado.

    1. 2wheelwanderer says:

      amen! Don’t forget he was breaking the law here and was putting himself in harm’s way so he’s not getting any sympathy from me…he should definitely lose his job at the very least

  10. Paul Frawner says:

    I love it, Mr. Mouth finally got what he was looking for. As a wounded protester he can now run for political office, Mayor or so forth. Could not have happened to a more needy person.

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