AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Aurora police have arrested the 23-year-old man accused of firing a gun during a weekend protest and injuring two people. He was identified as Samuel Young a day later and arrested at his home on Monday. An online search of public records indicates he is a Wheat Ridge resident.

Alleged protest shooter Samuel Young

Alleged protest shooter Samuel Young (credit: Aurora Police)

The shooting happened on Interstate 225 in Aurora on Saturday evening in the midst of the chaos when a Jeep drove through a crowd of protesters who were gathered to protest the death of Elijah McClain. The vehicle didn’t make contact with anyone.

Samuel Young (credit: Jefferson County)

Shortly afterwards, numerous people took photos of the apparent shooter and turned them in to police. Police said they are thankful to those tipsters, who helped lead them to the suspect.

Alleged protest shooter Samuel Young

Photo taken immediately following Saturday’s incident (credit: submitted to CBS4 anonymously)

Police are still looking into the details surrounding the Jeep that drove through the crowd and are hoping the public will provide any information about it that might help their investigation, specifically photos or video that might show the actions of the driver prior to encountering the group of protesters. The driver hasn’t been publicly identified or arrested although police apparently know who it is.

(credit: CBS)

Young is accused of shooting at the Jeep as it came down the interstate and two protesters where the ones who were hurt. He is tentatively charged with four counts of attempted murder.

The protest was organized in support of the family of Elijah McClain. McClain passed away in August 2019 days after an altercation with Aurora police. He was injected with a sedative by an EMT after officers claimed he showed signs of “excited delirium.”

An independent investigation has been launched into McClain’s death.

Jacqueline Quynh

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  1. How very odd I had seen a black man shooting at the jeep. Either way it was not intentional to harm anyone. Just to shoot the tires out to slow the vehicle so people had a chance to get out of the way.

    1. Stephen Maio says:

      Do you seriously think what you wrote is true? Seriously?

  2. LinnieP says:

    When these gunmen shoot at or into a car, don’t they consider that they might hurt someone in the mob. Also, what if the kill or incapacitate the driver who, then, no longer would have control of the car which could careen into the mob or elsewhere and do aLOT of damage?

  3. Randy Lahey says:

    Kudos to the Aurora Police Department for quickly apprehending this lunatic. Not buying that he went into a state of shock after firing his gun. His intent was clear and now it’s time to pay the piper.

  4. TomTancredoFan says:

    Skippy obviously had no training, understanding, or common sense in the exercising of his second amendment right. Skippy and his leftist brethren are the prime example as to why it is best to leave the awesome responsibility of this right to the patriotic, law-abiding citizens of this country.

  5. Artemis Rand says:

    Just imagine how bad it will get if Biden gets in and these rioters have the entire DOJ as their benefactor. If you think it is bad now just watch what happens after the election. The left has murder in their eyes and they have an entire army of psychos.

  6. Mike says:

    What does it say for him that his only redeeming quality is that he is a bad shot?

  7. Bob Smith says:

    I hear Crowley is nice this time of year! Can we please stop calling these rioters “protesters”?!

  8. SnowyRiver says:

    Who goes to a peaceful protest carrying a sidearm?

  9. Jim Cook says:

    more worried about the Jeep driver, US Citizens are no longer safe in our own country

  10. Just Us Dept says:

    any bets on how fast this POS is found not guilty??

    1. Jane Russell says:

      He will face federal charges so no chance he is getting off.

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