By Rick Sallinger

DENVER (CBS4) – Two sides diametrically opposed met in an angry confrontation Sunday in Denver’s Civic Center Park. Anti-police protesters organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation stormed into an annual pro-police rally intent on disruption.

As the protesters attempted to take over the stage they were met with resistance. Fist fights broke out. The police backers weren’t giving up their annual tribute so easily.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Ron MacLachlan,founder of the pro-police rally, spoke with CBS4’s Rick Sallinger with a bandage wrapped around his head and a cut on his face.

“Some guy hit me with a skateboard or something else across the face and another guy came down on top of me with something,” MacLachlan said.

Police attempted to create a thicker barrier between the opposing groups.

One unidentified demonstrator told CBS4 “We don’t agree with the police because they behave in a racist manner.”

(credit: CBS)

If there was any hope for a civil discussion, that hope was quickly lost. Some were bloodied in the melee. At least one person taken into custody on an assault charge. At one point police unleashed two pepper balls and smoke. Demonstrators come to the aid of each other to assist in clearing their eyes.

“There’s nothing peaceful about these people, they come down scream, get in your face. The amount of fights that they start is ridiculous,” MacLachlan said.

The protesters from  the Party for Socialism and Liberation moved out of the amphitheater, taunting police swat units as they said goodbye to march through the streets of Denver.

Rick Sallinger

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  1. Deborah Kukuchka says:

    To all that Riot and Protest in these cities: So tell me what all this protesting and rioting does to make one life better? I see alot of privileged not black people rioting–are you helping at the local mission, helping some young mother babysit, working at the food bank? What positive thing are you doing? How about helping at the local boys and girls club to make a positive influence on a young life. . . Who are you going to influence with your protesting and rioting? Do something positive with your life and go help someone, do something good– So instead you go tear down businesses that are run by people trying to make a living and improve their life or that are necessary for the young and old in that community or trash your city so no one even wants to visit there anymore. I hope you are really proud of yourselves.

  2. Scot Spitzner says:

    Again a privileged white male shows his implicit pro-police narrative & bias. Systemic racism in media give a white view on police violence against Blacks. More Black reporters please.

    1. You’re an idiot and clearly do not live in reality. The BLM protesters went with the intent to disrupt and attack the pro police group. There was no attempt for dialogue. This is similar to how Hitler moved the the German Socialist Workers party, aka Nazi’s. I hope you suffer his fate.

  3. Scot Spitzner says:

    White reporters as usual have positive pro-police views. Negatively label protesters. Privileged white male. No conversation with Black protesters. Implicit bias obvious. Some Black reporter please. Systemic racism in media another sad reality.

    1. Kim says:

      White like me matters!

  4. Glenn Rogers says:

    They should arrest all the politicians and the rest running this state they are all corrupt used to be a great state till the garbage took over

  5. once again thank you useless gov polis and chief of police whats his name. you both should be recalled and fired by the very citizens that are paying you and your lifetime pensions. you both knew this would happen and of course opted to allow the leftists who are destroying the city anyway. it is obvious you want this to drive out any decent conservatives from the city so you and boulder can import more california and washington liberals to vote for you and stay in power.

  6. Jay Alenby says:

    The city really created this problem by allowing these two groups to gather there on the same day. Someone should lose their job.

  7. Jay Alenby says:

    Caryn Sodaro supports anarchy and communism. She is anti-American. She deserves to be arrested every time she is arrested. Her values and priorities are wrong. She does not understand social and community issues. Sadly she does not have the mental ability to solve the problems she confronts. She is actually making things worse for those she claims to support.

  8. “At least one person taken into custody on an assault charge” — exactly one person was arrested, Caryn Sodaro; it’s reported that she was spat upon. How many hundreds of false arrests of Caryn Sodaro would it take for local media to pick up on her extraordinary story? Caryn is far and away DPD’s favorite person to arrest and the toll of perjurious affidavits and false arrests is mind-boggling by this point. She may be verbally pugnacious, but that’s no justification for dozens of false arrests — these are all serious crimes on the part of DPD! I’ve witnessed unidentified District 6 supervisors commit vehicular assault in broad daylight against Caryn and others; it’s no surprise that she was targeted for arrest yet again by the criminals running DPD.

    1. Kim says:

      As someone who admittedly made 48 false 911 calls so she could listen to responses on a scanner, Caryn is obviously not playing with a full deck.

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