DENVER (AP) – The Colorado Tourism Office has launched a campaign urging people to practice safety measures and follow health guidelines when visiting the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

(credit: CBS)

Visitors are urged to keep their distance from each other and wear masks, in addition to normal guidelines asking people to stick to trails, respect wildlife and pick up after pets. The office is working with the state health department on protocols and guidelines as restrictions ease.

The state previously discouraged any travelers from visiting the mountains because of concerns that smaller communities would not be able to respond to any outbreaks.

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  1. E R says:

    I really want all businesses to be allowed to reopen. I understand that businesses can decide to require masks and social distancing, but I don’t think the virus is nearly bad enough for it to be a public health crisis that requires government mandates and drastic shutdowns. People shouldn’t be threatened with fines or jail if they congregate with family or church members either, especially after the protests and riots following George Floyd’s death.

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