DENVER (CBS4) – Darian Simon, who was shot in Denver’s Ballpark neighborhood told police the gunman yelled at him about his dog before the man opened fire on Simon and his girlfriend. His girlfriend, Isabella Thallas, was killed in the shooting. It happened Wednesday, near 29th and Huron Street.

(credit: CBS)

According to the probable cause statement, the Simon told police “he was walking his dog with his girlfriend… and gave his dog a command to poop. A person yelled at him through a window from the ground floor apartment asking if the victim was going to train the dog or just yell at it. He tried to ignore the suspect. The victim then observed the suspect was pointing a gun at him.”

Simon said he thought it was a pellet gun.

“The victim then heard multiple gun shots and ran away until he could not run further due to the injury to his leg and buttocks.”

(credit: CBS)

Simon’s girlfriend was shot and killed. Family members say Thallas had just celebrated her 21st birthday earlier this week.

Isabella Thallas (courtesy: Ana Thallas)

The suspect, 36-year-old Michael Close, was quickly tracked down in the small town of Pine Junction. Cellphone video captured by Beth Reed shows sheriff’s deputies making the arrest.

(credit: CBS)

Denver police say Close faces a first degree murder charge as well as an aggravated assault charge.

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  1. Drew says:

    Shooting someone for yelling at a Fracking dog is not justifiable. He will get to think about for 30-70 years why it was wrong…unless he does us all a favor and kills himself

  2. Commonsenseparty says:

    OH SHUT UP Denverradicalparty. Dont blame the victims for the actions of this psycho killer and DEFINITELY dont blame the dog. A girl is dead and you want to blame a dog for having to go to the bathroom? Youre whats wrong with this country. Your mother shouldve swallowed you.

    1. Denver is almost as good at reading as it is at conflict resolution, but not quite.

      1. Commonsenseparty says:

        “If people shout at you, do not try to ignore them.” oh so confront them and still get shot? Awesome conflict resolution genius

  3. P.S. Denver has too many guns.

  4. Denver has too many dogs cooped up in too tiny apartments for too long, pooping in too many places they oughtn’t. Denver has too many angry people and people who cannot communicate. If people shout at you, do not try to ignore them.

    1. Mike Salva says:

      DRP – Less meth and more apple juice. Maybe then your brain will function again!!

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