Here at CBS4, we are committed to bringing you all of the latest coronavirus information. We also want to bring it to you with as much context as possible. That’s why every week CBSN Denver gets your coronavirus questions answered by a doctor, during a special segment called “Q&A with Doctor Dave.”

DENVER (CBS4) – More and more companies are offering tests to look for COVID-19 antibodies, so CBS4 asked CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida what you should know before you get a test.

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“What you want is that test being done through a blood draw, in other words, a tube of blood being taken from you, just like you’d go in for any other blood test,” he explained.

“What you don’t want is a rapid test, those have not been approved by the FDA nor do you want a saliva test or something that is done through a fingerstick.”

Hnida said it’s important to ask how accurate any test is, and that means getting a number of just how accurate any test is.

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CBS4 also asked Hnida about restaurant reopenings and the current restrictions. He said he feels good about the plan, as long as everyone — restaurant workers and patrons — follows it.

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“When you go to a restaurant, you don’t want to see a crowd of people mingling together, waiting to get in. There should be spacing if there is a wait time.”

“When you go inside, you want to make sure the staff, particularly waitstaff, are wearing masks. You should see what you would think of as a spacious-type restaurant, not a typically crowded, jammed-together place that you’re probably used to.”

“You want to make sure people are not freely moving about. That people are not co-mingling, they’re not walking around freely.”

“You would also like to go somewhere that has fresh air coming into the location. Fresh air is considered to be a very big part of protection from coronavirus. That does not necessarily mean running a fan or running an air conditioner, because we’ve found that does not really disperse, instead it can spread, coronavirus particles.”

Hnida also said it’s a good idea to leave your name and phone number in case contact tracing is needed.

And when it comes to be able to open even more of Colorado, Hnida says it’s important to remember the three dynamics that have gotten us this far in the fight against COVID-19: social distancing, wearing a mask and hygiene.

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“If you’re looking forward to things continuing to reopen, being able to go back to work, schools reopening, being able to go to a ballgame, remember the three dynamics. That’s what has gotten us and that’s what will keep us moving forward.”