DENVER(CBS)- After a wild Wednesday of severe storms the tally for tornadoes came in with three reported in Colorado. One damaged a farm building and some other damage was also reported.

(Credit: CBS)

The tornadoes fired up all within 30 minutes in Weld County.





The communities of Greeley, Eaton and Kersey had some scary moments from 7pm to 7:30pm as thunderstorms churned across the region.

(Credit: CBS)

Some meteorologists are referring to the twisters as “Landspout Tornadoes.” The difference between tornadoes and land spout tornadoes is the way they form. Both are still tornadoes and can cause damage.

Typical tornadoes form with a super cell thunderstorm that has a rotating updraft forming a vortex and wall cloud. A landspout tornado can form in a towering Cumulus cloud that doesn’t need the upper level rotation but, strong updrafts and downdrafts to produce the spinning column of air.

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Most Landspout Tornadoes are classified as and EF-0 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. But, stronger ones can cause the damage of an EF-1 or 2. So whatever you call them, they both are dangerous and could be deadly. Wednesdays storm caused lots of damage across rural areas of the state just a few miles from Greeley.

(Credit: CBS)

For Colorado June is the number one month for tornado producing storms on average.


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