CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (CBS4) – Despite an order to close, Monday was another busy day for C&C Breakfast and Korean Kitchen in Castle Rock.

“I had one person call me a Nazi and a white supremacist, and I said well I’m not even white so… I’m Spanish and Korean. We’ve had people say they want to burn the place down and hope we all die from coronavirus,” said restaurant owner Jesse Arellano.

Jesse Arellano

(credit: CBS)

He knew, after he served a packed house on Mother’s Day, he would be taking a risk, but he believes Douglas County is safe.

“Look around, look how much space we have here. We have a huge parking lot you know? We’ve got huge parks. We’ve got all this free air and what we’re going to do is carry bacteria in our masks? That doesn’t seem logical to me.”

(credit: Nick Puckett/Colorado Community Media)

Cellphone video Sunday shows not only people close together, but a majority of those not wearing masks.

It was a similar scene Monday afternoon, even after the order to close was delivered via courier, but Arellano carried on with business as usual.

“We need to start doing something about this before we all crash and burn. I know there’s a lot of restaurants here shutting their doors. We’re losing a lot of our very small, interesting cultural restaurants. We’re losing all those.”

His opinion of the virus?

“You know there’s lies. Dang lies… it’s statistics. The projection said 100,000 people are going to die in April that didn’t happen. The numbers you know, they keep going down and you know, we keep getting more restrictive it seems backwards to me.”

He admitted he was unsure of the exact numbers, but when asked if he thought they were low as a result of social distancing?

“Maybe a tiny bit,” he said.

Jesse Arellano

(credit: CBS)

Arellano said Monday he had not read the order from Tri-County Health, but planned to go over it with his attorney to see if it is constitutional.

The financial burden he says is a major aspect of his decision, but he also lost his father last month from issues unrelated to COVID-19. Simply put, he couldn’t take any more.

“He died and we couldn’t even have a funeral. You know, who are these officials that tell you can’t even mourn your loved ones? How do we live like this? You know my family all would’ve took the risk to get sick just to be able to mourn my dad,” he said.

He told CBS4 he was unsure about opening again Tuesday. While he believes he may lose his business, he plans to hang on as long as he can.

“Everyone’s going to get sick, some people will die. It’s just life. You know it’s horrible, but it’s just life.”

Jamie Leary

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  1. Alt-right morons says:

    “Everyone’s going to get sick, some people will die. It’s just life. You know it’s horrible, but it’s just life.”

    Sounds like he already lost his dad so he doesn’t care if others lose theirs.

  2. Zed Lepplin says:

    I’ll bet all you no mask freedom lovers were the first one in line at the food bank. I’ll never forget the number of brand new cars in line at the salvation army food giveaway today. One was a Mercedes benz E300 sedan loading the trunk of a 50K car with free food. The next car was a brand new jeep Cherokee trailhawk ….. yet no money for food but plenty for a 500 dollar a month car payment. C&C coffee – future Starbucks employees.

    1. Tina says:

      Having a Mercedes 300 literally means nothing! They could have paid that car off or received it as a gift or leased it when they had a job but when you lose your job you might still have the car it doesn’t mean anything about their financial well being. I had a Mercedes and I got the bad and good looks at red lights. People are so judgmental and they don’t know anything. I don’t even have a car now I can’t even drive to the food banks. Just worry about yourself and try not to make judgments on others that you know nothing about!

  3. I can’t believe how many whining babies commenting here. You all complain about giving up freedom and how the government is trying to keep you down. Nobody cares how you think you know more about science and medicine than actual doctors and scientists or that your religious freedoms are being trampled (If you have to go to a building to worship God then you have zero understanding of what faith is). Go find someone who lived through WW2 and they’ll tell you what it really means to be an American, to be compassionate and to be a responsible citizen. What a bunch of cry babies!

    1. TRUTH, GET SOME says:


      1. Alt-right morons says:

        What a cogent response to a well thought out comment. People like you are why we think the right is full of morons

    2. Driscoe says:

      Spoken like a real prisoner of the left. You cant think for yourself, you have to be told how to live, typical lefty. You are the type that wants things they dont like banned and things they do like to be mandatory. BTW the science is truly inconclusive. The data has been skewed from the beginning.

      1. Alt-right morons says:

        Spoken like someone who regurgitates whatever Fox News tells them too. See, we can both play this game!

  4. Jack McCready says:

    Two weeks ago His Majesty the Governor, was not satisfied that the virus spread in Colorado was sufficient to warrant the Democrat takeover of the state, so he ordered his bean counters to go back to the first of the year and add everybody who had died from any cause that was undetermined to the “virus deaths”. So, with the snap of a finger the count of “virus deaths” went from 300 to 600, giving Democrats the excuse they wanted to shut down the state and put everybody on welfare; dependent on the government; and voting Democrat to keep the money for sitting at home rolling in.The only plan Democrats have is destroying the economy and putting everyone on a guaranteed income, dependent on them.

  5. Marty Willowbee says:

    Good for him! It is about time people stand up to the NAZIS!

    1. Lance says:

      No Doubt. … If you don’t want to eat at HIS RESTAURANT stay in YOUR HOME!

  6. Find and read “Our Enemy, the State”, by Albert Jay Nock. Also, Frederick Bastiat’s “The Law”. Also, Etienne de la Boetie’s “Discourse on Voluntary Servitude”. Most of this is free on the internet. If you will read and understand, you will choose to become a free and independent patriot.

  7. So you can go to WalMart to shop among total strangers but you can’t go to a restaurant to share a meal with your own family? Yeah, that makes sense.
    These rules are about forced obedience…not public safety.

  8. icxcnika says:

    All the faith leaders who have been cowed into closing their houses of worship could learn a lesson or two from these freedom-loving restaurant owners. There are many ways to have safe services inside of churches if the clergy had any amount of imagination and a little bravery to stand up to the tyrant governors. Go crawl back to the sacristy Father, a frightened shepherd doesn’t help your flock!

    1. kevin shannon says:


  9. Billy Jefferson says:

    Good for him! Don’t let your one and only life be dominated by cheap politicians who could only get government jobs, trying to score points against the President. I wouldn’t hire that democRat governor to mow my lawn.

  10. Zed Lepplin says:

    Why is it that so many people don’t have 90 days of rainy day cash on hand or in savings ? Why is it that a business can go bankrupt because cash flow stopped for 60 days ? Because they are
    not good money managers or are most Americans living well beyond their means and borrowing against their homes with home equity lines of credit, credit cards, and ridiculous lease payments on their beemers.…. You made your own crisis by not saving and overspending.

    1. Billy Jefferson says:

      You’ve never signed the front side of a paycheck or managed inventory and overhead, have you? It’s obvious you have no experience being responsible for things beyond your own needs, at most.

    2. Billy Jefferson says:

      Our “freedom-loving” nation is being overrun by little leftist democRat French girls, cowering in the shadows and waiting for their rulers to tell them how to live. Pffffffttttt. Our nation’s Founders would be ashamed of the large percentage of weak, feckless, leftist weenie Americans.

    3. Ed the BASman says:

      Wow! good for you that you have that much money laying in a bank. I don’t know if you know this but many people live from paycheck to paycheck. Especially small business owners. Many of them go with out a paycheck so that their employee can have one. You have a very sad opinion of your fellow citizen.

    4. Eleanor White says:

      I”ve wondered the same thing. How difficult is it to save a few bucks every paycheck, save your tax refund? Over a few years it adds up to amounts that will see you through an illness, an accident, or even a pandemic.
      Maybe it’s priorities. Cars, trucks, junk at Christmas, bigger TV’s, vacations, big weddings (not to mention money thrown at all sorts of other celebrations that used to be modest but are now over the top), cigarettes, alcohol,… They just never got the memo to save first, splurge later.
      The economy will re-align itself over the next few years. The people showing up to the restaurant now will likely not want to continue eating there every day (money, time, variety). Who knows if this restaurant will survive (maybe it will), but all sorts of other stores and services will see declines and close. Things change; it’s life.
      In the meantime, it would be nice if people could pull it together and do what is right for everyone. The virus is not partisan. It exists in Mali, Thailand, Estonia, Chile, and Canada, as well as almost every other country in the world –no matter their politics. It is not a right/left thing. Choose to be on the side of good and work with your fellow citizens to bring the economy back slowly, or choose selfish, arrogant defiance and watch people die-maybe even people you know and love. And that last outcome doesn’t lead to a positive outcome or a great economy, just more suffering.

  11. James Clarke says:

    FIRST response should be not “I’m not even white…” but “I’m in no way a Nazi”! that in of itself shows the backwards thinking of this man. no empathy either. for people to question his business staying closed vs. opening in a safe manner shows how medically irresponsible people are and why this virus will kill many more.

  12. Tom Dellay says:

    Go C&C. People have every right to open their business and earn a living. He doesn’t owe the community anything. He has life savings invested in this. Good for him and hopefully there will be millions more like him. I will not social distance, I will not wear a mask – and the government can’t make me. Fear is the real problem people – haven’t we learned this from history so many times already?

  13. Such hatred by the people here. This man has a business and he has every right to open it and make a living. If people want to come eat – great. Their choice. Their personal responsibility. If you are scared and want to stay home for the next 3 years waiting for the vaccine – which will never come – be my guest. I intend to live life and not be scared.

  14. Ann_Onnimus says:

    I hope all these “muh freedumbs” “I’m so independent” business owners get tagged by local hospitals so if they or their families or friends get sick, they’re all refused medical care and are left to live or die on their own with no intervention. They have no social sense, and so society should respond likewise. If you’re going to turn your back on your community because oh boohoo it’s inconvenient and I don’t like it and you can’t tell me what to do, you should expect the same treatment in kind.

    If you live in a community, you OWE your community, you are part of it, you are in the same boat with it, and you either uphold that and run with it, or you are the dead weight holding everyone in the community back. No man is an island, but if you disagree, prove me wrong. Walk your talk and BE that island, and see how well you fare — go live out your Minecraft fantasy in the wilds of Canada or Australia, grow or hunt all your own food with tools you make yourself from sticks and rocks, never use or buy anything from civilization (you’re independent, remember? no involving other people, that’s what SOCIETY does, and you don’t want to work with a SOCIETY!) which means no installed electricity or water and no buying a generator, if you want anything made of metal you have to build it all yourself from iron you smelt from the rocks around you with coal you dug yourself, you can never drive a car or use a phone or computer built by anyone else from parts made by other people or from materials made by other people, or go on a road or use any service installed by other humans, and you can NEVER come back to civilization, because if you want to put others at risk because you’re so free and independent, then go all the way. Don’t expect other people to help you if you’re just going to shrug your shoulders and say “I do what I want” when you should be working alongside everyone else. That’s the price of living in a society with all its conveniences – you realize (if you’re an actual adult, at least) that when you’re in the same boat with others, sometimes IT ISN’T ALL ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU WANT and you have to temporarily put your own desires and wants aside for what the community NEEDS, you big entitled toddlers.

    1. Cat Lady says:

      The tone of your letter suggests that you have a nice, steady income and don’t have to worry about feeding your family.

    2. Ed the BASman says:

      Got to love all these “for the good of the people comments” what a crock! You go Comrade Ann Onnimus Marx!
      You’re probably that neighbor that stares out your window and calls police to turn in your neighbors for not wearing masks- outdoors.

  15. T Stearns says:

    We’re all adults here and know the risks. If you want to eat at this
    restaurant…. go for it. If it bothers you that he’s open, stay away and don’t spend your money there. It’s really that simple.

  16. Ed the BASman says:

    For all of the people that think it is selfish for these business owners to open so that they don’t lose everything they own and try to get back to normal I have a question.
    Currently in Colorado there have been 987 deaths- (WorldOmeter). Just for the sake of argument let’s triple that to 3,000 deaths. Now, let’s us say you were going to be one of those deaths. Would you ask everyone (all 5.4 m) in Colorado to close their shops and businesses, lose their jobs, then suffer through bankruptcy, then lose their homes so that you could live? I wonder what a vote of all of those would be? My guess is that they would not ask that of you. I know I wouldn’t.

    1. Ed the BASman says:

      By the way you are also asking drug and alcohol addicts not go to their meetings, that people can’t go the funerals or church. Sometimes I wonder who are the ones being selfish?

  17. RepubsMustGo says:

    Trumpers wake up. The C&C coffee guy just played you. He’s got over $15,000 in the GoFundMe account! He tricked you all just for the PR. He knew by opening it would create a hornets nest of publicity. Just shows how really dumb you Trumpers are!

    1. Hayne Crum says:

      I am glad he has the go fund me money. Maybe it will be enough to keep his restaurant open. He is right, live don’t hide in your cave. Isolate the nursing homes and senior retirement villiages and let everyone else take their chances. In the long run saving the economy will save lives.

      1. Bill Murk says:

        Hayne, sometimes dimwits just don’t get it. I’m in better shape than you – I eat whole foods, exercise 5 x week and take no medications. However, we have family members who are immunocomprised including elderly parents being treated for cancer. Are you following me? So I don’t want to contract Covid-19 from someone like you and then unknowingly transmit it to my loved ones. The economy needs to re-open, but until effective therapies and vaccines are available, please wear a mask and practice social distancing. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

        1. Remastering & Restoration says:

          You won’t see a vaccine for COVID19 in your lifetime. There are no RNA vaccines in the pipeline that work. None. Going all the way back to HIV which was nearly 40 years ago. No vaccine for Ebola, Zika, West Nile, H1N1, SARS-CoV1 etc.

          If you think we should stay locked away, keep people in or near poverty until some kind of cure or treatment is invented you’re living in fantasyland.

          This was flu virus during the flu season. The ONLY thing that was different was it was new; other than, it behaved and spread through the population like any other RNA virus. The spread trajectory was exactly the same as other viruses except it was in a compressed time frame.

          We were all told the quarantining was to “flatten the curve”. That time came and went a month ago – why are we still being told to stay inside? Why are even more drastic measures being taken to keep up scared and away from each other. Why the police state tactics? Why the “doom and gloom” from every govt funded “expert”?

          Control. That’s not an Alex Jones conspiracy. They are passing laws to come into your home and take your child away if they deem you a “threat to the public health”.

          Welcome to the Communist States of America.

          1. Bill Murk says:

            @Remastering & Restoration, I stopped reading your reply when you stated, “If you think we should stay locked away, keep people in or near poverty until some kind of cure or treatment is invented you’re living in fantasyland.” You have attention deficit disorder. I said we need to to re-open the economy but do it wearing masks and practicing social distancing. I’m going to my office every day. By the way, Dr. Fauci believes a successful vaccine is likely based on most Covid-19 patients who have recovered.

            1. Paul Getty says:

              If masks work, we can open every business and school in the U.S. Riddle me that, Batman.

            2. Jeff says:

              “Dr. Fauci says” = you mean the same Dr. Fauci that wrote a paper in the 1980s claiming HIV could be spread through simple close contact. That Dr. Fauci ?

        2. Kim says:

          Then stay in your cave big man. Just like demented uncle Joe!

        3. Paul Getty says:

          I’m in better shape than you, Bill. Keep your immuno-compromised relatives at home. If you don’t want to expose them, then stay away from them or stay home. Don’t make others do what you want. Selfish!

          1. Bill Murk says:

            @Paul Getty, I have to take care of my elderly parents and work too. Can’t separate the two, you dimwit. You need to exercise more because there isn’t enough oxygen getting to your brain.

        4. Lee Stevens says:

          Then lock yourself in your house for as long as you feel necessary, same with the rest of your family, if they don’t desert you first. I personally don’t care if you ever step outside your door again. That doesn’t infringe on my constitutional rights in anyway shape or form.

          1. Bill Murk says:

            @Lee Stevens, well hopefully we meet someday so I can exercise my constitutional right to give you a wedgie in front of your family and then put a big red clown nose on your schnoz.

            1. Driscoe says:

              Hey Bill, You dont have a right to assault anyone. But you sound like a typical lefty. When you don’t get your way or your feelings are hurt, you resort to violence. Truly shameful. Many people dont have the liberty or freedom to work right now right now. You should feel blessed by your masters that you are allowed to work. You are the selfish one. I hope your parents defeat the evil known as cancer. God bless.

        5. kevin shannon says:

          Hi Bill. If you are terrified just stay in your mommy’s closet until the little tiny bug goes away and your sodomite masters says you can come out.

    2. Kim says:

      So you must be a vote for demented old creepy uncle Joe?

  18. Look at all these pro-lifers suddenly switching to pro-choice out of economic self-interest. How convenient!

    1. kevin shannon says:

      So you compare murdering innocent babies and selling their body parts to opening a business? Wow. You don’t seem to have any sense or morality or an IQ much higher than a potted plant.

    2. Driscoe says:

      @unsocially Thanks for becoming Pro Life. Maybe someday you will get a thank you card from a baby that survived the murder mill known as Planned Parenthood.
      Now join those of us who value life and shut down federally funded abortions. Think about it, you help save millions of lives more than draconian stay at home measures ever will.
      Thanks again.

  19. Ron Galinato says:

    The reasons he stated for reopening are all false.

  20. Jack says:

    Tired of red necked flag waving morons. If the government told these imbeciles that they couldn’t hit themselves in the head with a hammer they would. The great radio host Michael Savage made the observation that wherever he is, the store, on the street, at the ballpark, that arouind 55% of the people he sees are morons. Thats the USA…more morons per capita than any country in the world.

    1. Kim says:

      When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Thomas Jefferson


    Someone in the gym the other night almost passed out trying to exercise with a mask on… Facemask might not be the answer when exercising. If it’s mandatory, then you may have issues of people collapsing on the treadmill, workout floor or in class. It’s a fine line to walk.

    Yes, it’s toxic.

    CO^2 + H2O =
    COOH + -OH
    COOH is carbonic acid. It’s what raises in the blood and causes the urge to exhale and thus inhale.

    Lose too much blood pH goes up. Hold too much CO^2, pH goes down.
    Blood pH has to maintained at 7.35. A fluctuation of 0.25 or more can be deadly.

    Credit to my friend Brian Hanrahan for this research.

    1. Jack says:

      What BS and total nonsense you posted.

      1. Paul Getty says:

        If masks work, why don’t we reopen every business and school in the country, genius?

    2. Haeshu Kasiiki says:

      As a runner, who tried wearing a facemask while doing my usual 5 miles, I can attest that this is true.

    3. Ed BASman says:

      I get what you’re saying.I have a physical job and wearing the mask has me gasping for breath constantly!

  22. Starman says:

    Let’s stop paying Government workers until we reopen….Let’s see how long they determine that this shutdown is ‘necessary?’

    1. Paul Getty says:

      That is a genius point. Well played.

  23. Luke says:

    Make this man governor, someone with some actual common sense! Our govt is lying to us so they can all spread around billions of dollars to their corporate pals. Wake up America you are being conditioned to surrender your rights. Only 557 people hospitalized in
    CO as of 5-10-20 and that number has steadily declined from a high of 888 in mid April. Where are the tens of thousands predicted to overwhelm us??? Lies.

  24. Chris Paul says:

    Great comments…But one person gets it or claims to of gotten it there.. He will get his a*s sued off..

    1. Jack McCready says:

      Relying on your background in personal injury litigation, what will the grounds be for this suit?

  25. bobsf94117 says:

    Did anyone ask him how much liability insurance he carries?

  26. Scary to see all the people who want to give away their freedom and want death for anyone who disagrees with them. Not a Republican, but damn, who would vote democrat after seeing this?

  27. Jonny C says:

    You are being conditioned to think that people who stand up for their freedoms are selfish, extreme, irresponsible, hateful, irrational and lawless. WE ARE ALL BEING PLAYED. “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of the tyrant”

  28. CrusherMEC says:

    Simple fact is, like it or not, believe it or not, the lawyers, once again will be the big winners here. The owner is going to learn a hard lesson about liability and his duty to protect the safety of his customers. Even if he gets to keep his business license, which i doubt, he will soon be sued into oblivion as people in his restaurant get sick. I personally don’t care what happens to him or the patrons as I have no problem protecting myself and am not opposed to the courtesy of protecting those around me during these troubled times. Just pointing out the inevitable.

  29. Haeshu Kasiiki says:

    I support this business and men like this patriot. To all of you who don’t: If you are staying inside in quarantine, what do you care what this man, or anyone else, does? You’re inside, he’s outside. This doesn’t affect you in any way.

    1. Scott says:

      Boy I wish you had a third grade level understanding of how COVID-19 spreads and how much longer this guy single handedly is extending our misery, and how many illnesses and deaths can come up such irresponsible behavior.

      It’s beyond my understanding how they don’t just arrest him and padlock the building. You, of course, shouldn’t be arrested. Saying stupid things on the Internet is not a crime. But make no mistake, it’s stupid.

      1. Haeshu Kasiiki says:

        I am fully aware of how they say the virus spreads and who is susceptible, so you can keep your insults to yourself. What you haven’t explained is how you, in quarantine, would catch this virus simply because this restaurant is open. You have every option available to you to live and work without ever leaving your home. Go ahead and explain. I’ll wait.

        1. Ralph473 says:

          Because, me, in quarantine, working from home, still go to the grocery store, go to restaurants for take-out, go to Walgreens, go to Costco, etc. When idiots pack places like that cafe and don’t wear masks, it makes it much more likely that people who are doing what they are supposed to be doing still get infected while in places that they have to go. It’s prolonging the quarantine for EVERYONE and places EVERYONE more at risk. They have no regard for MY freedom. I want this plague gone as fast as possible so that I’M more free, but they don’t care about me or anyone else. It’s all about THEM and THEIR risk. It’s selfish, and it effects everyone.

          1. Haeshu Kasiiki says:

            Why are you at the grocery store if you are concerned for your health? During the lockdowns every city and town across our nation has made accommodations for contactless delivery of everything from groceries, to prescriptions to pizza. As far as your freedom, I am truly sorry for your feeling that you are losing that. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us should have our freedom restricted. We are not afraid to go out. Perhaps one day, there will be a vaccine, or you will no longer be fearful. Either way, our freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins.

            1. Ralph473 says:

              Thanks for your concern on my grocery shopping habits, but I do my chores at off-peak times and wear a mask – that’s about as much as I can do/afford. But again, you’re missing the point – you exercising your freedom, puts EVERYONE at more risk. Everyone that doesn’t do basic quarantine procedures (e.g., packs a restaurant without even wearing a mask) affects the freedom and LIVES of hundreds of others. There’s a decent chance that someone in that cafe will visit a retirement home, or see a immune deficient person. Those people’s freedom and LIVES matter too. This isn’t about feelings, it’s about saving hundreds if not thousands of lives.

          2. Arnold Ziffel says:

            This isn’t going away at all, moron. You’re prolonging the inevitable by quarantining healthy people. Answer these two questions. Does the flu ever completely go away? Which coronavirus do we currently have a vaccine for? I assume you want to shut down the economy for two years until we reach a critical mass of previously infected people. The money fairy can drop off checks at unemployed people’s houses.

            1. Ralph473 says:

              Thanks for jumping straight to the name calling, it really sets the tone. Anyway, that’s a false choice. Many other countries are opening up much more safely because their governments have handled this so much better. Eventually, I would like to think that we’ll have the testing and contact tracing available so that we only need to quarantine the people that are either infected or were in contact with an infected person. As to your two dumb questions, the flu has around 1/100 of the lethality rate of COVID, and we typically have a pretty decent vaccine that we can produce annually for every flu season. So I’m really sure what your point was there.

              1. Paul Getty says:

                Ralph473 I can’t believe you’ve made it to whatever age you are now. I’m sure you’re on every government program and can’t function without your mom’s help. Please name these “other countries” that have handled this so much more effectively.

              2. Paul Getty says:

                My body, my choice. Kind of like with abortions…

                1. Ralph473 says:

                  Yes, it’s exactly like abortions, as long as my abortion forced over two other people to unknowingly have abortions, and then those two people forced four other people to have abortions…

                  As far as countries that are doing better than we are with testing, there’s Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Germany and Canada. I would also say that generally speaking, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are doing far better at this than we are as well.

          3. Kim says:

            Ralph- the stay at home will only extend this situation. It flattens the curve, making less people infected at once but over a longer period of time. If you think it will just go away, you are mistaken. Even with a vaccine, look at the flu vaccines. Hit or miss.

            1. swimchris says:

              I don’t think Ralph is saying we should quarantine at home indefinitely, he is saying doing it smartly and stick to the plan. Is it so much to ask people to social distance and wear masks? Why is that so hard? We have come this far and now these places are ruining it for other small businesses and prolonging the outbreak.

  30. H (@HezST) says:

    You are dealing with spoiled selfish “patriots” that simply can’t fathom not having their overly materialistic consumer based lifestyle. They are blinded by rage that is unfortunately misdirected. The corporate elites manged to fool these people. One group wants to work together but they are not sure how and get frustrated, the other group follows a cult leader and thinks the other side should be basically eliminated. Both sides need to understand each side .

    Being a good person would eliminate most of this but what you will find out is that a lot of people aren’t really that good, they are almost completely selfish. The same people that cut you off in traffic etc.

    Everyone needs to take off the blindfold of ignorance and address the anger within-the battle within their minds.

    1. Haeshu Kasiiki says:

      Yeah, wanting to feed their families is interpreted by fake news consumers such as yourself as “blinded by rage”. Both dramatic and pathetic. Today’s liberal.

  31. davebarnes says:

    I hope the restaurant stays open.
    We can MAGA by culling the herd of Dumpster® voters.

  32. Jason Stuart says:

    Where is this businesses fund me page. I need to give them money. Stop the Insanity . We all have immune systems and this is not Smallpox.

  33. dispatchdude says:

    Obviously all of the pot smokers are there getting high.

  34. fosterdog says:

    if you are scared, dont go, stay home, insulate yourself from a virus that has a .011 death rate. If you have comorbidities, then you should be self isolating, everyone else get back at it, quit being scared of something that will not harm you.

    1. ernie1241 says:

      First, we don’t know the actual death rate because many people die at home without being recorded as COVID-19 deaths and death certificates usually take 7 or more days to be recorded.

      More importantly, where do you get your 0.11%? The currently available stats show that the morbidity rate for COVID-19 in our country is currently almost 6%, i.e. 80,976 deaths out of 1,364,000 cases.

      1. Haeshu Kasiiki says:

        Those confirmed cases are people who went to the doctor or a test site because they felt sick and got a test. If you are paying attention, the vast majority of people who get this virus don’t even know it because they symptoms are extremely mild or non-existent. There were two statistical samples done a few weeks ago in LA and NYC. Those samples suggested as much as 21% of each of those populations has already had the virus. If you extrapolate that out to the entire population, you get a rate of .1%, which is in line with other viruses, but far lower than past pandemics. The fake news hasn’t talked about his because they have an agenda to convince you to buy into and then act accordingly, and it doesn’t involve news of this being a virus with a .1% death rate.

        1. ernie1241 says:

          Your predicate is false. Yes, it is true that many people get the virus and their immune system is able to defeat it. Nevertheless, people without symptoms can transmit COVID-19 and that can easily mean (for example) that a non-symptomatic person taking public transit could infect 3 or more people every time they travel to and from work or to a grocery store etc.

          If you eliminate the stats for the hot spots like NYC, the highest number of new cases (and deaths) is occurring in non-urban areas. As every epidemiologist will tell you (if you bother to ask them) we don’t know the actual dimensions of this problem yet because it often takes 2-3 weeks after infection before people become sick and then it might be another week or more before hospitalization and another 2-3 weeks before death. However, our death rate is much higher than in countries like South Korea.

          You cannot “extrapolate out” any stats unless you know the full extent of infection — which we do NOT currently know. However, the percentage of sick employees at meatpacking plants or at nursing facilities is very high and morbidity is also high. It is not a matter of “fake news”. Your percentage does not change the fact that the current death rate in the U.S. is much higher than .1%. Again, medical experts know more about this than you do….but if you prefer to believe that this is not a serious problem, then, by all means — go out, take your family out without precautions, and then let us know what percentage of your family becomes sick and is hospitalized and dies.

          1. Haeshu Kasiiki says:

            You are talking like this problem is brand new, as it was in February and March. At that point, we didn’t have much information and the lockdown seemed necessary given the huge numbers of deaths we were told would happen, even with the lockdowns in place (100k-250k in the US alone). We’ve learned a lot since then. Those numbers didn’t pan out, for reasons we now understand, as places like Belarus and Sweden didn’t lock down and have only mildly higher numbers than the rest of the world that did lockdown. We seen it cycle as you mentioned, from sick to, in rare cases, hospitalization, and in even rarer cases, to death. The deaths are primarily those with comorbidities along with a large group who were already past the age of statistical death for a person living in the US. We’ve learned from a recent study of NYC hospitalizations that 66% of those in the hospital had spent the previous six weeks at home in lockdown, suggesting that the lockdowns are not all that effective (social distancing however, may be). 96% of those in the hospital had comorbidities. Maybe you haven’t been paying attention or you’ve been watching the fear mongering MSM, but we’ve learned a tremendous amount. It’s time to reopen and I’ve already taken my family out to eat several times beginning nearly two weeks ago when restaurants started opening on May 1.

    2. Alt-right morons says:

      You know what. I’m not scared, I’ve got a good job that I can work remote. But please, by all means, you don’t think this is a big deal do out and have fun. Just don’t come complaining to us when you kill your parents.

  35. Sam says:

    Good for them. Too many sheep out there just going along with the lies and ever changing story. Start thinking for yourselves you mindless idiots. People’s lives are being destroyed by arbitrary rules dictated by edict NOT LAW.

  36. John Drake says:

    People so weak they can’t eve endure staying inside for a month watching Netflix.

    1. Harbo Jacobs says:

      Sure, as long as the bank is willing to go without payment on the mortgage, electricity is free, medicine is free, food is free…

      Oh, wait…

  37. David Redmond says:

    I wish more Americans would stand up and say “I’m not taking this anymore”. Let common sense and good old fashioned American ingenuity prevail. We don’t need politicians who don’t know their ass from a whole in the ground and so called “experts” who have their own agenda forcing us to live by their rules. They ignore the Constitution and have pretty much neutered the Bill of Rights. We need more people stepping up like Jesse.
    Frederick Douglas said “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

    1. ernie1241 says:

      “Common sense” does not overcome statistical data. Facts matter — especially when those facts do NOT conform to our “common sense”

  38. Chuck says:

    Who is John Galt?

    1. Well, he ain’t in Colorado anymore. That’s for sure!

      1. John says:

        Atlas is shrugging as we speak. John Gault is just waiting for the Democrat leaches to destroy this once great country. Once there is nobody left to leach off of, then the Gaults of the world will come out of Gault’s gulch.
        Maybe Elon Musk is John Gault in disguise!

  39. Wake Up says:

    Shame on you for being so dense, Teddie. These “so called” experts that you speak of…look at the money trail…both Fauci and Birx have had dealings with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation…don’t you see a conflict of interest? You honestly think there are no back-room dealings going on with our so-called leaders? You have everyone in the house and the senate getting paid, yet they are telling everyone else they need to shut down? You need to wake up and start fending for yourself, take care of your own, and stop following what your so-called leaders say. We need more people like this restaurant owner above.

  40. Matt says:

    Love this restaurant and what they stand for. I’ll support them through this.

  41. Teddie says:

    I am so disappointed in the ignorance and selfishness of this business. We have all sacrificed so much to reduce the risk of spreading the Corona Virus. Most Coloradoans and Armericans are listening to the advice of the professionals and scientists. It’s a short time for the well being of the rest of our lives. Why is it okay for one restaurant to profit when so many others are struggling for the future of our loved ones and economy. (I have been shut down for a month and a half as well as all in the beauty business, yet none of us have violated the safety preaustions.) Shame on you C&C Breakfast!

    1. Brian says:

      Teddie, the government officials want you to get on this train so they can take you to a “camp” where it’s safe for you and others. Please step in… Thanks you for cooperating.

    2. Hokies001 says:

      Teddie if you care that much about the spread of COV-ID 19 then just stay inside. Saying that you side with government saying they have the right to take peoples personal liberty is beyond dumb. If someone wants to risk getting sick to go out and do whatever that’s on them. It is not the government’s job to hold everyone’s hand and tell them how to live their lives. That’s why people choose to live in the United States. If you have no problem with government taking away civil liberties there is a country called China you would fit in real well there.

    3. Liberty Jane says:

      You don’t really think that on some magic date the virus will be out of the population forever and ever, do you? Do you understand that the death rate has been overstated by at least a factor of 10? Did you know that viruses have come and gone throughout human existence and will continue to do so? You really need to take a hard look at the Constitution. There is no exception to our God given rights that states they can be taken away because of illness or fear or anything else. You live your life and let everyone else live theirs.

      1. scott says:

        Liberty Jane would want you to ignore virologists and other experts, because on a comment left on an article for a local CBS affiliate she laid out the undisputed, no citations needed truth. Also, she is a Constitutional Scholar. I normally would say “wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right”, but the fact that her name starts with “Liberty” is proof enough.

    4. Kim says:

      The stay at home is intended to Flatten the curve, NOT reduce the number who ultimately contract the virus. Whether we resume life today or next month we are still at risk of contracting the virus. If this scares you, you have the freedom to stay in your basement as long as you like. The business owners should have the freedom to open their business and serve the patrons who chose to support it.

    5. Jack McCready says:

      Sounds like you should go have yourself a good cry Teddie. Then suck it up and put on your big boy pants and at least try to be a man.

    6. Lucky Lucre says:

      “(I have been shut down for a month and a half as well as all in the beauty business, yet none of us have violated the safety preaustions.) Shame on you C&C Breakfast!”

      Hey Teddie, have you ever heard of Texas beauty salon owner Shelley Luther?

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