DENVER (CBS4) – If you travel between Denver and Summit County on Interstate 70 you pass right through the heart of Clear Creek County. It’s a popular stop for visitors along the way.

But starting Saturday, in an effort to stop the transmission of COVID-19, commissioners have decided to close all county roads to visitors until further notice.

“The information that we can provide to the community is very important about how to protect oneself, the community and slow the spread of the coronavirus,” said one commissioner during a virtual meeting Thursday morning.

(credit: CBS)

While the number of coronavirus cases in Clear Creek County is low compared to other parts of the state, leaders are worried that because so many flock to the area for recreation, that visitors could increase the rate of transmission. As of Thursday the county was reporting 10 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

(credit: CBS)

In addition to the closure of all county roads, leaders are taking several other steps to protect the community. The county has joined many others along the Front Range in issuing a Stage 1 fire ban until further notice. Many popular tourist attractions are also closed to visitors including Georgetown Lake, which is currently blocked off and only open to locals for exercise.

(credit: CBS)

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    Have you investigated who owns the patent on Covic-19? How about who has made the largest contributions to the WHO? Seems you are a news reporter and NOT and news investigator.
    That tells me you bought the farm with the koolaid. How does freedom taste now? Not so sweat today is it. Its time for a real investigation and not just another repeater. Can you explain why your station uses fear instead of facts? Does the math make any sense to you? Or did you learn the new math and you can not understand numbers?

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