BRECKENRIDGE (CBS4) – A Colorado woman was rushed to the hospital Saturday evening after a moose stomped her in a Peak Seven neighborhood in Breckenridge.

According to local wildlife managers, two bull moose spent most of the day in a yard, that evening the moose were still there when the unidentified woman came out of a home and tried to “guide the moose away” so some other people could leave the area.

The young bull moose turned on the woman, knocking her down and trampling her. She suffered broken bones in the attack.

A 2017 image of a young bull moose (file photo credit: CBS)

Because the moose showed aggression, the animal was euthanized following the attack.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is still investigating the incident and it’s not clear if the woman will face any charges for approaching the animal.

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  1. Mishal says:

    This is such B*S!
    Euthinize the stupid woman for approaching a wild animal that was minding it’sown business!!!!

  2. Joe Bloe says:

    typical people…..take away habitat and then kill the animals for moving….liberal city at its best.

  3. chris says:

    the dumb woman should be “put down” she is obviously a hazard to animal and people alike. At thee very least I hope DOW ticketed the idiot with a large fine. Anyone with a brain knows to leave wildlife alone.
    she lives in the mountains she should know better!!!!!

  4. Peter says:

    Shouldn’t the women be euthanized because of stupidity?

  5. Sheila says:

    Another beautiful animal loses its life due to human interaction.

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