By Tori Mason

DENVER (CBS4) — Supporters of Denver’s pit bull ban repeal still say reintegrating the dogs back into the city will lead to a safer community, despite Mayor Michael Hancock’s opposition.

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Denver City Council members passed the ordinance to repeal the ban by a 7-4 vote. Hancock vetoed the repeal of the ban last week, saying he had considered both sides of the issue and decided he couldn’t let the repeal take effect.

“We know people have pit bulls in Denver. It’s no secret, people do. Our staff couldn’t wait to be able to adopt out pit bulls and have that larger pool adopters,” said Maia Brusseau of Dumb Friends League.

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Dumb Friends League was vocal about their support for the proposed pit bull license, especially a since half of their adoptable dogs in Denver can’t be adopted by residents.

“At first we did have people come in excited, thinking they could adopt a pit bull in Denver soon. Unfortunately, that was not the case, and it still isn’t the case,” said Brusseau.

In a statement Friday, Hancock said:

“At the end of the day, I must ask whether passage of this ordinance would make our homes and neighborhoods safer or pose an increased risk to public safety? I have concluded that it would pose an increased risk.”

However, supporters of repealing the ban say public safety would increase once pit bulls are allowed out of the shadows.

(credit: CBS)

“There’s a very real chance [bully breed owners] are not going to seek the help they need because they don’t want their dogs taken away from them,” explained Brusseau.

The law would have taken effect in 90 days and ended the 30-year-old breed specific ban.

Denver City Council will need nine votes to override the Mayor’s veto.

The mayor and city council met Tuesday for a regular meeting. Council members received written comments explaining Hancock’s decision to veto. Those comments are expected to be read on Feb. 24 during a regularly scheduled council meeting.

There will not be any additional public comment.

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Tori Mason

Comments (5)
  1. Joe Bloe says:

    Typical mayor reaction…his first veto since he has been in office for multiple years…. complete loser. You can thank him and the governor for making our city a liberal haven…..

  2. Jacob and Susan says:

    The ban is nonsense. Fact: the majority of dogs identified as “pitbulls” are mixed breeds dogs. Regardless, since we live in Denver and love bully breeds, if the ban stays then we’ll probably be adopting a Dogo Argentino (an amazing breed that is not banned) in the next few weeks.

    While my wife and I didn’t initially want a dog this large (Dogo Argentinos are on average 2-3x larger than “pitbulls”, Dogos can be up to 120lbs while most “pitbulls” are around 40-50lbs), we’re closing on a house next week that has a larger yard and is is close to several parks and trail systems. Food and veterinary care will cost more, but if we can’t adopt a pitbull mix then we’ve already located a wonderful Dogo to adopt from a shelter in Texas.

    If the ban’s intent is to lead responsible owners to larger bully breeds, I guess so be it.

    Jacob & Susan in Denver

    1. Yaspar Kyashred says:

      You are splitting hairs. A pit bull is a pit bull. Word games don’t matter. Children can’t play safely on the streets, and people can’t walk their normal dogs because of your monster dogs. I have to carry a firearm in public to protect myself from them. Be advised: if your pit bull approaches me I will shoot it without hesitation.

      1. Joe Bloe says:

        Maybe don’t live in a bad area.

      2. Lance says:

        Huh? No, I think you are splitting hairs. Many breeds could be dangerous if they are not properly managed or trained – dobermans, rottweilers, cane corsos, and yes, also pitbulls. The point is that it’s not about the breed, it’s about the owner. If you are thinking that a dog that has been labeled a “pitbull” is more dangerous than an irresponsibly owned rottweiler, cane corso, doberman, etc. then you are terribly mistaken. It’s about the owner, that’s the point here.

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