DENVER (CBS4)– Gov. Jared Polis tweeted a picture of a pit bull puppy at the Governor’s Mansion over the weekend, just days after Denver Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed the Denver City Council’s repeal of the pit bull ban. The veto was announced on Friday night.

Polis tweeted the pic on Sunday and Hancock responded on Twitter “Wow!”

Polis then tweeted a gif of Scooby Doo with the words, “Ruh Roh.”

Denver City Council members passed the ordinance to repeal the ban by a 7-4 vote last week. The law would have taken effect in 90 days and ended the 30-year-old breed specific ban.

(credit: CBS)

Under the ordinance, owners would have had to register, micro-chip and spay or neuter their dog.

Hancock vetoed the repeal of the ban on Feb. 14, saying he had considered both sides of the issue and decided he couldn’t let the repeal take effect.

This is Hancock’s first veto as mayor.

It is unlikely that the city council can overturn the veto. Nine votes are needed to overturn it.

Polis’ office released this statement on Monday afternoon regarding the tweet: “The Governor was having some family time at the governors mansion on Sunday, and his friend just got a puppy and brought her over. The governors children love puppies and were delighted. He has held several adoption fairs at the mansion and looks forward to helping find forever homes for more dogs and cats. Unfortunately, what was meant as a light-hearted post came at a sensitive time. The Governor respects that there are hard decisions to be made and has faith that even if he might not agree with every local government decision, the Mayor and City Council did what they believe are the best thing for Denver.”

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  1. Kira Martin says:

    I appreciate Gov. Polis’ thoughtful reply.

  2. JRT says:

    We have a beautiful American Bulldog since they are legal in Denver. Almost everyone thinks he is a pitbull, and we even had an encounter with animal control, but we always carry our vet’s letter stating that he’s an American Bulldog to alleviate any problems. The ban is ridiculous and what the pro-ban advocates don’t understand is that there are many bull breeds that are still 100% legal in Denver and so basically, the only thing that the ban does is that it prevents pitbulls from being adopted out in shelters. The ban is terrible and it will be my #1 issue, above all, during the next local election cycle. Not only that, I have many friends that agree and they have agreed to make this their #1 issues as well – the next time Denver votes, we will want to know where each candidate stands on this issue. I cannot tolerate any more discrimination against these wonderful dogs.

    Also, I’ve read in other comments to articles here on CBS Denver about several other Denver residents that will be adopting breeds such as Dogo Argentinoo and Cane Corsos because of the ban since they like bully breeds but can’t adopt pitbulls.

    The ban is entirely nonsensical.

  3. Keath Rhymer says:

    The mayor of Denver is a discriminating uneducated ant animal person who sorely needs to be educated on the bite records of breed and the fact that nationally it has been found breed bans do not work to lower bites from dogs

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