By Brian Maass

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – The Aurora Police Department on Monday released officers body cam videos from March 29 when officer Nathan Meier was found drunk on duty. It was in the middle of the afternoon, Meier was passed out and behind the wheel of an unmarked APD vehicle.

nate nathan meier aurora police

(credit: Aurora)

One officer can be heard saying to another, “He’s a little intoxicated.”

Multiple officers on scene said they smelled alcohol on Meier. They were summoned by motorists who noticed the incapacitated officer.

Nate Meier (credit: CBS)

But Meier, who later admitted he had been drinking vodka at home while on duty and was impaired, was never tested for DUI or charged with a crime. The department did not terminate Meier, but instead, the department characterized what happened near Buckley Air Force Base as a likely “medical episode” and the officer was transported to a hospital.

nate nathan meier aurora police

(credit: Aurora)

He was later demoted, but remains with the Aurora Police Department. Meier declined requests from CBS4 to discuss what happened.

Some in law enforcement and members of the public have accused higher-ups with the department of providing preferential treatment to one of their own.

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Deputy Chief Paul O’Keefe wrote in a report submitted April 1 stating when he was on scene he noticed a “fleeting” smell of what he thought was alcohol in Meier’s car. He said he did not notice any other evidence of drinking in the car.

”My observations of Sgt. Meier led me to question if this was in fact alcohol intoxication or some other medical episode, as his physical demeanor was not what I thought was consistent with alcohol intoxication; it appeared more medical in nature.” At the hospital, O’Keefe said, “..based on the lack of information, my own observations, and the lack of additional evidence… it was decided that no testing would be completed at this time.”

nate nathan meier aurora police

(credit: Aurora)

The newly released video shows Meier passed out in his vehicle and not responding to questions from first responders, who had to break a window to gain access to the car.

Multiple Aurora police sources familiar with the case told CBS4 that hospital testing showed Meier’s blood alcohol was at least five times the legal limit for DUI.

Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz declined an interview request from CBS4, but in a message to department members, he said he “unequivocally” stands by his decision to allow Meier to remain with the department.

“I care about the human being who stepped up and owned his incredibly poor decision.. and continues to courageously own it,” wrote Metz.

nate nathan meier aurora police

(credit: Aurora)

An internal affairs investigation found Meier violated four department policies, including one governing alcohol consumption.

Since learning of the case through CBS4 reporting, Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler says his staff is reexamining the evidence in the case.

Brian Maass

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  1. Blinky says:

    I like how they did everything to make sure video of the drunk was not seen, but was. “Oh, my mistake I said he looks intoxicated, oh, my camera needs to be pulled down a bit”. Typical cover-up cops with a police chief that is a joke. March 29th. Let’s hide it. Nice try. CBS caught it. Exposed.

  2. Bob Freebird says:

    Reinforces the truth that the only good cop is a dead cop.

  3. Kathie says:

    Favoritism, pure and simple. ANY regular citizen in the same exact situation would have been arrested on the spot. Not only was he passed out drunk, on duty, in his patrol car, but I also read the car was in gear and his foot was on the brake. Pathetic. Then the police wonder why they get a bad rep.

  4. Joe E Ross says:

    Metz is a comedian with his statement. 5 times the legal limit, black out drunk with a loaded gun. If it were not a cop one would be arrested immediately. Total cover-up. This is joke. Wait til you see Brachler, the city manager, the independent investigators, probably another law enforcement agency heavy on blue silence side with Metz. You can count on kit.

  5. As much as I hate drinking, Every person is human and have human problems. Who knows if his wife left him or some really bad personal problem. I say get help and become the best officer ever.

  6. William says:

    So once it was determined he had 5 times the legal limit why wasn’t he charged then?

  7. Vince says:

    Absolutely pathetic and disgusting this cover up. Metz should be fired before he retires and everyone involved in the cover up need to be terminated as well as Meier. And the APD wonders why they have a trust issue within the community?

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