By Karen Morfitt

DENVER (CBS4) – A cellphone video taken over the weekend captured dozens of air mattresses blowing through the air, some landing in a nearby pool in the Stapleton neighborhood. The video quickly went viral.

(credit: Robb Manes)

Three-year-old Peyton Cartwright and his 6-year-old brother Cameron watched it from their front door on Saturday.

“I saw blowing mattress they blowed into the pool they blowed all over the place,” Cameron said.

“How many mattresses were there?” CBS4 reporter Karen Morfitt asked Peyton.

(credit: Robb Manes)

“I couldn’t count because there were too many,” he yelled with his hands in the air.

Robb Manes and his fiancée noticed the air mattresses lining the park while on their way to the Runway 35 Pool in Stapleton.

“We didn’t think anything of it, there was a sign for like a movie night under the stars,” he said.

About an hour into his day at the pool, the storm clouds started rolling in.

“The wind picked up. They lowered the umbrellas under the pool, and that’s when the first air mattress kind of flew over the fence,” he said.

(credit: Robb Manes)

The mattresses kept coming in and Manes started rolling on his cellphone. He would later learn there were 150 air mattresses set out for the event.

“I called it ‘The Great Mattress Migration of 2019,’ and that apparently was funny,” he said. “A lot got by the pool and the buildings caught a few of them.”

(credit: Kaitie Larney)

His video is now a viral sensation, and the story from the Cartwright brothers was not so hard to believe.

“It kept windy and after that was done. They were staying in one place,” Peyton said.

Their father says about a dozen people collected the mattresses from around the neighborhood and were back in place in time for the show to go on.

Karen Morfitt


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