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DENVER (CBS4) – When you look at a typical baby registry, it’s filled with items like diapers, bibs and bottles. However, the Denver Zoo has a new type of registry open for its newest little guy.

Born just two weeks ago, their African lion cub is now officially featured on the zoo’s baby registry. He doesn’t have a name yet, but he’s already making a big impact on the community.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

“I need a thesaurus for synonyms for ‘cute.’ He’s adorable. He’s like the quintessential lion cub,” said Denver Zoo Director of Communications Jake Kubie. “We all feel proud and we’re glowing about him.”

Zoo staff members aren’t the only proud parents who are taking care of him, either.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

“Most of the care falls on mom right now. Neliah is the mom, and Tobias is the dad. He’s just back there hanging out, and Neliah is nursing in the den box,” said Kubie.

While the cub gets comfortable in his home and acquainted with his pride, he does need some specialized care. That’s why the zoo began the registry for him.

(credit: CBS)

“All the money will go to that team and to our eight adults and now one cub,” explained Kubie.

The registry includes a little of everything, including dietary needs, enrichment items, other things that caretakers need to give the cub and fellow lions the best possible life at the zoo.

“Things to keep them in the best possible health, physically mentally and emotionally. Engage them, allow them to play. They need toys, just like your cat at home. And often we do carcass feedings, they allow the pride to feed together and form strong bonds,” said Kubie.

(credit: Denver Zoo)

And Kubie says they’re grateful for the support coming from all across Denver.

“Incredibly grateful. We rely on the community to support us and we try to give the community the best possible experience we can when they’re here. It’s really amazing to see people care about animals as much as every single person here does,” said Kubie.

LINK: Denver Zoo’s Lion Cub Registry

Mekialaya White


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