By Jamie Leary

DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Rockies are making moves toward safer sidewalks following an electric scooter accident in June. A new policy in place requires fans dismount bikes, scooters and skateboards while riding between 20th and 22nd along Blake street during home games.

(credit: CBS)

Temporary signage along Blake between 20th and 23rd lets fans know that if you have a bike, skateboard or electric scooter, you must dismount and walk it.

“I can get it — you know, during a busy gameday — why they wouldn’t want someone zooming through here on a scooter going 20 miles an hour,” said one man in town from Nashville for Monday’s Rockies-Dodgers game.

(credit: CBS)

The Rockies will only enforce the new policy during home games. From the second Blake Street shuts down to when the crowd clears out, Denver police and private security will be reminding fans of the rules. Officers will not be issuing fines, but they will be encouraging people to dismount.

(credit: CBS)

Just before Monday’s game, Coors Field employees placed signs along Blake as the road shut down for the game. It caught many electric scooter riders who were quickly stopped by police off guard.

“I can understand it and respect it to a certain point, especially when there’s a game going on. There’s a lot of people,” said a young man on his way to the game.

(credit: CBS)

Most were okay with the policy, but based off the number of warnings on Monday night, the new policy may take some getting used to.

Jamie Leary


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