By Jeff Todd

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Jeff MacIntyre says he was swerving to avoid gravel on the road when he went across oncoming traffic and crashed on Highway 74, sending his passenger into Bear Creek.

(credit: CBS)

“We were just going to go up to Evergreen and go up to the top of the mountain and turn around,” said MacIntyre. “I went off into the gravel and just with being in the gravel I couldn’t make any sudden or tight turns. So I slammed into the guardrail and (we) both went tumbling.”

Jeff MacIntyre (credit: CBS)

MacIntyre was released from the hospital Wednesday morning. His passenger and friend, Stephanie Weimer is still in the hospital.

(credit: CBS)

“I caused the accident, I’m responsible for it, but at the same time I definitely ran down there and did what I could to help her out,” MacIntyre said.

He remembers hitting the guardrail and hurting his knee. He was still covered in road rash Wednesday afternoon.

(credit: West Metro Fire)

“I instantly started looking for my passenger, Stephanie, and noticed she wasn’t anywhere to be found. And then I saw her down in the creek. I ran down there instantly. Found my way down and then swam across. I actually waded out across there to go save her, stop her from floating down the creek any farther,” he said.

(credit: West Metro Fire Rescue)

An elaborate, time-consuming rescue ensued with deputies racing to the scene first, followed by a technical rescue with firefighters from Foothills Fire Department and West Metro Fire Rescue.

“She’s my friend you know, she still is,” MacIntyre said. “I just did what I could to help save her from that point on. Not causing any further injuries.”

Jeff Todd

  1. Robert Chase says:

    Motorcycles are extremely dangerous; the sudden appearance of a little gravel in the road can kill people. Regardless of how conscientious motorcyclists are (among those that aim to be), other drivers can kill them in an instant in collisions they might survive uninured in a car.