DENVER (CBS4)– The man who vandalized the state Capitol building will not spend any time in jail. Elias Dominguez pleaded guilty to the crime on May 9.

Elias Anthony Dominguez (credit: Denver Police)

Dominguez threw some of the busts from the second floor down to the first floor, knocking sculpted heads off torsos inside the state Capitol in January.

Newly-released surveillance video shows Dominguez wandering around the capitol after hours, waving and American flag and tossing it.

(credit: CBS)

Then Dominguez takes a fire extinguisher and sprays it all over.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Then smashes sculptures and throws pieces off the balcony.

(credit: CBS)

Authorities also found marble pedestals smashed, wooden chairs crushed and glass cabinets shattered, along with smeared blood along a golden railing.

(credit: CBS)

Dominguez was sentenced to two years probation after receiving a deferred sentence. All of the fees associated with court costs and probation were waived for Dominguez.

(credit: CBS)

Elias Anthony Dominguez (credit: CBS)


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