AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – CBS4 has been working with the Adoption Exchange for nearly 40-years promoting adoption for kids living in foster care. For many kids being in a stable home is what breaks the cycle of past abuse.

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Shante Simpson is a single mother of two. She delights in 6-month old Zola, and beams over 17-year-old Keirryse.

“He’s an incredible kid, and it shows by how I parent him, and show him the support that he needs,” Simpson said.

She’s supported him in becoming a national track & field champion. Keirryse has plans to go to college and become an engineer, goals that are built on a strong family foundation.

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“I’m able to take care of him no matter what because I know that’s why my mother gave up on us, because she didn’t have no drive or focus or nothing,” Simpson told CBS4.

Simpson and her siblings lived in foster care.

“I bounced from house to house,” Simpson remembered.

The Adoption Exchange worked with Shante and she was featured on CBS4’s Wednesday’s Child.

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“You’re on the spotlight. You’re trying to make sure you’re impressing somebody. You’ve got to catch somebody’s eye. Luckily, I caught somebody’s eye,” Simpson explained.

Shante met her new mother at her elementary school. Diane Simpson was the school social worker.

“What I really noticed about her was that she was really looking for that mother figure,” Diane said.

The adoption was finalized in a Denver courtroom.

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“She made sure that I was taken care of, going in the right direction,” Shante said.

“Wow, I mean I’ve seen her mature and grow, and also being able to find her niche professionally,” Diane added.

Now, Shante has also become an incredible mother breaking the cycle of her past.

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You can support The Adoption Exchange and help them find loving families for children living in foster care by tuning in to CBS4 for A Day for Wednesday’s Child on Wednesday. Britt Moreno will be hosting a full day of raising money and awareness for The Adoption Exchange.

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