DENVER (CBS4) – For children in foster care, being adopted has a proven positive impact. Children who are adopted out of foster care are more likely to go to college, have fewer hospital visits, and are less likely to be homeless or get arrested. But, the new families created through adoption often face a difficult journey. The Adoption Exchange has expanded its programming to include in-home counseling for families as they navigate the pitfalls of adding a new member.

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Jay Sudowski could have used that kind of support. He and his first wife adopted two brothers out of foster care 9-years ago. Simon was 10-years old at the time, and Adrian was 8.

“They had a lot of needs, mostly on the emotional side, the mental health side,” Jay told CBS4.

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Both boys had suffered severe abuse and neglect, and struggled with the lasting trauma of that.

“One thing I mostly remember vividly because it’s going to be with me until I’m no longer here, is the burn that my birth mother gave me on my right hand,” Adrian explained.

“I don’t like trying to look back at that,“ Simon said when asked about his life before foster care.

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The boys stuck together, and Jay was committed to helping them heal. With time and therapy, they all began to trust each other.

“It felt really awkward and scary, but nice,” Adrian said of his life with Jay.

“When I’m feeling down, he protects me, and makes me feel better,” Simon told CBS4.

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They’ve added a new wife, Linda, and a little sister who both boys dote on.

“They’re both, in general, really good kids. They’re kind. They’re conscientious,” Jay said.

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Simon is going to technical college and Adrian is a junior in high school. Both of the brothers feel that adoption was key to their success.

“When you have a family, you have people who will always be there for you, no matter what situation you are in, and that will shape you in the future,” Simon said.

Jay Sudowski owns Handy Networks, and is a supporter of A Day for Wednesday’s Child, CBS4’s day-long effort to raise money and awareness for The Adoption Exchange. A Day for Wednesday’s Child is Wednesday, April 17th from 4:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


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