By Tori Mason

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4) – More than 1,200 people have signed a petition to keep Coors Brewery tours free for Colorado School of Mines students. According to the petition, this will “allow students to keep a positive relationship with the brewery and hold onto the time-honored tradition of Coors visits after a long day of classes.”

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“I ate ramen like five times this week. I can’t afford groceries let alone beer!” said Mines student Paul Quintana.

He and his classmates were distraught to learn their days of free beer are numbered.

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“We’re Coors’ biggest fans! Coors put a building on our campus. If anyone’s going to support Coors, it’s us. Them cutting us off is cutting off their family,” said Mines student Peter Moschetti.

Starting March 28, a brewery tour will cost $10 (or $5 if you are a Colorado resident). Students who signed the petition say it’s more about tradition than cost.

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“Everyone comes here and has a free beer on their 21st birthday. If that weren’t to happen, it’d be a major bummer for everybody,” said Quintana.

Quintana, Moschetti and a few of their friends gathered at Coors Monday morning for one of their last free tours.

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“It’s a fun way to hang out with other students and relax after a rough week,” said Moschetti.

Moschetti and many other students take the tour multiple times every month. He says the $5 admission cost will start to add up.

“Say $25 a month, that’s like $1,200 a year on beer! I can’t afford that. I have to feed my kids,” joked Moschetti, a father of two.

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He isn’t going to deprive his children over beer. He just hopes Coors won’t deprive them of his experience.

“They’re going to go Mines. I don’t want to think of a world where they can’t get free beer during the week!” laughed Moschetti.

Coors says they are aware of the petition. Unfortunately, they don’t expect it’ll change the decision to charge for tours. However, the tour will remain free for active duty or veterans with military ID, as well as anyone under 21.

Coors spokesman Marty Maloney says the new cost of tours will allow the brewery to provide the option of live tour guides and enhance the overall experience of guests.

LINK: Coors Brewery Tour Petition

Tori Mason